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Anglo American plc (AAL.L)

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    Anyone else read ( Just got a tip about AAL.L from them.
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    Have a look at ticker ILUS as well my fellow investors, they are uplisting in 2022. ILUS is a little over a year old and has been profitable every quarter.
    ILUS Q1, 2022 revenue is up 482% over Q1, 2021. This does not even include the revenue from a couple of their most recent acquisitions.
    ILUS just announced a 100-million dollar plus in revenue acquisition.
    This news came out of Yahoo Finance on 5/25/2022.
    In addition to this large acquisition, ILUS has just announced that they have acquired Wikisoft, ticker WSFT. WSFT is now a member of the ILUS family.
    ILUS manufactures EV's, UAV's, and Drones to name a few of their many business endeavors. They are an M & A company and growing fast.
    ILUS holds patented firefighting / safety technology as well.
    ILUS has completed "8" acquisitions in the last 16 months. Vira Drones is one of the more significant. The estimated valuation is over 1 billion dollars.
    ILUS is also reducing their number of outstanding shares by 180 million shares, in addition to all the other excellent news they have recently released. Please see OTC Markets for their most recent share reduction that has been posted. They always do what they say they will do, always.
    ILUS International has also entered into a massive agreement with the European Union and will begin manufacturing a variety of vehicles including those used by the military and defense sectors in Europe, as well as the private sector.
    Phase one of this contract has just recently been announced. Phase two will follow soon. ILUS is at least worth a look, certainly undervalued.
    (Please see Yahoo Finance for recent news & updates)
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    Inquiring Mind
    Just 18 reactions here on this stock, but while everyone focussed on tech it has been a good performer: since the beginning of January 2020, NGLOY is up 73%, AAPL 62%. My question is: will it go to 60?
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    I submitted a question to BNY Mellon via their contact list on 21 July. The question was forwarded to EQ Shareowner Services, the transfer agent for BNY Mellon for NGLOY. EQ Shareowner Services indicates that they are not the responsible party, and have referred me back to BNY Mellon as the depositary for Anglo American. It appears that EQ Shareowner Services and BNY Mellow are pointing at each other as to the responsible party. The text of my original question directed at BNY Mellon follows: (see previous post).
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    A Baltimore analyst just recommended buying them up to $16. Sounds like a solid forecast...nice yield, too!

    Question - can it maintain progress upwards? Looks pretty good to me...anyone else?
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    Over reaction to selling! This values very higher in my opinion
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    "Two of the world's largest funds have begun selling down stakes in coal miners citing environmental concerns" This doesnt make sense to me because gasoline combustion contributes more to global warming. They should be selling off the gas companies. If we switch to electric vehicles Coal combustion will still be needed to produce electricity.
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    Got on the Bank of New York Mellon website. BNY Mellon manages the NGLOY ADRs. Used the "contact us" link, then the "support" link, which led to a "support request". I filled in the area with the following request:

    "Own shares in NGLOY, for which BNY Mellon is the ADR manager. On June 7, 2021, Anglo American spun off its South African thermal coal business, with a name of Thungela Resources. Anglo said it would have a primary listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and a standard listing on the LSE. Its reported that
    investors will receive one share in Thungela for every 10 shares they hold in Anglo American.
    How will the value of the Thungela spin off be handled for NGLOY ADR holders? As it takes two shares of NGLOY to equal one share of Anglo American, it would seem that NGLOY ADR holders should get the value of one share in Thungela for every 20 shares they hold in NGLOY."

    I'll post the reply....if I get one.
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    $30 by July
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    Volume up on multi-year high. Time to sell?
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    Why is this in premeltdown mode?
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    Going up
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    Why the big bump up?
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    P/E = 8 . $40 stock trading in the $20's
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    The price of diamonds skyrocketing and all the metals for car batteries are gonna torch this stocks:
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    When are we to receive our devidend, other companies are issueing out whilst nothing for us.
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    AAL LSE Dividend US cents 72 (.36 for NGLOY; two ADRs for each AAL LSE share)
    ex-div 19 March 2021
    pay date 7 May 2021
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    Unknown company. P/E =9, 5% dividend. What's not to like?