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Saudi Arabian Oil Company (2222.SR)

Saudi - Saudi Delayed price. Currency in SAR
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39.30+0.05 (+0.13%)
At close: 03:19PM AST

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  • R
    Joe arrives home with an empty hat he had in hand with his visit to SA. Now what? MUCH HIGHER OIL stop $125 WTI. The Saudi's are supporting Russia - when the world going to smarten up??? The only way to hurt Russia is to ban Saudi oil....INFLATION is going to get MUCH WORSE!!
  • R
    The Saudi's have lied and they are NOT the West's friends!!! The continue to support Russia and China with their high oil price policy. They also are blackmailing the West into joining OPEC+ for what reason?? The West continues to support the Saudi's with our superior technology and advanced weaponry yet we are getting crushed on high energy prices.
  • j
    What happened to USA saying they are independent energy free !! Fake lies??$$
  • S
    Stock Market Aristocrat
    Gross Margin is like 55% and this company pays dividends too and is around $9/share. Buying atleast 1 share a day!
  • L
    I'm not good doing it alone, but getting into the market has been my best decision so far in my road of financial independence as it turned out lucrative for me.
  • R
    Rock Johny
    They only offered shares in 1.5% of the company. So how does that work? If the market cap is 1.9 trillion, do you multiply that by 60-something to get the total value? 200 billion shares X 35 = 7 trillion. What am i missing? eli5 cheers
  • o
    did anyone find where to buy this yet?
  • D
    You need to wait for ADR shares! let's not forgot this isn't USD. $1 USD = 3.75 Saudi Riyal You do the math, don't let the hype get the best of you.
  • A
    It's gonna fall
  • H
    After reading all the comments on here and looking at the current state of affairs with oil and global demand, I think I'll pass on this Titanic. If I'm gonna gamble on oil, I'll stick to the commodities market or SPDR/ETF's. Thanks fellas for the advice and info.
  • Y
    The only way to buy is through $KSA MSCI for Saudi index and $FLSA
  • A
    What is the price target?
  • K
    why is it going down?
  • A
    How do we buy it in the USA???
  • C
    34.75 riyals or is this in US dollars...?
  • Á
    you can buy the aramco stock in Banco Santander or any other bank that is listed in their web
  • w
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  • R
    Rick, Putin is dumping oil at $28.50 barrel.
  • F
    Was wondering why their profit margin only like 10%, it seems the Saudi family aka the state scoops half the profits before the shareholders, they call it taxes, what a rip.
  • B
    Could it be some are holding this price up, so later they can deploy more shares?
    Because compared to rivals this stock is trading quite rich.