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Fury Gold Mines Limited (0UJK.L)

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  • N
    Still no coppernico shares??!!
  • D
    “In two weeks we will ignite a non-stop campaign of exploration activity, which will provide the engine to drive shareholder value. We will also be making key personnel additions to the team and will release the first of what will be a steady stream of targeting updates followed by drill results from Eau Claire. The balance of the year is going to be busy as we initiate Fury’s inaugural drill program and build value for our shareholders through exploration, drilling and potential discovery across the Canadian portfolio.”

    Looks like they knew the Reuters call was coming and felt they needed to reassure stockholders
  • C
    Great news release today + some positive momentum in price of gold.. maybe we will start seeing some share price action !!
  • E
    Fury came out at $1.50 after the spin out of Tier One & Sombrero so it is good to see it regain that price. Stocks usually drop like a stone after they spin other companies out. This is a good sign. After the 2 spin stocks start to trade around March, we should begin to get a good idea of where we are. All in all I like our prospects. Gold should also be higher by then. The BIS reg making gold a tier one asset hits in March 2021 also so bank buying leading up to that date should support the market nicely.
  • E
    Tier One to start trading (TSLV) in Canada on June 9th. Based on past information it should list in the US in about a month. Bring it on boys. I wonder if you can own shares in both countries?
  • R
    Ivan Bebek initially said Tier One would list in February and Sombrero in March; both for around $1C. I wonder if they are just behind schedule, or waiting for market sentiment to improve.
  • B
    looks like they will issue more shares in near will this dilution effect current shareholders
  • E
    FURY is trading today and AUG is gone from my account and FURY has replaced it. Not sure when we get the other two stocks. Pay attention in here and go to the companies web site.
  • G
    I'm not going to tell you how much AUG I bought today because if I did you wouldn't believe me. But, anyway, whether you own it or are thinking of owning it, you might want to watch this (cut and paste I suppose):
    Ivan Bebek Shares Two Big Value Creators He’s Aiming to Accomplish for Auryn Shareholders
  • O
    I bought this as AUG and was up a couple of hundred before it split. now I'm down $650. It hasn't moved up in two months+. What a deal!!! not!!! Is this even worth keeping?
  • g
    gregory s
    Just got in today. I feel like the bottom is in and the world is on edge. People like gold in times like these. Good luck to the longs and let's get back to $4 soon. BTW, is Dave employed by the company? His posts contain pretty specific information about company operations. Is this just a summary of public info?

    Go Longs.
  • E
    Based on current copper markets, I would anticipate that Sombero will be greeted with enthusiasm when the stock is issued next month. We have shares coming (if you bought AUG pre split) in 2 of the hottest markets out there: COPPER & SILVER. This could easily be a Triple Crown winner.
  • A
    I bought a little bit. Must be a few other investors following this board. What are your thoughts? Just testing the water here. Will it continue up? I normally hold once I have bought in. Will it 2X? Thank you
  • D
    Hope that all goes well at Oct. 5 meeting (for Auryn shareholders) so stock dividend goes forward, quote, "Auryn shareholders to receive approximately 0.7 shares of Fury Gold together with one share in each SpinCo for each Auryn share held as of the closing date of the Transaction (shareholders on record as of Oct. 9)." Given Oct. 5 Canadian approval, Auryn shareholders should be made "whole" from a recent decrease in share price and benefit from additional value upon receipt of new company(s) dividend shares - my words. Would be nice to know these "market makers" personally, but that is where the risk factor comes in. As they say, "no guts, no glory!" In my opinion, the upside is there!
  • c
    Wow, making new lows with complete luck of interest........
  • D
    To get back to where we were at the date of the split, Tier One and Sombrero would need to come to market at about $0.50 cdn each. Fury seems to be trying to claw back its initial 30% discount this week. That's something at least.
  • S
    Fury has $172M market cap now. How is this undervalued? I'm asking. What's the book value and cash on books?
  • E
    Positive piece on Tier One yesterday. Can't say they are not marketing this thing. Actually they talk about that as a trait of the mgt for me.