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Cardano USD (ADA-USD)

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  • S
    This is just pure manipulation. Institutional investors are buying and are making sure to get a low price. Within a minute a huge sell order made the price drop and weak hands are shaken out again, retail investors will never learn. Volume is spiking, the rich are buying everything you sell now and when they have enough they'll allow the price to go up again.
  • r
    Cardano needs to trend down to $1.66-1.75 in order to attract more dollar investment from me. I already have a lot of Cardanos, but I have been waiting for opportunities to accumulate more Cardanos. Last time, I bought many more ADAs when it was below $1.2 in July after trending up over $2.3 in May. This time, I actually sold some ADAs at over $2.8 each, I sold roughly 20% of my holdings. I was buying Shiba Inu. Now that, my investment in Shiba is up 400%, I am ready to get back to ADAs and ADAs have gone down in prices in the same period. I will be able to buy many more ADAs. Hopefully, by end of this year, I will have at least 150,000 ADAs.

    By the time, around 2028, Cardano should have a market cap of no lower than 1.5 trillions. That will be about 23x increase, so roughly $2 x 23 = $46. $46 x 150,000 ADAs = $6,900,000 USD .. not bad.

    I already won a lot in Amazon, Shopify and Tesla, now NIO and ADAs. Life is Good (as LG says)!
  • W
    The wisest thing that should be on everyones mind currently should be to invest in different stream of income.
  • B
    ADA has the best utility and is the most energy efficient crypto on mother earth. We green and worth way more than its trading at. THINK LONG OR HAVE REGRET
  • J
    2 things: why is this taking a dump and what’s the catalyst for it to rise?
  • i
    Still holding ada. Moving 10k over to Shiba so I can get more ada with profits from Shiba . Hope this doesn’t backfire on me!
  • d
    shib has same market cap as this now. unreal. we should be at least 5x the value of shib
  • T
    Seriously thinking about converting all my $ADA to $ETH as I’m starting to think I’ll make more money both short to medium term? Peoples thoughts? I do really still like Cardano
  • j
    😂 btc drops -5%
    Cardano drops -12%
  • R
    "out of ether" is a smear campaign spear headed by the founders of ethereum. The fact that they feel so threatened by Charles and his team to have to resort to anectdotal stories about his character tells me personally that ada is a solid product and is probably coming for their lunch. Im buying another 5k and building a business around it.
  • n
    My twin, did you get some?🤣🤣🤣🤣 I couldn’t help myself… some this morning…….. I will eventually average down
  • M
    Most of the money here and other coins is rotating to Shiba, guys isn’t that too obvious. But if you know what you have, don’t panic. Sure you can also rotate and take benefit of momentum but you should be aware of risk too.
  • R
    Before the Summit Someone on the Cardano staff tweeted that the partnerships they forged were "Mind Blowing"
  • M
    in last 6 months ada outperforming eth by 10%. One year by huge margin, 30 day ada down 3%. in crypto look at the macro cycles, ada has much more gain percentage in the 6 month range easily
  • T
    If you are staking your ADA while you're waiting for the price to rise, you don't care about the dips. I'm starting a pool soon too. Cardano is here to stay.
  • M
    I think alot of us knew that smart contracts were baked in to the ath right before the launch. I def. did. But I wouldn't have guessed it would drop over 30%...
  • B
    Initially bought ada at .8 and have been accumulating around this range for a while now. I think 4-5 $ by early 2022 is very conservative
  • C
    To every that had bad things to say yesterday… get out of this chat board. You all were selling at saying “I won’t buy back until it goes back to $1” y’all just keep missing the dips
  • R
    ive never seen so many people angry at a 2000% return in one year
  • R
    Cardano went up a big %, now it's going down a big %.