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Apple Inc. (AAPL)

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  • Ok guys this is a serious point for anyone out there’s who’s getting fed up at whatever this sudden tinfoil hat spamming of the comments board is supposed to be, please if you see anyone commenting about “market manipulation”, Tim Cooks sexuality, or any other mad point that is clearly an attempt to spread false news or hate about AAPL and it’s employees, REPORT IT, I’m getting sick of this bs as suppose to constructive conversation about the company
  • If staying bullish with AAPL is good enough for Warren Buffett, it's good enough for me
  • The charts indicated strong accumulation in the 145 - 146 range. Once the stock goes above the 50 EMA at ~147.5, this stock will climb above 150 possibly back to 155-156. For the long (unless we have a global crash), the upside is far larger than the downside at this point.
  • Should be nice tech rally today guys. Super cycle iPhone in a couple months should take this stock past 160. In addition to tax reform, repatriation.
  • $170 in one month.
  • Selling was insanely overdone today. Get ready for the next rally!
  • What is with the nutters on this board all of a sudden claiming AAPL is being subject to market manipulation, please kindly go away and stop with your nonsense
  • Please keep comments on the subject. No political posts please. If you agree please mark these posts to be removed. They are inappropriate as this is an Apple
  • LOL worried about malware. What company isn't. Apples upside is that they have the best working for them. Quality people, quality products, equals quality results.
  • What am I missing is AAPL run started
  • Should I buy or sell my shares?
  • what happened to make this stock go down today? It was at 147 when I checked an hour ago.
  • All the sheep that thought APPLE was a one way train. Please buy more into the storm since you feel so confident in a 1000 dollar phone. Why you think there making cars now the cell phone industry is drying up considerably and Samsung will be the only on left standing in the end.
  • How is Apple not back over $150 by now?
  • holding 300 August $160 strike calls since yesterday at 75 pennies.

    Hoping for $175 before august and then we hand those calls back to MMs. Just borrowing it from them cheap for now.
  • cover before earnings.....very little pre announcements
  • Hopefully today will be like yesterday the day will be the opposite of pre-market.
  • April 28, 2015 Apple was trading at $134. Over two years later it's at $146, and that's with a major iphone refresh on the way. The steady growth this company enjoyed for many years under Steve Jobs is gone. The iphone alone cannot maintain steady growth and will soon produce negative growth. What you will see if a slight runup into the 160s prior to iphone 8 launch followed by a major pullback to $100-110 when the iphone euphoria dies off and the market looks around and says, "what now?". Happened with the iphone 6 redesign and will happen again with the iphone 8. There's nothing else that can contribute enough sales growth to keep the stock from crashing once the iphone euphoria fades and sales taper off after the initial flood of sales. The stock will then require two years to climb back from a 40% drop. The stock is now caught in a wild swinging iphone cycle rage. Up 40%, down 40%. Repeat every 3 years.
  • Another delay

    Latest questionable 'iPhone 8' delay claim lays blame on limited OLED screen availability
    The latest supply chain reports out of China suggest that it is not the Touch ID, or layered motherboard design that may cause later than expected shipments of the forthcoming "iPhone 8," but instead, Samsung is having production issues with the OLED
  • Millenials...#3..1987...2000...2007...?...u peeps realize after the 100$ billion in debt that apple has issued for buyback etc..that's 160 billion left-plus the repatriation taxes of probably 15%...leaves approx 130 billion...that's not as much as u think...if they keep the buybacks and divveys coming!!!