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Airbus SE (AIR.PA)

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  • a
    9/9: A new record for AirBS. Zero new orders booked for August 2022. Net orders after self imposed castration of 19 Qatar A350-1000 (most profitable) = 637. The recently disclosed Chinese mega booking hasn't been incorporated into AirBS cookbook yet.

    Civil Planes delivered: 39
    Military Planes delivered: 9 (would be great if they didn't have to take $60,000,000 loss for each A400 delivered!!).

    With Russian launch pad in Kazakhstan restricted to Europeans, this should be a tail wind to the American and Airbus. However, Airbus is having problems with the Ariane 6.

    No wonder the CFO quit. He can only cook the book so much with the advanced payment for the planes. The Frenchman has to deliver, but he is failing miserably.

    Wonder what surprises Frenchman will pull out of his trousers in the 3Q2022 earnings webcast.
  • L
    I took a large position here. The only other position I have this long in other companies is Boeing. Both companies good. All they gotta do is get engines and they are off to the races!
  • C
    I took a larger position in Boeing. Much more potential but keeping my Airbus for years to come.
  • a
    8/31: Never a good sign when the CFO calls it quits. Look up XRAY.
  • J
    Looks like Boeing was always the winner and will continue to be the winner, although I own both stocks.
  • J
    What's everyone's take on Qatar Airways suing Airbus for $1.4 billion USD?
    I'm not worried about the A350's not being sold, Air India seems like a likely buyer, if not another airline will make the purchase. What I'm worried about is Airbus loosing hundreds of millions, if not a billion USD in court, which will tank the stock.
    Qatar Airways says cracked paint and exposed copper mesh on the planes pose a safety risk. “The defects cause the aircraft's lightning protection system to be exposed and damaged." QA continues to stress that the safety impact cannot be properly understood until Airbus provides a deeper analysis, which hasn’t been provided from Airbus’s end.
    Trial is set to begin mid-2023.
    What do you all think? Where do you see this lawsuit heading?
  • a
    8/22: Are you buying this dip? Ha ha, don't! At the rate Airbus is going, you would be lucky if they can pump out 680 airplanes (mostly A220 and A320's).
    83 euro is I jump back in the Airbus train.
  • B
    Biceps Bob
    Red again? Boeing is green.
  • D
    Duc Anh
    Airbus expects a drop of deliveries this year from 720 to 700. Meanwhile, Boeing expects a drop in MAX deliveries from 500 to 400. Talking about discrepancies lol.

    Suppliers also said that they don't trust Boeing delivery numbers unrealistic and Boeing as unreliable, while they are confident about Airbus. MAX production is also at about 26 p/m instead of the said 32 p/m this year. This means that it is even more likely that capacity will be given to Airbus instead of Boeing.

    Meanwhile, Boeing reported positive free cash flow, but a drop in cash on hand from 12.6 to 10 billion. They fudged their numbers in Q2 heavily.
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    Biceps Bob
    For Duc Anh and eastriverbridge:

    Delta Orders 100 Boeing 737 Max, meanwhile a measley 12 for the gas guzzling Airbus 220
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    Duc Anh
    Biceps Bob, stop posting in the Airbus forum if you have nothing of value to add. You should add value to Boeing instead which it is sorely lacking. Literally none of your predictions had come true so far.
  • a
    7/26: I am expecting an epic drop on 7/27/2022. Earning miss + reduced outlook of the 2022.
  • e
    All businesses reporting their quarterly earnings are blaming "supply chain problems" for lackluster results. While there is some truth to that I believe there is also a large element of sandbagging going on. Businesses tend to do that during a down cycle in the market.
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    Biceps Bob
    I would rather buy more Boeing, more room for upside.
  • W
    MASSIVE order are coming in at the close, huge volume. Large institutions on the move again🤑🚀☀️Deposit this sell off today, we had a very good week in this volatile market good volume at the close and A /Hs💯☑️
  • s
    Strong buy, much cheaper than rival Boeing and mich more better products in the segment with highest demand.

    Strong buy, a clear buying opportunity.
  • R
    We would probably never see Airbus Stocks selling at 50 Euro ever again. Congrats if you bought at those levels.
  • S
    Trading halted , may be circuit filter hit. Bug funds may be buying the stock in huge numbers as Airbus is getting all the plane order. BA reputation as a reliable plane maker is down.
  • e
    Airbus lost a bundle a short few years ago at the start of the pandemic. A lesson they learned was that when the bad times come is when you need cash. Now that the money is rolling back in they have announced they are building a ten billion euro cash reserve as insurance. Also gives them the wherewithal to respond to potential competitors with new designs.