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Sonos, Inc. (0ZFN.L)

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    Broken support and hovering over $19. After earnings, once it settles down, expect it to be a good long-term buy. Can't wait for Q1 earnings release.
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    Cautiously optimistic from a guy who said it was going to zero a couple weeks ago...and to $15 two days ago. A month ago said "fundamentals don't matter"...earlier in the week "ultimately the market will set the price based on company fundamentals". Koo koo for cocoa puffs. In the meanwhile Sonos is executing their plan we investors have been saying all along. Giddy Up.
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    Yep, the market is looking for good reliable growth stocks that can return at a rate higher than inflation for their portfolio holders. Sono's plan is working and customer base and demand is strong as evidenced by the 2nd qtr results. Listening to the CC last night, backlog is healthy yet delivery has improved. Sonos management team has shown good ability to navigate the supply chain challenges for the past couple yrs. Malaysia has come through on the production side, though it will only help as China opens up. Now they're looking to diversify production in Vietnam. Great company that is way oversold. They reaffirmed long term growth projections as well...plan execution is excellent. Long and strong...
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    The Sonos shorts are running out of downward room....Sonos is approaching it's IPO price - yet it has no debt and is making money and generating nice free cash flow (verses it's state in 2018...balance sheet is so much better). Makes no sense to be trading this low, and growth per last qtrs projections is great. Also, they're not stagnant...they're innovating and pushing tech forward in the audio market. We'll hear more about this...this week.
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    Excellent company. Sonos speakers have great pricing power that will allow them to hedge inflation quite well over the next few years. They're expanding into new product avenues and partnerships as well -- with at least 5% growth in perpetuity and 10% sales growth for the next few years I'd say a fair comparable multiple of 3-4x 2023 sales - (conservative) 1Y PT of $51.2
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    Massive inflation... what should I do? Buy food or a really expensive speaker system for the house?
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    Here's a relevant snippet: "The other stock we look at today is high-end speaker maker Sonos SONO. The stock is trading for under $25 per share and its Zacks consensus price target represents 85% upside to Monday’s levels. Sonos, which also reports on May 11, has expanded its product lineup and customer base as it competes against the likes of Amazon, Apple, and others." The link is still active on Yahoo site. Trying clicking on the link?
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    Long and strong... In the ER CC today, looking forward to hearing more about the Mayht buy-out, integrating of their innovative tech into the product line, new product rollouts like the Ray, update on the Google lawsuit settlement (especially payout compensation), etc.. Sure seems to me Sonos is laying the groundwork for short, mid and long term success. Too bad there is so much fear in the general marketplace, but that too will resolve itself. The bashers will turn to hypesters...that's what they do to make a buck. Hedge fund and MMs playing games...
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    I haven't seen a new message posted on this site in 4 days. Is it possible that I muted EVERYONE?