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  • D
    Welcome to all new ADA holders. Since May is playing out exactly like I posted last month it would I want to stress to all new holders here to please take the time and learn how to stake your ADA coins. It's very important to do this to take advantage of maximizing your profits. With that said from what I am seeing this rally is depending still on BTC trading sideways. Right now I see BTC staying in this pattern BUT it looks like the flag pattern for BTC is squeezing more each day. What that mean? From what I am seeing BTC within a 2 week time frame is going to pump up hard just Like I told you here about ADA before it pumped up. This only means that ALT coins will take a breather while BTC does it's thing. BTC on target for 100k this summer. Good Luck and please newbs to ADA stake those coins!!!! For those trading and stacking August still looks like an issue for ALTS. If that changes I will post it....
  • r
    So I just bought 300$ cad of ADA , my first crypto purchase ever. I bought it on Coinbase .. any tips?
  • r
    If you feel you missed the boat on investing in Ethereum. Here's your chance with Cardano (ADA)!!!!
  • m
    In since .39 Cad. Already made substantial gains. By August it will be Life Changing.
  • D
    Ok holders here is what I see for us as I just looked at my daily's. If BTC holds it current pattern and not do a daily candle close say around 58.3 k I am telling you right now you don't own enough alt coins, period. If BTC does close above that then that slows us down but keeps our bull run intact. Remember how I pumped the month of May last month? From what I see right now if BTC holds where I said it will you will be involved in an ALT coin pump like none before. Are you getting me here? I already posted yesterday when I bought in at $1.29 and we took off right after that. I am saying to you again make sure your bags are full because we are very close to going to what you guys like to call the "moon". But this time it's more like Mars... We are going to have a alt coin summer like never seen before, there will be a few pullbacks but that's healthy. I will still stack BTC with profits from Alts because that's my end game and I would hope yours also or you should consider it. Remember lets keep BTC in its current state and that will only help us explode higher faster. LOAD UP!!!, this is how the little man finally gets his due....
  • E
    I have 5k to invest , ADA or Ripple ?
    So far Cardano have less coin in circulation 35B than Ripple 45B and Ripple have 55B in escrow for a total of 100B compare to ADA at 45B.
    Other thing lawsuit against Ripple , but many say's it should be settled soon.
    Ripple look to have a advantage with the bank , but ADA seem very safe for transaction.

    You have more advise for me to help me to take my decision , thanks !
  • N
    I don’t want to sound superstitious or anything BUT. The last time I was told to buy a stock by my father Tesla was trading at $27. I didn’t do it. I’m not letting go of ADA regardless of all the bears in here. Ever.. haha
  • K
    Real inquiry: if cardano is #3... why is the price so low compared to litecoin or another that's over $100?

    Educate me.
  • D
    Just bought more ADA. I can only invest $100 at a time. It’s a start for me.
  • G
    Hopefully this drops after XRP hype and going into a bear market! Very high hopes for ADA long term! Any thoughts on price prediction for September 1st?
  • A
    Is now a good time to buy more ADA? I’m a beginner trying to learn how to invest in crypto. I invested $300 when it was at $1.25
  • D
    All is well here, ETH currently getting all the attention ( as I predicted god knows on how many posts) for now. I posted yesterday a full list of current charts I went over then it was deleted by Yahoo. It basically said I wouldn't be surprised for ETH to run up to around 3300 and then slow down this week and probably pull back a bit. So right now ETH is getting the cash flow but ALTS are incredibly bullish so stay patient and let ETH settle down. ADA is still in a triangular flag pattern and looking to bust. BTC dominance is falling which is even better for us. ADA holders your time is near just relax. By the way if you think ETH is expensive now you are in for a bigger surprise to where it is heading. I charted more institutional cash flow and it's now insanely at all time highs with more coming in. Congrats to those that are holding as you will be getting an easy double from here and more in 2021. Now we just chill and wait on ADA to do it's thing. Good Luck!
  • S
    New and have invested a little into this at 1.3. Needed some help with staking and where is best to stake my tokens?
  • D
    Shhhhhh, Don't tell anyone this but I bought more ADA today @$1.29... Our current triangular flag pattern on the charts is getting more and more squeezed... something is going to give and I am betting on the upside shortly...
  • K
    bought 3400 ada at 1.54. lets go!!!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
  • N
    It’s okay, the whole crypto sector crashed rn, just a mini flash crash. Otherwise, we were holding relatively well at 1.6 for the past few hours. Let’s see if ADA can once again climb back to those levels which I have little doubt it will. Part of a healthy uptrend and healthy market fluctuation.
  • K
    Too late too get in?
  • A
    1st piece of crypto 1k shares of cardano at 1.52 lets goooo! long term baby!
  • C
    New ath ... $2 coming up
  • J
    Do you guys see Cardano reaching $10 in the next year or so?