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Autodesk, Inc. (ADSK)

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    ADSK has been oversold for far too long. I expect a bounce back this week. Hopefully it can recover above $310 in the next few days and begin upward climbing back towards $340+. Autodesk products are the standard in their industry....especially as more licenses for their software grows over the next year with more remote workers than ever. Keep buying. Keep holding.
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    WOW and good day, looks like we held at around $278, now if we can build a base and add a little more; after todays gains it will be higher for sure. I did not see any news today, maybe they decided it was over done to the down side. Also up in after hours. Fingers are crossed.
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    my son who is in high school convinced me to buy this stock! when he's done, he will have had 4 years of Autodesk tools training. i hope they keep educational tools free, great long term enabling. great long term subscription model. Why is this stock so volatile? it's not like anyone is going to ask for a refund on their subscription on a down day... or huge signups on a good market day... but if any part of that infrastructure package passes, i think this would be a huge catalyst. the recent pullback i think is just indicative of how shortsighted the market is, they basically just gave themselves more net revenue.
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    Some notes from Jefferies, dated 9/02/21
    We attended ADSK's investor day and came away incrementally positive on the growth prospects of construction mgmt. software.. Construction Cloud Represents Massive Opportunity To Drive Sustainable Long Term Growth. ADSK highlighted in its investor day presentation that Construction Cloud represents a $16B TAM.
    The bottom line is that the TAM for construction software is huge. Furthermore, data from Deloitte's Global CIO Survey in 2018 indicates that the construction industry lags other industries in digitization and will play catch up over the next few years. ADSK mgmt. highlighted that the Construction Cloud grew mid 30s in F21.
    International Expansion. ADSK noted a 20% increase in specialized partners specifically in Latin America and APAC to serve the international market. I need to point out this one comment = "That TAM for construction software is huge."
    Note TAM = Total addressable Market
    My son is a full partner in a asset management company he sent this to me yesterday.
    Good luck to all longs!
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    Buy low, sell high
    Autodesk had a great quarter. They are set for explosive growth and have very little true competition. They have an excellent management team. Their growth will
    continue to accelerate for years. Review the last quarter for yourself.

    Aside from the fact that it is a great company perfectly positioned for bulletproof earnings growth, look at the 1 year chart. It’s oversold and landed on the bottom of the trend line. It’s good for a 5% bounce in the short term anyway. Then it will continue its steady climb up. This fall from 340 is a rare gift. At these prices it’s a no brainer.

    The fundamentals of the company and the technicals of the chart scream buy now. Even the newly reduced price targets are up in the 300s.

    This little crash today should have finally washed out all the folks getting margin-called from last week. The nimble money managers will start biting tomorrow by 1030. The more conservative bigger guys will wait until after the long weekend when it’s a little safer and start moving in. Make no mistake, it will not stay under 300 for long.
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    I hate to say it but looks like support is $277. Hope it holds there and stops this slide!
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    stock nexcf Nextech AR Announces It has Launched Groundbreaking CAD to 3D Technology And Files a Provisional Patent
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    What is wrong with this??
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    Opened my initial position today. This company has no other competitors and the products with new subscription model are solid cash cow. Infra bill is still drifting but this company will benefit from the digitalization of construct industry too.
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    ADSK's support line is at 285, and there's no chance of a market reversal with such a solid company. This is the perfect time to buy.
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    When blocks over 10,000 shares are getting bought, you want to be buying on this blip of a pullback under 310. Keep buying. Keep holding.
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    $JWN conversation
    I've been very bullish on $AFRM and $SOFI for a few months as they both have been gaining market share at various websites I'd visit. So the $AMZN partnership announcement on Friday was no surprise. I sold my $AFRM over $100 this morning for over 45% gain and moving it to $SOFI and adding even more shares of $JWN under 29....Nordstrom will be back above 38 in the short term in no time. I have also added more shares to $ADSK, which I expect to be back above 340 also in the short term.
    Keep buying $JWN, $ADSK, $SOFI. Keep holding.
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    Doubling my position in ADSK under 290. Extremely oversold. Keep buying. Keep holding.
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    Looking at $360 by January
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    Sold some stock at 330 over a week ago....Talk about an implosion of mammoth proportions... wow, 58 points in 7 days! What is happening here?
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    This dip is a welcome buying opp. This company has complete dominance over the A/E/C industry with no real competition.
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    Strongly considering adding ADSK to my portfolio of IT plays. Was surprised at the entry level but it may be a good level. Will watch on Monday to see if there is an obvious entry point but feels high. I am currently invested in an IT play called Dynatrace since $40 and it has continued to climb. Strongly suggest to give it a look, has a strong buy rating by analyst and a better entry point. It is still in infancy and has chance to be next ADSK. Don't take my word for it, do yourself a favour and research the stock, won't be disappointed. Best of luck with ADSK, I probably will be joining based on my research.
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    The way it dropped yesterday I knew it had to be some kind of news. So, today we see Morgan Stanly down grades it. Now we know what happen.
    Morgan Stanley cut Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK) price target from $334 to $324. Autodesk shares rose 0.3% to $304.20 in pre-market trading.
    The support I see is $277, good luck to all.
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    Started my position at 286. Let’s go
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    Well from $347 to around $285 pretty good hair cut, depending on the market tomorrow it could be a good day to buy. If the market goes down big on the down side I will load the truck with 1/2 of what I'm prepared to use for this position. Should be a good entry point! It may take a few quarters to gain back the drop but 6 months will go by pretty fast for a good gain. Becoming bullish.