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    Who is willing to double down after today’s steep drop? There are a lot of question marks right now I’m asking as an owner of this company. We have no idea how we will be treated next year whenever new entities and structures are formed for JUV.

    I think this thing is loaded like a spring to be the best investment opportunity of our lives if they really have the IP that works and they get financed. It’s tough to invest when the stock is being beat down like. It seems like 2022 will be the year when the future of our investment is decided for better or worse.
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    If past is prologue, things are looking great for AGE. Here's what's happened in the times it has gone to 75 cents or less:

    3/12/20 - 61% gain in 2 days
    3/18/20 - 93% gain in 6 days
    4/21/21 - 47% gain in 7 days
    5/4/21 - 161% gain in 20 days
    6/11/21 - 128% gain in 28 days
    10/2/21 - 424% gain 4 days
    11/17/21 (so far) - 12% loss in 9 days

    And oh yeah, there's also that pesky thing where AgeX is record oversold on every timeframe over 7 days and in spitting distance of every timeframe under 7 days.

    If you are one to take Rothschild's advice to "Buy on the sound of cannons", this would be a decent spot to pick up some shares. If the market tanks further from here, I will refer you to the disclaimers on Slide 1 that this information is for entertainment value only and not investing advice.
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    Greg Bailey giving a 22-minute rundown on Juvenescence at the Investing in the Age of Longevity 2021 conference, with a brief discussion about AgeX at the 11:22 mark. Also a chart at the 21:10 mark showing "Near-term third party financing, possible IPO" for JuvRegeneration.
    Investing in the Age of Longevity 2021 | Juvenescence | Greg Bailey
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    I think this will be a winner. Everyone is scared right now but I'm guessing this is going to have some extreme success soon.
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    Bob posting under his wife's account here: New video out: Investing in the Age of Longevity 2021 | Q&A Panel | Phil Newman, Greg Bailey & James Peyer

    Yahoo! wouldn't let me post the YouTube video, so you'll have to Google it.

    This quote from Greg seems to provide some of the thinking behind the 3-IPO strategy on his other presentation: “Where can I get the least expensive money that gets me through these inflection points? Generally, the general public is much better because the VCs want a 10x in 5-7 years, whereas a public investor is willing to get 15% a year. It’s different metrics, so we have to be willing to exploit all the opportunities.”
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    Dear Fellow Shareholders,

    There seems to be a coming-of-age with respect to stem cells and tissue regeneration, and we are working to capitalize on AgeX’s technologies and patent estate in this field. As part of this process of optimizing opportunities for our patent estate: in 2022, we plan to seek financing for Reverse Bioengineering, Inc., our subsidiary dedicated to the advancement of our induced tissue regeneration or “iTR” technology and patents.

    We are continuing our pursuit of collaborations and licensing arrangements utilizing AgeX’s pluripotent stem cell lines, PureStem® progenitor cell lines, UniverCyte™ HLA-G cell transplant technology, and our cell therapy product candidates.

    In the coming months, we plan to organize a new joint venture company with Prof. Leslie Thompson and other researchers at the University of California, Irvine to derive neural stem cells to treat Huntington’s disease and potentially other neurological disorders. Prof. Thompson is planning to submit an IND to the United States Food and Drug Administration and a grant application for financing from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) to begin a clinical study of neural stem cells in Huntington’s disease next year. This new joint venture company is envisioned to be the vehicle for licensing from UC Irvine technology to derive neural stem cells if the research work we are sponsoring is successful, and to pursue clinical development and then commercialization of any approved therapeutic products that arise from Prof. Thompson’s work using the licensed technology.

    Under another research sponsorship, Prof. Kristin Stanford of The Ohio State University is working to generate proof-of-concept animal data for AgeX’s brown adipose tissue (BAT) product candidate for diabetes and obesity, and as of now, she has performed the first transplants of our BAT cells in mice.

    AgeX licensee, ImStem Biotechnology, continues to progress its mesenchymal stem cell product candidate IMS001, derived from AgeX pluripotent stem cells, for multiple sclerosis and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Very recently, ImStem dosed the first U.S. multiple sclerosis patient with IMS001 in a clinical trial.

    In addition to seeking new opportunities to work with universities and biotechnology companies to advance our platform technologies and product candidates, we will be looking for additional cellular and tissue engineering therapies to licence in or acquire to augment our pipeline in 2022. We feel there’s an extraordinary opportunity for AgeX to increase its footprint in the effort to reverse the damage caused by aging.

    Thank you for your patience and support as we build out our patent and technology portfolios, advance our collaboration and licensing franchise, and take advantage of opportunities to be a leader in partial reprogramming iTR technology through our subsidiary Reverse Bioengineering.

    This is truly an exciting time for AgeX.


    Michael D. West. Ph.D. Gregory Bailey M.D.
    President & Chief Executive Officer Chairman of the Board
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    How is this company reversing ageing? Is this a different method than what Dr. David Sinclair is currently researching ?
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    Some interesting tidbits about AGE in this article: it says this about Juvenescence's JuvRegen division (which consists of LyGenesis, AgeX and Morphoceuticals) is "This division is also working on the development of small molecules to combat inflammation and immune system decline." Sounds like AgeX would figure in there somewhere. Also mentions a new JuvPet division, which would be a natural fit for AgeX to lend its iTR technology to compete in this space. Also note the eternally postponed Juvenescence IPO is now mentioned to be slotted for the second half of 2022.
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    Deep thought: you ever notice that our resident short isn't to be found on the days when the market is down 1.90% and AGE is down (let me check my notes)...oh yes, a very modest 0.0001%? Strange.

    I noticed. But I guess I notice strange things.
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    long awaited good news. this is really progress. I am a very motivated investor agex. incredibly happy with the first kalidat ims001. shorts should think about it))
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    AgeX Therapeutics, Inc. - Therapeutic Extracellular Vesicles from Embryonic Progenitor Cell Lines toward Application of Stroke Model
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    Next week, I'm expecting 2 things from AgeX:

    (1) Quarterly earnings - although with no more detail than we've been getting all year.

    (2) Presentation by Jieun Lee at the Exosome Based Therapeutic Development Summit on 11/16 at 3pm EST. The conference is on-line, but costs $1000s of dollars to attend. Hopefully AgeX will post an accompanying slide desk to their website. In any case, if someone here actually attends the conference, I would love to get even a high level report of what she presents. Here's the synopsis of the presentation:

    Compatible Angiogenic Exosome Processing Toward
    Therapeutic Application of Stroke Model

    • Generate good manufacturing practice (GMP) grade therapeutic exosomes from clonal endothelial progenitor cell lines derived from human pluripotent stem cells (PureStem®)

    • Develop purification methodologies to achieve a robust and scalable exosome production compatible with GMP for clinical grade PureStemexosomes

    • Demonstrate PureStem-exosomes as a resource in EV therapies for stroke and other ischemic disease models

    And then the week after that, we should be getting the annual AgeX shareholder letter. Hopefully, between the three, we'll get more info than we've had all year to date.
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    I have owned this stock for close to 2 years now... management should do more to update shareholders on what their plan is going forward... let's have a real quarterly call... if they are serious about creating value for shareholders, as they said in the press release where the merger was called off, they should show some proof... actions speak louder than words... if common shareholders are fleeced, they should expect a lawsuit... Juvenescence also needs to make good on their promise to IPO... how many times are they going to postpone it? the people that work at these companies are not getting any younger... scientists often have little sense of immediacy or urgency as they get caught up seeking perfection while losing sight of the bigger picture or simply settling for "good enough" and refining later on... let's get this show on the road... we need to get out of "stasis" mode, as Aubrey called it below... both AgeX and Juvenescence are wasting everyone's time... there will be a price to pay if it keeps up
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    Having set up a thought experiment, it becomes obvious how ambitious is the attempt to extend the active phase of a person's life by at least ~ 30 years. the consequences of that achievement for humanity are comparable, in my opinion, with the invention of electricity. For investors, one main question remains unresolved - whether the path chosen to achieve this goal is correct, age X and other researchers. If the direction is correct, then the capitalization of companies in the longevity sector will surpass the capitalization of Google, Microsoft and Tesla combined.
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    Anyone, please.....What was the former name our AGEX Therapeutics ?