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  • w
    Trading with dan is a 99 percent postive result , loss shouldn't bother you if you trade with a professional like Mr NOLASCO
  • J
    long and strong.. 😁
  • t
    Well just read Amazon will accept Bitcoin and Ethereum and Cardano for payment early as this year. Folks everything is about to change to the moon.
  • D
    Amazon reading to accept bitcoin, etherium, Cardano and bitcoin cash. News out. Great stuff. I hold all three, plus some doge and polka
  • C
    wrap your head around this:
    4 years ago ETH was $7. $1000 invested = $1.4 Million now

    Not financial advice, just a fact... what might we wished we had known 5 years from now?
  • K
    Not selling under 100. Although if it got to 100 I might move the mark to 1000 :)
  • M
    I'm buying more ADA on paydays......ADA will one day be ETH price plus and then I'll tell my boss that I'm retiring.....:)
  • U
    so cardano is nicknamed etherium killer....but its still in the $1 and change range.....been hesitant to get into crypto but this is one I would choose....just not too sure about the future within the top 7-10 listed and recommended coins to invest in.
  • T
    Amazon to begin accepting Bitcoin $BTC Ethereum $ETH & Cardano $ADA as payment HELLOOOO
  • p
    Amazon accepts only 4 coins Btc, Eth , Bitcoin Cash and Cardano ! starting January 1 2022 !
  • k
    Cardano is now marked as top 3 of the big boys. IF they end up nuking cardano coins, this could go to $100 a coin. Nuking coins is now on the table is amazon accepts payments
  • I
    Read it on another post: DOGE was not accepted as a form of payment by Amazon. ONLY BTC, BTC CASH, ETH and ADA will be accepted as payment on Amazon beginning in January.
  • j
    Please Report Spammers recommending Investment Advisors. Thank you all!
  • E
    Nervos, China’s leading public blockchain, and the team at IOHK, a global blockchain engineering firm and creators of the Cardano (ADA) blockchain, recently revealed that they are forming a cross-chain bridge that will link the Cardano and Nervos networks (CKB).

    As mentioned in a release shared with CI, this marks Cardano’s first cross-chain bridge, “potentially unlocking access to billions of dollars in completed transactions and further propelling Nervos and Cardano’s shared vision for blockchain interoperability.”

    This should now give users a more seamless experience when using blockchain or distributed ledger tech (DLT) networks, regardless of which chain they might prefer using.
  • r
    Daily price movement should not bother you guys . Think long term!!! 3-5$ usd eoy imo and than in 5 years could be like 30$ maybe a 100$ who knows
  • j
    To the moon today, thanks to Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey and Cathie Wood they made it clear in the B word conference 3 days ago!, where Bitcoin and crypto were heading!!, Im an investor in Graph Blockchain which makes me an investor in ADA- Cardano, DOT1- Polkadot, XTZ- Tezos, and LINK- Chainlink. Graph Blockchain is a Proof of Stake ( #$%$ ) Miner that focuses on altcoins, alternative cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin and Ethereum. GLTA!
  • k
    Food for thought... Staking is at roughing 53%... if they decide to nuke coins...that number goes up. Do you research.
  • C
    Buy when the market is in fear, sell when the market is at its most bullish point. It is what makes great investors even better. During times of consolidation, continue to add shares (if you really believe it’s a good investment). All my indicators are showing great signs, we are in a market of fear, at a low point in the chart, holding well on the support, smart contracts on its way, whales accumulating cardano as retail sells, etc. crypto is a scary place to be at times like this but it’s reasons like this why some people make money and most do not. I will continue to stake my ADA and watch the ecosystem grow along with my money
  • S
    I been buying ADA at every down turn for 6 months and I stake it and I am getting just over 4% on Azure
  • M
    vechain (vet-usd)