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Applied Graphene Materials plc (AGM.L)

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  • t
    This is a strong BUY in my opinion as I feel that once Xmas comes this baby will be taking off big time it’s been setting all the plans in place over the last 2/3 years and it’s time to shine very soon anything under 38p is a good buy in my opinion
  • B
    Bill R.
    graphene leaders - this is as i see it (sure there are many opinions on this)
    -- Apgmf -Applied Graphene Materials PLC --
    Partners with companies to release products – shares ip and revenue
    Revenue – was 80k, I think the jul 2021 will be about 30% more =80*1.3 = 104 : I hope a lot higher but who knows.
    I think a current full year revenue is about 400k – so it could be that it will be a lot higher than 104. I say 30% since the interim was only 20% more
    Problem: revenue growth very slow, high cost + long time to get more business

    The First Graphene plant is capable of producing 100,000 kg of high-quality PureGRAPH® graphene products per annum
    Graphene manufacturer
    Revenue – 300k --
    problem – there will be a lot of players trying to mine this as graphene picks up.

    Mines(I believe), their big thing is acquiring plastic manufacturers and putting their graphen in.
    Their revenue is from the plastics.
    This strategy is so flawed, throwing graphene in platics is a money losing business (unless you get paid a premium).
    What will happen here is that the plastic revenue will be sucked by the graphene side.
    Eventually this company (very quickly) will not be able to pay its depts (even dilution will not help it)
    Revenue: 65 million – net income (-8mill)
    Problem : high due to the plastic but it will get destroyed.

    If memory serves me correctly – they are just a graphene manufacturer. With mines that are not up.
    Something about them putting graphene on breathing masks (reckless).
    Revenue: none
    Problem: is this even for real (zero revenue)

    Actually this company does have products.
    Revenue: 3 mill
    Problem: Major problem is that he revenue is going down. 2019 3.4, 2020 3 , 2021 3?
  • m
    Them getting into the water filtration game is gonna be game changing. Huge reward for us shareholders. Big time Buy.
  • j
    Graphene use is increasing fast. In it's field, it could be one of those, "next best thing." Few public investment areas. APGMF, with steady increasing revenue, could be a 10 bagger. Time frame = unknown.
  • G
    Anyone have thoughts on this? Graphene is becoming. Could there be a long term, bigger play on this?
  • S
    The problem with graphene its not only difficult to make but very expensive and 'messy' to make. Until an easy and economical method of creating graphene is invented then these stocks will remain low and sideways.
  • M
    Has anyone seen this? A company named Graphene-X is launching a hoodie that actually uses graphene to do some amazing things. Check it out:
  • j
    New regulations in Europe will allow greater use of graphene. That is good for certain companies, and APGMF is one of them.
  • I
    I feel like investing when the stock price drops to 30-32$... opinions?
  • B
    Big Future Ahed for Graphene! APG is the Graphene play for future Returns !
  • S
    Smallplanet SA
    Watch this space on AGM and take a look at they’re tech and patents.
  • R
    Do they have Purchasing Plan Agreements? Steady revenue is required to scale up new ventures
  • B
    What a fish sell low and rebuy higher????

    Insider Transaction Type Value Date Shares
    Bought at price 0.46 per share. Direct 27,157 Oct 22, 2020 59,296
    Sold at price 0.42 per share. Direct 24,845 Oct 22, 2020 59,296
  • Z
    My question is does it cost less to make graphene without starting with graphite.
  • b
    I bought in yesterday.
    It may take awhile but graphene material will start to pick up.
  • B
    Is Haydale Graphene a better stock when I look at there financials?
  • C
    Very good news. Someone is expecting a big upside to business to invest that much in AGM
  • a
    I doubled my holding 2 weeks ago these are a very good share to hold
  • B
    Bill R.
    AGM to Showcase Latest Technology at Key Industry Events

    "Applied Graphene Materials, the producer of specialty graphene nanoplatelet dispersions, is pleased to announce that it will be taking part in two events over the coming months across its key market sectors. AGM plans to showcase the Company’s latest technological developments in graphene dispersion capabilities at two events: JEC Composites Connect and CoatingsTech Conference...."