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127.100-4.400 (-3.35%)
At close: 04:08PM HKT
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    I am going to use this opportunity to average down. I am in a $133 a share. A lot of this day to day stuff is so based on emotion its funny. When you look macro its almost back to a year ago for this stock. As long as they can find equilibrium there is upside. Nothing is easy right now and the entire global economy is shifting its narrative out of tradition and into the great unknown of whats next.
  • J
    china gdp growth 2021: 8,1%
    us: 1% india: 1% eu: negative...
    i know where to put my money.
    all in on BABA with 1700 shares.
    hello future, hello money.
  • S
    Pretty convenient as it was breaking the downtrend in the mid 130s, we got a news article about baba cloud in the USA that's more than 1 year old, and news about ANT group and a political scratching rach others back thats about 6 months old..

    Still 17% higher than it's low of 108, let's see what else they can recycle
  • A
    Wow Unbelievable it is down because one of employees in on company worth less than 10 mil Usd paid a bribe to buy 300 k USD project
    This employee work for a company that is owned Among others by another company that is owned by another company by another company owned by alibaba
    Alibaba market loss today more than 20 bil USD
    Unbelievable how these news surface
    It is old any yet BABA is HK close at 131 level equivalent in USD
    Why BABA is down 7 dollar more no idea it the US
    Also what is unbelievable is someone to short this stock which is down from 320 dollar USD already down 65% already
  • i
    A lot of investors who own overvalued stocks mainly in the S&P are going to learn meaning of ‘easy come easy go’

    As for Baba it’s already undervalued, if it goes lower I will just keep buying.
    Buy value not hype
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    Many people have picked up interest in binary option trading lately. This is not surprising as it is one of the financial trading that holds plenty of promises
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    There are a confluence of tides changing in the favor of BABA. The tide of sentiment became way too negative to the point that all China tech stocks became “uninvestable” to both institutions and us retail investors. The macro tide shifting from loosing to tightening in the US while the reverse is happening in China. The tide of rising developed market inflation globally while China and BABA play key roles in reversing global inflationary forces. The weak real estate and banking sectors are forcing Chinese leadership to recognize the need for their strong large cap growth companies to lead the way in their recovery. This is truly a lalapalooza, as Charlie Munger would say, and he is king at recognizing these.
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    How soon will this reach 160?
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    "BABA-SW (09988.HK) Alibaba Cloud announced an over 50% year-on-year growth in its database product revenue"
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    The Big D
    BABA is bouncing back strongly and it may break 140 tomorrow. If it does then next week target is 155.
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    Baba price hit 120 in 2014. Revanue in 2014 was about 8.9b and earnings was about 1b.

    Since then revanue has increased 1200% and earnings about 2200%, numbers companies can dream of in 8 years. Stocks up 6% since then
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    CNBC: IMF chief says Fed rate hike could ‘throw cold water’ on global recovery.

    Is that the excuse Jpow will use when he reverses course again after another 10% fall in us equities? He is trapped between inflation and equities.
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    I might be biased but I feel that the strength baba is showing in the current market turmoil is very reassuring.
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    Jimmy Z
    Congrats to the Great and Wonderful Jimmy Z who has finally broken thru. He has become a minor celebrity. See Seeking Alpha. You have been warned!!

    Alibaba: You Have Been Warned
    Jan. 20, 2022 10:00 AM ETAlibaba Group Holding Limited (BABA), BABAF51 Comments6 Likes

    Yesterday, 2:17 PM|
    Is that title a Jimmy Z reference?
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    Alibaba HK up 3%, China cut interest rate today to boost market while US is increasing interest rate in March 22 to slow down market.

    China is really operating like a business man by attracting foreign investors when US market slows down.
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    All High Tech HK stocks up 5%

    BCA research, Chinese Hang Seng investible stocks are oversold. They were the worst performers in 2021, are likely to outperform global peers within the next six months, offering protection from a sell-off stoked by higher US Treasury yields
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    Push that BIG SELL BUTTON on your Computer Keyboard today for all your Baba shares!!!!!!!! This will be your last chance to sell at these high Prices !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Eternal Peace
    Fed is in the spot light and don't know what to do now. If you take the capital off the market, the market will crash and in the US when the market is crash you have huge recession. This is because , I said it before and will say here again, the stock market is the economy.

    If you do not remove the capital but keep injecting liquidity, the inflation will run out of hand. Especially the politicians now set up an embargo of Xinjiang products where cotton and solar panel is produced. This act alone will add a big pressure to the inflation. When politicians interfere with the world economy without understanding the consequences, this is what you will get: big inflation -> bit rate hike -> big stock market crash -> big recession. It is written on the wall.