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    From the buffet letter - Berkshire’s investment in Apple vividly illustrates the power of repurchases. We began buying Apple stock late in 2016 and by early July 2018, owned slightly more than one billion Apple shares (split-adjusted). Saying that, I’m referencing the investment held in Berkshire’s general account and am excluding a very small and separately-managed holding of Apple shares that was subsequently sold. When we finished our purchases in mid-2018, Berkshire’s general account owned 5.2% of Apple.
    Our cost for that stake was $36 billion. Since then, we have both enjoyed regular dividends, averaging about $775 million annually, and have also – in 2020 – pocketed an additional $11 billion by selling a small portion of our position.
    Despite that sale – voila! – Berkshire now owns 5.4% of Apple. That increase was costless to us, coming about because Apple has continuously repurchased its shares, thereby substantially shrinking the number it now has outstanding.

    But that’s far from all of the good news. Because we also repurchased Berkshire shares during the 21⁄2 years, you now indirectly own a full 10% more of Apple’s assets and future earnings than you did in July 2018.
    This agreeable dynamic continues. Berkshire has repurchased more shares since yearend and is likely to further reduce its share count in the future. Apple has publicly stated an intention to repurchase its shares as well. As these reductions occur, Berkshire shareholders will not only own a greater interest in our insurance group and in BNSF and BHE, but will also find their indirect ownership of Apple increasing as well.
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    There you have it, AAPL was in a downward trend for weeks. I sold yesterday, it goes up!
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    All fund managers sold Nasdaq and all technology stocks at the last 10 minutes today because they want to lock profits for their companies and get a huge bonus for themselves by the end of February. They will buy back on Monday, March 1, then everything will go up to the same level or higher than before 10 minutes at close today.
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    I'm the schmuk that bought Apple at $144.50 and added to my shares at $130, $123..... It's been a difficult month.
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    apple will be much higher next week. RSI is 29, the same number it was at the bottom of last year's market crash. this was the final fireworks on the downside.
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    Apple has been way over sold for the past two months and the way the market has been acting most smart investors want a safe haven for their money. I believe investors want a strong company with a great balance sheet that's profitable and has proven products! AAPL meets all of those plus a dividend!
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    $4.00 a share drop in last 2 minutes with huge volume.... Someone is manipulating the stock??
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    I paid an average of $18.37 per share for all my AAPL stock. I’m gonna continue my long term goal.
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    Apple sees no challenge from a product or competitive perspective in 2021. However, continued rotation out of big tech could weigh down on Apple's shares.
    "Even if that happens, we expect investors to return to Apple given its foundational position in the future of tech," says Munster.
    Munster is positive on the company, given it is well-positioned to capitalize on the accelerating digital transformation. The analyst maintains his long-term view of the stock moving toward the $200 level.
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    Green Machine
    AAPL is trading below the 50-day SMA (simple moving average) of $131.98. There should be some upside price movement here soon to get back to the 50-day SMA and above in my opinion. This seems like just a good buying opportunity to me.
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    Mr B
    “The iPhone 12 was Apple’s most successful device launch to date, and drove Apple to a record [European] share high of 30% in Q4 2020.” FYI
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    Just bought another 5 shares today. I know it is not much but it is all that I can afford right now. I will buy more in the future once I gather more cash! My goal is to own 100 shares. I’m just 70 away from it!
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    Apple 🍏 will be $200 again! You just have to hold and wait. History won’t change for this company.
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    Honest to God feel sorry for those who sold. I think $200 is on our way as soon as July 1, 2021. For the people who sold please get right back in because it will get better and better and it will go higher and higher. Meanwhile I have been buying more and also mutual funds with Apple and or Nvidia as a major holding. The decision is yours not mine though.
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    I was a new shareholder after split. I started my position at $106.00. I WILL TAKE MORE LOL
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    I won’t lie, it bothers me that Cathy Wood sold 500,000 shares of Aapl.

    She didn’t do that because she thinks the stock will bounce back on Monday?

    She’s acting on the belief that a correction is coming!

    I’m trimming into any strength next week !

    Xxxx !
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    Remember last week when the analysts said there’s no reason to be bearish? And then the market had a heavy sell off. Now this week they’re saying there’s going to be a major sell off? Yea, watch the market be up 2% this week. Gonna jump in this before it’s back to $130 by weeks end.
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    Green Machine
    When a dip like this occurs with AAPL, that has nothing to do with the performance of the company which was shown to be outstanding in their last earnings report, it's just a BUYING OPPORTUNITY!
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    You have to ask yourselves where is the stock going to be in three weeks to 3 months? I think in one month the stock is over 135. What are your thoughts?