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Alibaba Group Holding Limited (9988.HK)

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    Billy Bob
    added 500 shares today at 168.25. i have 2000 shares now. cost avg is 157...still lower than Mar2020 when it was at 170, but won't buy anymore as a long term (1year+). Why I want to own this company:

    -It's trading at a low PE.
    -The govt fines and restrictions are harsh, but I don't think they want to eat the money. I think they're going to use it to fuel the middle class and bail out evergrande.
    -I see it making more than amazon in net income per year by 2023. It's funny when something has a pe less than tesla, but making more in net income...
    -I also see China having higher gdp next year.
    -Their renewable energy sources are going to accelerate. This will help with their inflation, which is heavily associated with energy.
    -I think Ant Financial has room to grow.
    -Cloud computing market is just getting started. This stock is at a PE of 20.5 and China only spends 15 billion in cloud right now. The US in 2021 spent 18 billion...China has room to grow. They have 4x the population.
    -S/O to the person on this thread for info on the cloud computing chip update.
    -Jack Ma aint dead
    -Alibaba also has 14% of its assets in cash, compared to US companies who have...less, to say the least.
    -If you want to get REALLY into the future, look up the Belt and Road Initiative, which alibaba would stand to benefit from.
    -China won't allow cryptocurrencies...Unless some resistance from the roughs convinces the rest of the country to use BTC or whatever, I think that allows the renminbi/yuan to maintain value.

    Know what you own. I won't increase my position size anymore, but I'm happy to own something that has 14% of its assets as cash. I also like the growth potential. I'm also not naive. There are risks. I think that accounting can be confusing. But I wouldn't worry about it affecting the valuation. The ADR you invest in has to get money somehow from the company, so they're good on their word to keep making money IMO. Also, I like investing when the risk is higher, the reward is higher. If you're honestly someone who prefers to invest in this when it's at 300 and watch it go to 400, just to feel "safer", then don't hate and just come back to the thread in 3-5 years.
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    Alibaba Said to Release its Own 5nm ARM-Based Server Chip.

    Chinese financial media Caixin reported on Oct 18 that Alibaba’s ARM-based server chip, which has been developing since 2019, has finished tapeout in the middle of the year and slated be released in the near future, according to several sources. This means that Alibaba has become another tech giant to develop its own ARM-Based server CPU after Amazon, Huawei & IBM.

    The chip is built using a 5nm process, which is currently the most advanced server chip in that regard. 

    You don't get to read this kind of earth shattering news on Yahoo Finance.
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    News: BABA is suppose to experience regulatory worries and then, someone says that BABA has greater competition. Then, the next problem is suppose to be lower retail sales in the economy. Apparently, someone wants you to avoid BABA.
  • N
    Imagine selling after news of releasing their own chips, this is why some people will never be successful in trading/investing lol
  • P
    The year is 2027. Alibaba is preparing to ipo their market leading semiconductor business. Baba stock is skyrocketing to $700+. One day the markets are gloomy and baba drops from $724 to $721. Jimmy Z and Sherman spends the day spamming this board about How they were right all along. The rest of us are enjoying the day drinking champagne on our yachts.
  • J
    OK, HK has us back to approx US $171.00. Let's if they can the momentum going. G'nite.
  • T
    PBOC says can control Evergrande risks. Good for BABA and other Chinese stocks.
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    The chip is built using a 5nm process, which is currently the most advanced server chip in that regard. A source close to Alibaba Cloud said that Alibaba may release this chip at the Apsara Conference held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, from October 19-22. The Apsara Conference is Alibaba Cloud’s annual developers conference.
    Alibaba Arm server chip: Chinese multinational set to release new homegrown silicon, as Apple also gears up to drop update on its M1.
    Alibaba Arm server chip: Chinese multinational set to release new homegrown silicon, as Apple also gears up to drop update on its M1.
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    Try this one again. It's a worthwhile read to see the difference between BABA &
  • V
    BABA seems to be idling along the 50 dma for the past several sessions. There is a small chance it will be turned back, particularly if the Chinese government takes some negatively viewed action. However, the more likely possibility is that it is going to make a big leap off the 50 dma towards 175, particularly when we start to see numbers from the golden week ending Oct 7, followed by BABA earnings followed by singles day on Nov 11. By singles day I expect this to be back at 200.
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    This is the usual fake dump trading pattern so hedge funds can Buy some retail shares cheap. Will end green as usual.
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    Alibaba does invest in their own chips which is a competitive advantage - Tencent is far behind this :) -
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    the Bullish Report on Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.
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    Julius Caesar - Renaissance
    187.72 USD / share will be the next big resistence if it can break 170.00 USD / share.
    212.87 USD / share is the big resistence after that.
    A succesfull break of 212.87 USD / share will accelerate momentum up.
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    pinot noirist
    Resistance at $170. I think if we breach that stock could easily move rapidly to $200. Perhaps hope is a better verb than think.
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    Hey sherman….when i look at your conversation history…it entirely consists of talking smack about baba. Dont you have any long term investments in other stocks you feel confident about? When isee an account like that….i know that account was setup specifically for one purpose. It also means you have multiple accounts.
  • s
    Big week, relaxed China oversight coming, Evergrand under control, the PRC needs to calm markets. 20% jump this week.
  • T
    Prepare yourself shorties. Learn some burger flipping skill.
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    When most people sold BABA few weeks ago, I had bought a lot of it at about $150. The next resistance is $178. Hold long. Do not sell it even it goes over $178. The institutions hold it at $227.
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    Alibaba said to be launching a server chip based on Arms technology this week
    The e-commerce giant, which runs its own semiconductor design unit called PingTouGe, is reportedly unveiling a new chip soon
    Alibaba Group Holding will this week launch a server chip based on technology from British firm Arm Holdings, joining fellow Chinese tech giants Huawei Technologies Co and Baidu in a push on semiconductor development, local financial media outlet Caixin reported on Monday.
    The design process for Alibaba’s central processing unit (CPU), which has been under development since 2019, concluded in the middle of this year. It will be minted using the 5-nanometre process, Caixin said, citing anonymous sources.
    Alibaba, owner of the South China Morning Post, is expected to launch the server chip during its annual Apsara Conference for developers, slated to take place between Tuesday and Friday this week in the company’s hometown of Hangzhou.