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  • American City Business Journals2 days ago

    Scottsdale tech call center support company hiring 120 to keep up with growth

    Valor Global Services, a Scottsdale-based global technology company, is continuing its fast growth by hiring 120 in the next two quarters after growing with new tech partnerships. Valor provides tech and call center support to tech companies, signing new partnerships with Cisco Systems Inc. in April 2016, WorldWide Technologies & Consulting in September and CenturyLink Inc. in 2015, said Valor founder and CEO Simer Mayo.

  • Reuters3 days ago

    U.S. FCC scraps most business data service regulations

    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission voted on Thursday to effectively deregulate the $45 billion business data services market in a win for companies like AT&T Inc, CenturyLink Inc and Verizon Communications Inc that will likely lead to price hikes for many small businesses. The 2-1 vote is a blow to companies such as Sprint Corp and others that claim prices for business data are too high and backed a 2016 plan under former President Barack Obama that would have cut prices.

  • The Wall Street Journal4 days ago

    Cisco CIO Says Automation, Analytics Extend Life of Data Centers

    Cisco said it was able to scrap plans for a new data center, thereby saving at least $50 million, according to CIO Guillermo Diaz.