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  • j
    I don't care if Apple goes down because I am long on Apple. This stock is not day trading. Just relax and see the fun, end of December, Apple will be around $150. Guys do not get confused with Apple stock. This is the best stock in the market and runs by the best management team. Go Apple.
  • J
    I want at least 111.5 today. Climb above 112 and we're smooth sailing.

    Also, just wanted to say that those who talk about 'dropping to 90, or 80' or 'dropping to 60' (read thay the other day here lol) are looking at the same long term monthly charts im looking at. But technical analysis will not show you the massive shift in the world that's coming post Covid-19. Forget the trend before 2009-12 for starters, and now plot with late 2019 and covid crash in March as your starting point, with an eye πŸ‘ to 2010-2020 trends: That's what I'm telling myself.

    Proceeds from the sell-off in industrials, airlines, banks etc. is flowing into covid-age tech stocks. Apple is THE innovator. A role model. A leader. TESLA management looks up to APPL! It's a community of peers with APPL as the big brother, liberal type, open minded, and MSFT as the younger brother, conservative type. Careful but solid. And TESLA is a junior friend. This is just the beginning.

    How can you say the biggest and most recognisable brand in the world besides Mc Donald's and Coca Cola maybe is over valued at 100 usd a share?? I don't get it.

    Big smart money is underpinning 80 to 90 usd range and is not going to move. Above that we have retail, a lot of which cashed out recently. Remember APPL has done worse than other stocks in past three weeks. There may be more downside for other stocks, proceeds of whose sales will go into APPL. I'll slowly start taking profit at 145 ish.

    Covid scare is a tech revolution in disguise and big cap tech stocks are currently max. 5 - 10% overvalued at 2020 values. Not more. My opinion. My advice is start buying with 2021 in mind now. Shirt this, you're messing with the really big. APPL is in every stock portfolio in the world. It's in nobody's interest for this to crash. I bet you the head of the Chinese central bank has a solid position in this. THANKS. GLTA πŸ‘πŸΎ


    112 today!!! Come on APPL!!!
  • J
    Apple has lots of new revenue streams coming online and new hardware coming out into the market.
  • J
    This is the same old story. Apple climbs. Then analysts can't raise price targets fast enough. Then large funds take profits. Articles appear about how Apple is not in favor. The articles accelerate. The downgrades begin and all the negativity becomes pervasive. There really is no news, but shorts and panicked owners sell. Quietly Apple buys back their stock. Then there is an event and Apple climbs up again. Wash, rinse, repeat. I've owned the stock since 2011 and this is the same cycle. Caused mostly by no news. I also find it interesting that the analysts are always kissing Amazon's behind. They are afraid of Bozos and the Washington Post. Yet Amazon does not deliver like Apple.
  • d
    Shorting Apple is one of the best ways to get poor quick. All the tough talk on the forum doesn’t mean anything. None of these guys have the guts to short Apple. If they do they’ll get burned when Apple deploys billions on buybacks. I’ve seen this scenario play out before. Goes like this, end of the year funds, hedge funds rebalance portfolios and lock in gains, selling starts happening, people panic, more selling. Apple silently buys back stock, investors with sense start buying back in, a few months later stock has retraced. Rich get richer. Rinse and repeat.
    Oh look the markets are down because of a negative jobs report. Apple staying strong. Encouraging sign that Apple is finding support. Better sell those shorts while you can. Oct phone announcement is coming.
  • οΏ½
    Hope you bought today! Big Stimilus hopes coming
  • A
    Yesterday the market opened high and went low, today it opened low yet ended high. Looks like we will open high tomorrow, does it mean we will have a red day? I’ve heard in a tough market like this one, it typically opens high and go low and vice versus. So far it seems to be the case, if you look back we have gotten many such days, interesting.
  • T
    I am a extreme beginner. I bought apple with a big chunk of my house money savings at $122 and Im down almost 15%. I am starting to panic! Do I hold or sell? ugh:(
  • S
    Apple launched its online store in India on Wednesday, which in addition to offering nearly the entire line-up of its products, also brings a range of services for the first time to consumers in the country. India is the 38th market for Apple where it has launched its online store.
  • G
    Gene O
    5-star analyst Chris Caso, of Raymond James, "Current production plans suggest the most favorable mix we’ve ever seen for an iPhone launch, and the introduction of a fourth iPhone model at a price between iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will also help to boost blended average selling prices (ASPs). While the stock has already had a strong run since our upgrade last summer, we don’t yet think all the benefits of what we expect to be a two-year 5G upgrade cycle are yet reflected in consensus estimates.” - Chris gets it - and so should you (if you are wise).
  • B
    Bull rider NYSE youtube
    investment in these 3 undervalued stocks like warren Buffett
  • a
    Economic Report by James Passey β€œ new homes sales surge the highest than before the Great Recession β€œ. Let’s analyze this 1. People are buying new homes in large numbers 2. People are employed in large numbers to buy new homes 3. People are employed because they are needed 4. People are employed because there is a greater economic activity 5. People are also investing more for their future and in the stock market either buying great companies such as Apple or buying mutual funds or a combination of both. Just ask Fidelity. New accounts up by 19% and 403 and 401k plans and IRA and Koch plans and tuition deferred plans all up
  • D
    Da Vinci
    Watching the action at the close, after hours and option activity, AAPL should see $112+ tomorrow.

    This can happen if like today there is no am dip.

    109.00 +0.78 (0.72%)
    After hours: 7:59PM EDT
  • c
    iPad sales alone this quarter should be huge with all the schools doing distance learning this year. I think this upcoming earnings report will solidify the fact that Apple is doing very well during this pandemic, and is capable of growth during uncertain times.
  • J
    Light volume sell off. No big deal.
  • E
    Eleven ball
    Apple is oversold . Today marks an attempted rally . Look for Tuesday for huge up day for continued run up . Great that market ended up . We need a confirmation day , with huge volume which will come probably next Tuesday .
  • N
    It doesn’t move when 4 upgrades come out, but when 1 downgrade comes everybody panics?! Seriously?
  • N
    APPL is obviously headed to Augmented Reality use which is a $2 Trillion Augmented Reality market by 2027 that is up for grabs, and multiple companies are expanding their use of AR in part as it is a game changer for marketing in engagement of customers in sports, retail, and so many other business segments. ImagineAR, or IPNFF is in the mobile segment of AR and focused in sports, having big connections with NFL, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, Europe soccer which are all connected with business deploying their use of AR. Do your DD, as the company IPNFF appears to be poised for signfiicant growth at a huge rate year by year. The company share price is up off its lows and long share holders see a bright future ahead with the recent contracts and anticipation of more to come. It has been very hot last few days and is poised to see more action ahead !
  • R
    This was a market drop most stocks were red, it's not Apple that's doing anything wrong
  • E
    Elite Investor
    Last quarter's earnings proved the pandemic could not stop Apple. It was a full blowout that exceeded all expectations from analysts that follow the stock. The working from home environment continues to drive demand for Apple and its products. It showed naysayers that Apple is a force to be reckoned with. I have no doubt that with the new products coming out and the India office opening that in the long run investors will be handsomely rewarded and Apple will be stronger than ever. We're heading into the holiday season in a few weeks. Expect blowout earnings and live happily. Own it don't trade it. Accumulating more shares next week.
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