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American Airlines Group Inc. (AAL)

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    With only 13 days left in the quarter, as of Yesterday, the Total PAX for the quarter was 28.52% of last year, or down 71.48%.
    First 17 days in September, Total PAX was 32.71% of last year, down 67.29%.
    Nothing has changed much at all.
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    In my previous post on Tuesday, I shared my view on how this week was going to go for AAL. I did say I purchased Calls suggesting an increase in stock price. However, once I closed the call positions (not the long stock position), I reversed my position by buying puts for a possible small retreat I thought it could have happened on Thursday, just for daily trade. I have done it a few times with cautiously. The return was small each time. I'd rather like to have a long position. What I noticed was that anytime volume in certain time frequencies was high, either the stock value maintain it's price or it has moved upward. As you know high volume doesn't always translate into upward price movement but we have been in a situation lately that it has been the case....
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    American Airlines is said to move its Asia focus from Los Angeles to its main Dallas-Fort Worth hub to minimize potential costs and enhance performance. Meanwhile, these companies are said to create consolidated streaming platforms in one place that could be a force in the eSports industry.
    0 votes and 10 comments so far on Reddit
    0 votes and 10 comments so far on Reddit
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    Parker's bet and strategy by incurring debt has placed this airline in the worst position of the legacies and clearly will be the first to declare bet is within 18 - 24 months they will be out of choices
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    If airlines get bailout money then shouldn’t investors who lost money on home purchases or buying stocks also get bailed out?
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    worried that congress will drop everything and focus on SCOTUS nominee, putting stimulus, covid and bailouts on back burner. PLZ say no, RIP RBG
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    I'd like to see $13.07 but willing to start betting on $12 weekly call at $13.16. I'd like to increase my AAL shares. If this decision goes wrong, I'll still own the shares at a reasonable price.
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    14.5 tomorrow
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    Amidst the recent events, AAL is still the good getter in the market. Meanwhile, these firms could be potentially beneficial for you as these engage in Lithium sector. Take a look here:
    Lithium Batteries in Super High Demand. Is this the Oil Boom Of The Future?
    Lithium Batteries in Super High Demand. Is this the Oil Boom Of The Future?
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    International flights are driving the movement πŸ‘
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    As I keep mentioning I am long on AAL. I wanted to buy calls yesterday but I couldn't due to volatility. I would like to try it again today. However, my feeling is that even if the stock price climbs a bit at the opening, watch out, it may go down quickly, that's when I'd like to see if I still want to buy calls.
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    ALL air travel must come to an end PERMANENTLY. We must ONLY use electric trains, or sailing ships. Support β€œThe Green New Deal” and save the planet.
    Harris / Biden 2020.
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    If airlines need money they can do a secondary offering. There should be no taxpayer money given to airlines. During good times airlines were busy buying back their stock to boost stock price which resulted in huge bonuses being given out instead of paying down debt. Time to teach a little fiscal responsibility
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    NY is going to Lift travel restriction on CA residents Tomorrow.
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    Mexico - fore those that has worry to fly there, this my experience.

    AA asked no questions - didn't even inquire about a return, as it was a one way ticket

    Mexican Immigrations asked two: Was I there for holiday? How many days? Standard.
    A person in front of me was a US Permanent Resident with an Asian passport, same questions.

    There was temperate scanning camera, similar to the ones that for those that have travelled to Asia have seens for years.

    Precautions are similar to anywhere in the US of A that I've seen.
    Masks inside, tables spaced in restaurants, lot of sanitizer, some temp checks
    Of course, Mexico is a big country, and this is only one place, west coast

    They have been happys for the business, so you can book away with confidences
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    Trump chief of staff wants $25B for airlines separately if necessary by end of next week. It will be bad on the Dems if they don't do it so it is likely to happen.
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    Do you really that Trump is going to give money to treas0nous companies like AAL
    This thing isn't going to blow over like past conservative boycotts.
    Look at the NFL. They're in big trouble. How are they going to pay those huge salaries on 70% revenues? They have enormous fixed costs to cover. And what are pro sports teams going to be worth? Those "take a knee" dummies have killed the golden goose.
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    anyone buying 14 calls 4 tomorrow
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    I am waiting from an opportunity to buy weekly call options today. I wonder if the price will drop to $12.80. I'll try to be patient. if it doesn't, I may buy put option for a quick buy/sell transaction if it goes up to $13.45 region. I still maintain my long position with AAL.
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    The bigger the short interest, the bigger the squeeze
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