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American Express Company (0R3C.L)

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    12 years of fed money printing have conditioned most to believe they found the golden goose and that stocks always go up and to always buy the dip..
    Yet it is proven that once the FED ACTUALLY begins to TIGHEN the money spigot
    the overpriced MARKET ALWAYS FALLS HUGE to fall to historical averages.
    In this case we are talking up to a 50% drop.. (AXP was 12.50 in 2008.... )
    WHAT is so HARD to UNDERSTAND about this ?
    The feds money printed has INFLATED the Markets for 12 years and now lack of the PRINTED money means DEFLATED MARKETS FOR MANY YEARS
    Move your STOCK MUTUAL FUNDS TO MONEY MARKETS YES TIME THE MARKETS as this has been the biggest one in WORLD HISTORY and upside is NIL downside is HUGE IMO with FED TIGHTENING !
    Beware another pump and dump.....
    Contrary to what you hear raising interest rates will not help the banks 🏦 and financials without fed help to keep printing money that is given to banks in all sorts of ways.
    And this is very concerning read it. Contrary to what the MSM is saying this doctor always wore a mask and was triple jabbed and he also suffered a lot with omnicron...
    "Triple-jabbed doctor says he caught omicron in London before virus was known to be in UK"
    Cardiologist says he fell ill days after attending conference with more than 1,200 other people
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    AXP is backed by Buffett because it has solid fundamentals like P/E that beats both Visa and MasterCard, a low payout ratio, and it's customer base is mostly wealthy people. No variant of Covid is going to make a difference because it's a virus, it will continue mutating. This is just another stunt to transfer money from the average Joe to politicians and hedge funds, and promote the vaccine by shaming South Africa, even though Omicron is most likely everywhere. They keep talking about the 'spike protein' because everyone realized Delta wasn't a big deal, so they have to hype up Omicron. After you sell, the hedge funds/politicians will buy it back up, then a few months later there will be a new mutant that's bigger and badder than the last... don't fall for the scam.
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    Warren Buffett increased his position in American Express
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    Kiss your santa clause rally goodbye ! Buy I bonds paying 7.2% interest with no risk. Compare that to the bank or the risky stock market. Search it out treasurydirect site.
    You have to hold them one year and will lose the last 3 months interest until 5 years, You can buy max of 10k per year, but for savers starved of interest for over a decade due to fed policies, this is fabulous and will provide massive compound interest as inflation rages on imo. Perfect time to parlay fed induced market gains into safe investment with markets near record highs. For axp and credit card companies they are a dying breed as new companies like plaid let consumers bypass them and go directly to their checking accounts.
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    Ladies and gentlemen! Place your bets! Will American Express drop 1%, 2%, 3%, or over 4% today? Enter your bets below!
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    Added at $155.70
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    The Joker
    AMEX has a website for you to report merchants that don't accept your card. I report it each time in hopes my card will have greater acceptance. Fewer merchants are accepting it after Costco dropped AMEX.
  • w
    I heard about AXP the other day on ( It’s looking like an interesting play.
  • j
    mRNA technology rocks. If needed can construct new vaccine in less than 6 weeks. They will blanket South Africa, Germany and England. Pfe Birx mdna rock
  • M
    Devastating news for amex investors... read the article below..
    β€œAmazon vs. Visa is a sign of the brewing credit card wars”
    Visa and MasterCard's duopoly is under threat
  • P
    Party πŸŽ‰ is Finally Over
    Visa selling off..
    Axp on deck..
    Fed is turning off money πŸ’° spigots..
    The jet set amex wealthy will feel it first...
  • D
    How many actually backed the truck up this morning as opposed to sitting around howling? ROFLMAO
    DJIA2 hours ago
    At $155 this morning, I would be backing the truck up.
  • k
    When will the dip end ?
    Would be at good time to buy
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    PayPal Holdings, Inc. (PYPL)
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    202.64-26.78 (-11.67%)
    As of 3:12PM EST. Market open.
    Thoughts ? Comments ?
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    Powell shutting off the money πŸ’° spigots !
    The party πŸŽ‰ is over for banks !
    Devastating for AXP as credit dries up !
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    The Joker
    As a travel card specialist, it needs to work on its card acceptance rate outside of the US. The expectation should be to wipe out your card and be able to use it. Having to ask a merchant if you're accept AE implies that accepting an AR is the exception and not the norm.
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    Why is growth expected to be flat next year? Been wanting to buy this one for a long time but my timing of interest has been horrible. If someone who follows the company could chime in I'd appreciate it. I get that the soft comparisons to 2020 will be gone. But still expected to see like at least a 10% expected growth.
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    Buying at the dip
  • j
    We will have a pe of 1/3 of ma, v this can go up 50 bucks and still better than v and ma
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    Party πŸŽ‰ is Finally Over
    Many snookered buying Axp at much higher levels