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Nintendo Co., Ltd. (7974.T)

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    Unless Nintendo shows a move to successful long term shift to a subscription business model and until they leverage their IP via other media they will remain a very well funded conservative no growth company! It's time to use your IP outside of your consoles!
  • D
    People are sleeping on the early news of 10:1 split 10/1/22

    This is way underpriced and will spike in July-august in preparation for the split

    Excited about the position I have now

    Buy more or wait, a mix of both
  • J
    very happy to see Melvin capital and Gabe Plotkin go out of business. they hurt the stock bad 2 plus years ago.
  • S
    I think the stock split is more to encourage retail investors who buy the JPN listed stock. in the OTC market in the US the stock is ~$50 but in Japan it's over $400. I believe the stock split is to make the JPN listed stock to trade with higher liquidity. Also the company is doing away with the dividend rounding to nearest 10 yen and now rounds to nearest 1 yen. This may allow for more flexibility in their dividend strategy (even though it is so little). It may also coincide with their Restricted Stock stock option plan. Maybe they would like to give increments in less than $433 amounts to lower level employees for employee retention?
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    I’ve held Nintendo for the last year and consistently held a 10-15% return with it falling to where it is now, followed by the announcement of the stock split this is a huge opportunity IMO

    If this splits at 70(worst case scenario for me)

    It’s 7/share BUT if you get 1000 shares and it rises to $50 over 10 years which is totally reasonable

    Your getting the dividend(hopefully sticks)

    Even if they slash that (unlikely) it directly drives the stock price

    Not to mention they have a habit of re-releasing previously owned software and consumers buy it likes it’s the newest thing on the market!

    I own 2 Nintendo switches and one thing people aren’t stopping are having children children’s first interactions with video gaming will always be Mario

    I’ve sold out of some positions to get as much as this as I can as a long term hold

    People that do not know the video game industry may think Japan would sell this brand, that will never happen it’s the face of Japan in the video gaming world.
  • j
    I'm new into the stock world.. I have a question, please only real answers.. What's the different between -NTDOY $55.57 to NTDOF $446.80? Big differences in price, but, both are Nintendo. Thanks
  • c
    seems like Bloomberg is working for short sellers as they always have something negative to say about Nintendo
  • C
    Finally a stock split - this should help the PPS in the long run.

    Thank you nintendo!
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    started a position in this - looking to long for a long time
  • c
    Saudi is with us! Hopefully they keep buying more
  • f
    with all the turmoil disney world is going through its a strong possibility that nintendo world may become rhe premiere vacation yobtake the family in the future. the stock is starting to look pretty attractive to me.
  • Y
    Yeah Pete!
    no news and tanking buying the dip here at support.
  • j
    Holding for the long haul.

    Just like my N64, this ain’t going no where!

    Switch, merchandise, Pokémon and cards = “Strong buy”

    Might as well hop on now at $64 instead of $68 shortly.

    No where but ☝🏻

    Long and strong baby
  • I
    Guess which stock is kicking SP 500 and almost every stock’s butt this year. Amazing that NTDOY is about even this year. Hope you’re doing all right
  • E
    Starting early is the best way of getting ahead to build wealth, investing remains a priority. The stock market has plenty of opportunities to earn a decent payout,with the right skill and proper understanding of how the market works.
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    The most interesting part of the revenue story is digital sales. As a day one switch owner, I’ve purchased 6 physical games, and 20+ digitally. I’ve sunk more money into games for this platform than any other because this company makes the most (and collectively the best) first party games. Sometimes I want to buy physical games because when I’m done or don’t play them I can give them to my siblings family to enjoy, but the convenience of switching games digitally, especially when the console is portable and has solid state memory, is the greatest most personal gaming experience I’ve ever had. The Nintendo switch is where Indie game developers are moving because owners are actually willing to pay for games on the switch instead of being fed ads all day to play for free on iOS/Android. In a world plastered with triggering ads, the switch is a portable gaming oasis. I think digital software sales will continue to be heavily underestimated by analysts. I’ve been long NTDOY since April 2017.
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    Tencent & Nintendo will jointly host a press conference on August 2 in Shanghai regarding the Nintendo Switch. “It appears to be a strategic move that coincides with the country’s largest gaming expo China Joy beginning the same day in the city.” I would hope that Super Mario Odyssey is one of the blockbuster titles included in the trial run.
  • H
    Nintendo is about to announce their holiday quarter results which has always been their strongest time of the year. As a higher proportion of their games sold becomes digital sales, their profit margins go up. for future catalysts, their rumored switch sequel should be announced this year, as well as their opening of the nintendo world theme park in Japan. i feel very confident about Nintendo in the near future and long term
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    Hello Nintendo, the Sony Corp just announced its first-ever share buyback on Friday, worth 100 billion yen ($910 million). “The buyback announcements also come as Japanese companies have been increasing share repurchases amid growing calls for higher shareholder return.” Maybe time to light a fire under this, please help us out! P.S. Please no more unit sale projections.....EVER!
    TOKYO (Reuters) - Sony Corp announced on Friday a share buyback of 100 billion yen ($910 million) - its first ever aimed at boosting shareholder returns - sending the Japanese electronics and entertainment ...
    TOKYO (Reuters) - Sony Corp announced on Friday a share buyback of 100 billion yen ($910 million) - its first ever aimed at boosting shareholder returns - sending the Japanese electronics and entertainment ...
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    Amazing Press Conference from Japan last night. It’s looking like a bright future! Here is a recap on the announcements made in the Pokemon Japan Press Conference:

    - Detective Pikachu, the game, is getting a continuation on Switch
    - Pokemon Center Shibuya in the works, and will feature new technology
    - Pokemon Quest reconfirmed for China
    - Pokemon Home service will work with Switch and mobile devices to allow you to bring over Pokemon from various games
    - Pokemon Home will work with Pokemon Bank, Sword/Shield, Let's GO, GO, and more
    - Pokemon Home will also let you trade Pokemon with others, and is set to launch in early 2020

    - Pokemon Sleep in development, in collaboration with Select Button, who worked on Magikarp Jump
    - Pokemon Sleep uses info on time spent sleeping and wake-up time to create a new type of gameplay
    - Pokemon Sleep is due out 2020
    - Pokemon Co. is working with Nintendo and Niantic to figure out more ways to turn resting into gameplay

    - Pokemon Go Plus Plus device announced, which can be used as a standard Pokemon Go Plus
    - you can also put it on your bed to track information about how long you sleep
    - results are sent to your smartphone via Bluebooth tech
    - Pokemon Co. thinks they can incorporate resting mechanics into Pokemon GO as well, which they're working with Niantic on
    - Sleeping Snorlax can be found in Pokemon GO to celebrate this information

    - Pokemon Masters is the smartphone title from Pokemon Co. and DeNA, and features all the trainers from previous Pokemon games
    - Pokemon Masters will be released on iPhone and Android in 2019, and more details will be shared in June 2019
    - Pokemon Shirts apparel will be heading to both North America and Europe, with more info coming at a later date