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Aerie Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (AERI)

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    Blue Horseshoe likes AERI.
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    Aerie Pharmaceuticals is down 10.75% to 6.89
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    My calculation based on their presentation chart put total around 230K bottle
    We going to have $19M+ in revenue this quarter ($85/bottle rate) which actually very very good given all Eye clinic have impact due to covid 19.

    I think recent script data indicate inflection point much closer for Rockalatan. Covid19 may be keeping it from going much higher but given how important Glucoma treatment, it will sell.
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    Seems not to be much of a following here but if anyone is willing to engage, I'd like to know what your long thesis is. My take on the pps is that Mr. market does not want to wait for positive fcf which may be 2-3 years away despite product on the market. Thoughts?
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    Updates from the most recent corporate presentation:
    - A sharp increase in the actual weekly sale (see slide 7).
    The question is if the price-per-bottle is as before? If yes, this may change their income projection for 2019.
    SEC Filing | Aerie Pharmaceuticals, Inc
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    See my earlier posts below. Did anyone else listen to the conference call and how not one of the analysts asked the tough questions of management? Why didn't one of the analysts ask why NO ONE in the company has bought their own stock at all time yearly lows???? Hoping that another Pharma or fund takes them out very soon before they finalize a partner agreement in Europe. Management is building a huge empire on a tiny spec of land - way too much overhead - other competitors could do so much better.
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    My bottle count was spot on. While revenue $18 due to lower per bottle cost, Important part is volume and market share. Both they are gaining.

    I think once they have very good coverage on Medicare D, We may acheive 15% market share very easily in just 2 year.
    So What 15% share even at $70 Bottle would look like in USA?
    We talking about 8M bottle x 70 = $560M

    So bottles are way more important than per bottle price. I think keeping lower price they can gain market share quickly as payer would have less resistant to go for cheaper alternative.
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    If I was running this company, I would be nervous and take necessary steps to gain the confidence of the stakeholders.
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    Amer Yasin
    So far I have lost almost 45% of my total investment approximately. Is there an expert in here who can give me a true insight instead letting me know the products are very promising. Shall I keep my shares or sell them?
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    10 sell-side analysts cover AERI and 9 of them are either "buy", or "strong buy". The one guy at Bank of America who was "neutral" goes to "sell" and it tanks the stock by 13%? Interesting.
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    $48.70 buying here. New glaucoma medicines Rhopressa and Roclatan. No new medicines in decades until now.
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    I like the company but as of today they only have have around 87 million in cash left and burning through 15-18 million a month. Add in 80 million in debt they need to raise capital in very near future. Lower sales guidance by 40 percent doesnt help anything either
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    Overreaction by investors. As mentioned, efficacy of treatment is good. Although missed the endpoints. But that is not Required for FDA approval. Analyst still deem the result is good enough to get fda approval
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    Bargain prices on this stock. Realizing the overall market is very volatile and on the decline with FED issues, China issues, NK issues, Brexit issues, where does it rebound to if the geopolitical climate changes? Are sales high enough to drive this price? Anyone have insight on that?
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    A Personal Note: If not for Aeri Pharmaceuticals med, Rocklaton, I would be totally blind by now. I have had glaucoma for many years. All of my other eye drops just stopped working, and I lost part of the peripheral vision in my left eye. Then I got a sample of Rocklaton from my eye doctor, and the results were amazing. This miracle med can save the rest of my eyesight. That is what made me interested in this company.
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    This pharmaceutical is a whole new class of glaucoma drug and it has been an incredible success story and revolutionary in the treatment of glaucoma. Investors will realize this soon, once this panic selling stops. This is a unique opportunity to get in on a special company’s product which is a phenomenal success story in the fields of ophthalmology and Optometry. It is saving many patients from having to go straight to surgery. It’s just a matter of town.
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    Glad Rocklatan was approved. Didn't expect a great jump in stock price ( but did want more than it did) the first day, because I believe most people that follow the stock thought they would approve Rocklatan and price was built in. I do expect future earnings reports to improve as the drug gets covered by more insurance companies and Medicare. I believe my Doctor will put me on Rochlatan as soon as samples get distributed to her. I will be a happy camper because that means1less eye drops for
    me. Go Aeri.
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    The whole company is valued by wall street lower than the value of Rocklatan alone. I would not be surprised by big pharma snapping this up and acquiring the rest of the pipeline for a song and a dance.