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    I want to send my gratitude to Lydia that shifted share price of Cardano today. When some were in panic this morning, I was excited to purchase more shares. Of course I lost a lot of money this week, but I have been calm and quiet. It's because science remains the same. Nothing changes. Only change that will come is EUA from any countries or organizations. Looking forward to October
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    Why ADA-USD - Cardano USD crypto currency market down today? Source:
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    Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance wealth, a great career, purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone reads this will be successful in life
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    I would advise you all to earn more getting into trading. With the help of a Crypto Coach Mr Michael Kirk I have been earning maximum profits consistently following his guidance and signals daily. He is the best out there guys and you can also speak with him yourself on whats>app +1 (267) 396‑5304
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    Cartoon boy
    Right now, the Cardano network is much faster, consumes less energy, and charges less in fees than Ethereum. That last point is especially important, as it can cost hundreds of dollars on the Ethereum blockchain to execute smart contracts, such as to buy and sell NFTs or take out an asset loan. The base transaction fee on the Cardano network is about 97.3% lower.

    As a result, Cardano will have a lot of opportunities to monetize its technological edge over Ethereum in the next year. Furthermore, Cardano developers recently attained a partnership with Chainlink. The deal would enable Cardano smart contracts to link their execution to real-world data like price feeds, weather patterns, election results, consumer transactions, economic indicators, and more, just like how these data are incorporated in clauses in regular contracts. Therefore, I would consider buying the promising coin on the dip using a small amount of capital.
    Order still set at 1.70$ the whole market will be hit , accumulating
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    Telegram : Mikhailsignals
    Cardano Price Analysis: $2.2 resistance still acting against the bulls

    A lot of traders are currently betting on the Cardano price increasing.
    The ADA/USD pair formed a lower low yesterday.
    Today we expect to see Cardano’s value rebound somewhat.
    Today’s Cardano price analysis is bullish as a new lower low was established following a strong decline over the previous 24 hours. As a result, we anticipate ADA/USD to recover some of its losses later today as bears run out of steam.

    The overall market traded with mixed results over the last 24 hours. The market leader, Bitcoin, gained 3.45 percent, while Ethereum gained 3.78 percent. Meanwhile, Binance Coin (BNB) was the top performer, with a gain of more than 15 percent.
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    Honestly if Ada is taking it’s time might as well invest else where and come back in Ada later
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    Cartoon boy
    Cardano-powered DeFi Ardana has announced a long-term partnership with high-throughput layer 1 blockchain Elrond ($EGLD), as the result of which Ardana “will build the bridge infrastructure required for asset transfer between Cardano and Elrond.”

    Ardana is “a decentralized stablecoin hub which will bring the necessary DeFi primitives needed to bootstrap & maintain any economy to Cardano”.

    Ardana currently has two main components:

    A fully decentralized dollar-pegged stablecoin named dUSD “verifiably backed by on-chain collateral” that allows “borrowers to take leverage on their ADA or other supported assets.”
    An automated market maker (AMM) decentralized exchange named Danaswap for stable multi-asset pools. Danaswap is “highly capital efficient enabling swaps with minimal slippage while providing low-risk yield opportunities for liquidity providers.”
    According to a blog post by Ardana published on October 7, the bridge infrastructure it is building will enable connecting the ecosystems of Cardano and Elrond, thereby “enabling token transfers between the Elrond mainnet and Cardano compatible chains, and later on enable cross-chain smart contract functionality.” This means that Elrond’s native token eGold ($EGLD) will “eventually be available as an asset on Cardano and will be usable as collateral on Ardana to mint stablecoins.”

    Beniamin Mincu, the CEO of Elrond Network, stated:
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    My theory is Cardano price is being suppressed to shake out the weak hands. The big guys come in and scoop it all up. They are doing this because they know Cardano is valuable. I could be wrong though. ADA is the crypto I am and will continue to be heavily invested in.
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    Cardano is the Betamax of the of Crypto.
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    Sold my ETH this week and went all in on ADA. Holding for the next decade +. A retirement supplement!
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    I think if I could buy at exactly the opposite time I tend to buy right now I would have perfect timing
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    I'm out. Done with stocks, bonds crypto etc. This is not for the faint of heart. I realize that for my mental health, I need to be happy with what I have. Good luck.
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    Hey all, I just wanna make a public service announcement for all of you who watch every cent that ada goes up or down and speculates arbitrarily the possible reason. LEARN WHAT ADA IS, Read its code and dev portal and stop treating it like its equity or BTC. Stop using terms like bears and bulls which have almost no place or context with this technology. Sure some whale can influence the market cap, sure you can short this and it happens, but running a pool pays 77k ada a year salary × number of operators - running costs. Its a fact that ada will be liquidated to pay rewards and bills, so it should stand to reason that monthly there will be big outpoors. Educate yourselves, read anything besides wallstreetbets and stop sniffing glue
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    K so not hitting $1000… how about $100 in 5 years? Yay/Nay/Thoughts?
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    Bought 1000 Cardano today. See you all in 2030!
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    Worth a read especially for the FUD’erz on this board 😜

    “Cardano ($ADA) Is Undervalued Compared to Its Competitors, Grayscale Report Finds

    The Cardano (ADA) network may be undervalued when compared to its competitors, according to a new report published by leading digital asset manager Grayscale Investments. The report found the market did not keep up with Cardano’s significant growth over the last 12 months.
    Cardano launched smart contracts after successfully deploying the Alonzo hard fork on its network in early September. The rollout allowed the network to host decentralized applications that can offer decentralized financial services, games, and more. Smart contracts help Cardano compete with Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain, among others.
    Grayscale’s report notes that the Cardano network has settled more payment value per unit of market capitalization than its direct competitors, noting it settled over $1.6 trillion in total on-chain transactions over the last twelve months.
    In comparison, the Bitcoin network settled a total of $3.1 trillion in on-chain transaction value, while Ethereum settles $2.8 trillion. In Grayscale’s chart, Cardano’s recent acceleration is clear and may be related to the Alonzo hard fork.

    Source: Grayscale
    The report adds Cardano may be undervalued relative to Ethereum on a market value per active monthly users basis, as reported by Cryptobriefing.
    The native blockchain of ADA has 2.8 million active users per month, while Ethereum is estimated to have close to 7 million active users per month. Cardano, however, has a lower market value per user of $30,000, compared to Ethereum’s $55,000. Cardano’s market capitalization is now of $70 billion, compared to Ethereum’s $400 billion.
    The Cardano network is currently processing around 115,000 transactions per day while rewarding ADA stakers for securing the network.  Since July, over 70% of all ADA in circulation is staked by users and there are currently 2,919 active staking pools. The total number of addresses staking funds is 882,800.
    Grayscale noted that despite the increased activity, Cardano still has a long way to go to build out a decentralized finance ecosystem that will rival those of its competitors”
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    I am holding 800 coins losing 100 dollar shuld i sell it ye hold it
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    Question about staking? What criteria did you use to determine what staking pool to join? I can see the different pool sizes and the % return but beyond that I'm flying blind.
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    Cardano looks VERY similar to what it did from May until July! Back then it tripled after triple bottom.