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  • b
    Apple stock has given investors more than a five times return over the last five years, but shares are lagging behind the overall market in 2021. However, this $2.5 trillion company still has plenty of room to grow.If you want investment ideas from real knowledgeable traders, check them out at the platform
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    The top-of-the-line iPhone, the iPhone 13 Pro Max, takes the iPhone 13 Pro and pushes its screen size to a monstrous 6.7 inches. Like the iPhone 13 Pro, the Pro Max gets three cameras with improved low-light capabilities including a 3x telephoto, and Cinematic video mode.I have been using this service a few months now, and could not trade the same without it! Support has been excellent also!
  • R
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    Last night, Apple’s iPhone 13 series of smartphones began pre-sales on Apple’s official website and major e-commerce platforms. Soon after the pre-sale started, all platforms encountered "sold-out in seconds", and Apple's official website also experienced page freezes. On the JD platform, when the iPhone 13 series opened for pre-sales, it was also "sold out". Tmall and Pinduoduo also sold out within 30 minutes. Media tracking found that Apple replenished the Tmall flagship store overnight, and some models resumed normal purchases in a short period of time.
  • D
    As expected AAPL declines after their big Sepember new product event.Starting in October the stock price will rise as the Christmas buying season begins.I expect record sales for the iPhone 13 and services.
  • J
    Jim Younger
    Every time this year when the S&P 500 dropped to the 50 day moving average, it bounced back up. Next week we enter a pivot point. Most everyone is negative so I’m expecting a bounce back up. Sounds weird I know but the market often goes up when everybody predicts it will drop
  • t
    Apple store crashed today because of preorders
  • D
    Da Vinci
    Here are our three Options plays: ( THis has been posted over a hundred times in the past)

    Da Vinci: You are a shareholder and sell a covered call, the right to a third party to buy your stock by a certain date at a specific price. Your giveaway is in reality the strike price + Option premium,'

    Last Jan the Jan $130 calls sold for $21...the giveaway is $151...Today these sell for $21. The stock ran $15+at this time.

    Van Gough: Sell a high premium put. YOu must have the cash to buy the stock at that specific price. SElling a put is saying Yes, I want to buy the stock at this price. But in reality you sre buying it at the strike price - put premium. WE only suggest this after the stock has fallen 15%. Then in reality you are buying the stock at a 30% discount to present market.

    Renoir: This is the "algorithim play". YOu sell puts and buy calls. This is only done by experts who are playing a trend. VERY RISKY.

    Profits = Risk Variance. The bigger the risk = the biffer the profits
  • N
    I find it truly helpful that apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and Amazon are all down this morning. so obviously it has nothing to do with apple specifically.
  • S
    Own a bit of Apple stock, own it in abundance in my 401K. This is my play money and overall have made $ on Apple. Love the ecosystem, my watch integrates with my phone and calendar. Also Mac and iPad work well together. Is iPhone 13 what I am going to buy, no, probably go to an 11 trade in my SE, take the money that I would have spent on a 13 and buy apple stock, maybe 5 shares. Apple is/has worked well for me and yes I am frugal. Use other words if you like. LOL. Have a wonderful day.
  • C
    Common Sense
    Another 150m in share buybacks this quarter? Free cash flow is growing so probably more….increases eps and brings down market cap
  • T
    I think that Apple will sell record numbers for the iPhone13 lineup this is in part for so many reasons, I will list some: They have set the prices very competitively and cheaper than before and that is a huge advantage they will have in this high inflation period and it will spark huge record sales across the globe. An other great reason is that a huge percentage of iPhone users have iPhone's X's and older and are in need of upgrading just like me and didn't want to buy the iPhone12 and have been waiting for the 13. All the phone carriers are going to be selling these 13's like you have never seen before, I am extremely bullish and I have been an Apple investor for about 10 years and have had amazing returns and I am still holding all my position.
  • D
    iPhone 13 preorder in China is very strong according to local media. The stock is headed to 200!
  • C
    Triple witching tomorrow. They will try to scare you into selling. If you look at the chart Apple always goes down in September and then rallies into October and November. If it’s lower tomorrow I will be buying more.
  • K
    My advise is not for the people who need money quick and often, I respect everyone because I understand you have to do what you have to do to make a living , but if you have the cash to spare for 6 month 1 year even 3-5 years , APPLE is the best stock to buy, simply " own them not trade them" , you will be rewarded ! just look what Warren Buffett has been doing , he owns $ 132 billion worth of APPLE stock in his company and riding it with , Good Luck To You All !!!
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    Da Vinci
    WE are on record for the following:

    1. AAPL is undervalued at $150.
    2. $160 is our target.
    3. Hold but pocket 15% tax deferred cash.
    4. Historical records are the road map. These past 14 days alone are a testament to that.
    5. Do not play options for earnings on Oct 27th.
  • D
    Da Vinci
    AAPL is still undervalued at $150.

    S$P closed slightly below the 50 Day Moving Average.

    Monday will be important for the markets to rally
  • M
    Mr. Personal Responsibility
    "No pain, No gain" ... $AAPL will not be denied. Good entry point. Congrats.
  • N
    No money for Rino’s
    South China Post,: “Apple’s cheaper iPhone 13 series will likely take further market share away from domestic tech giant Huawei Technologies Co and other local brands despite it being the weakest upgrade ever of the iconic handset, analysts said.”
  • N
    As expected, under 147 was the rebound range and good time to add shares. Will be back above 155 in no time. Keep buying. Keep holding.