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Apartment Income REIT Corp. (AIRC)

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    After the spin off, the new company has no debt legacy. I think the long term liabilities are booked on the other company, REIT Corp (AIR), that took 90% of the assets. This should be a very positive start for AIV. AIV has the raw lands and projects under development, but it also has the knowledge, the experience and the resources to maintain its success. The price will go up soon. What do you think folks?
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    Not sure I am doing this correctly but at total assets of 1.3 billion and 100 million in cash not sure of liabilities though. I divide 1.4 billion by estimated outstanding shares at 186 million I get around just over $8.00 share price. I don't know the liabilities of this company though at this time.

    Also from a previous news report they are planning to increase the dividends here by 5% in 2021.

    This seems like a greatly undervalued company will be putting another 2k next week in it.

    look to double money in the next 3 months and get a nice healthy dividend to boot.

    Good luck to all.
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    We will know more after earnings but I invested because I thought about the reasons a company might split up. In an REIT, you are forced to return a certain amount of your profit to shareholder - hence the big payout last year of the dividend. If you break off the more profitable part of your company into a developer instead of the REIT, it would allow you to be highly profitable in the developer company by selling properties back to the mother REIT which would maximize cash to the developer which they can reinvest and grow and would allow you to offset any huge profits in the REIT that would normally be forced to be distributed to stock holders with those purchases of properties from that developer. Am I thinking about this right? If so, AIV could be the big winner here and trading at a significant discount. I am new to REITs so I am not sure
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    What I expect in the first earning report since the spin-off. asset values in real estate 1.3 billion they inherited 100 million in short term revolving credit. which which leaves them 1.2 billion. or $8 a share in 1-1 value I get it since this is the established company and not the new company that that's spun off with 90% off functioning income producing properties of the assets and 100% of the mortgages long term that assigned to the real estate they got. this company has no long term debt that and the properties are free and clear. I expect the income from them will handle the running expenses plus retired some short term account payables. I hope to see they have acquired a new line of credit. and have entered into a contract to purchase a property for renovation. knowing the process takes under a year to repair and place new higher paying tenants. and the spin off could be their number one buyer. I feel they will not sell it at a discount but get full price from the buyer. and retain the earnings/profit in this company. since they do not have to return 85% of the profit to share holders they can do special one time dividends but not at the same level as a REIT. This company is asset rich and cash poor a Bank wet dream. They have the experience to identify renovate and place higher paying tenants. they have done it for years. at one time this company was listed in the s&p 500 and then replaced by Tesla after the spin-off they did not meet the requirements. because I don't believe there are reit anymore this put downward pressure on the stock price because many ETFs require that it be a r e i t or an s&p 500 company. knowing this we have been buying a company per share for under fixed assets value of $8. with no consideration given for future earnings which is the great multiplier. if I had to guess $8 a share shortly after the earnings report comes out and validates what I've said above. then a slow melt up all year somewhere between 12 and $18. these are my own personal opinions I would suggest you do your own research. I'm just a small retail investor that put 25k in in April and I've turned it into 60k as of Friday. all to pay for my cybertruck
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    Google this from the COMPANY BOARD:
    "The independent growth-oriented Development Company will have the ability to pursue a broader set of attractive investment opportunities that provide higher risk adjusted returns. Although the Development Company comprises less than 10% of Aimco’s current GAV, it will:

    Retain its growing development and redevelopment business while gaining greater flexibility to pursue other accretive transactions;

    Be led by a veteran management team with a primary focus on an identified set of organic and external opportunities;

    Retain the ability, but not the obligation, to partner with the Multi-Family REIT on projects which provide significant upside and benefits for both companies; and

    Be well capitalized with $1.3 billion of owned assets, $100 million of cash and an expected $100 million of revolver capacity and have the ability to access attractive financing, including non-recourse debt, construction loans and third party equity."
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    Yesterday AIV filed to the SEC an NT 10-K stating that the 2020 annual report will be submitted late
    Aimco | Document Details
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    I like what i see in the 10k. Company seems undervalued compared to other investment opportunities out there right now. Time to add.
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    Any news on the ER date? That could be the key catalyst. Since the spin-off in December, this would the 1st ER as a new real estate development company. Since we have no history of EPS to compare, this will be interesting to see how it would translate into the price action. How do you know if the ER is good or bad?

    Personally, I am optimistic and remain long. The sister company $AIRC has been doing well since the spin off (from $35 to $40). I expect $AIV to follow the suit as well in the next following days. It has been inching slowly from the bottom ($4.50) into $5 territory. My TP is $6.
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    When the spinoff was announced, the old AIV was trading at its relatively level of $40 (i.e. the old AIV was being dropped from the S&P 500 Index), and since the new AIV received 10% of the assets, shorts simply assumed that $4 is the new target price.

    Wrong. Historically speaking, spinoffs are good news for both new companies, but particularly spinoffs are good news for the smaller new firms. The new AIV is no longer a REIT but a growth company (i.e. real estate development). The new AIV picked up the old AIV undervalued assets (like raw land, redevelopment apartment projects, etc) at a steep discount. From this oversold & undervalued bottom today, the new $AIV can only go up and up. I see $6 soon.
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    definitely undervalued compared to other stocks in this category. market cap is half of the actual enterprise value. one of the directors just bought almost $2 million in shares a few days ago, this is going to be a great 2021 stock just hopefully slow and steady not like gamestop because this company actually has great fundamentals and now that the split is done it will post large earnings this year.
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    The Combined Gross Asset Value before the "divorce" or spinoff announcement-was $12.6B. AIV will get 10% and AIRC will get 90%. These were gross assets, but the distribution type of these assets is important. AIRC will become the stable property owner & manager with the "stable" existing apartment assets (90%). AIV will become the property developer with the remaining 10% of assets, mostly the raw land and apartment complexes that need to be retrofitted. That side of the business is higher risk, but much higher profit potential. I would rather invest in that side of the real estate business (AIV).
    I believe AIV at $5 is grossly oversold and undervalued. AIV should bounce up tomorrow (Tuesday). I could not find the price of AIRC yet-- I guess it has not started trading yet on NYSE.
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    AIV closed up 7% and AIRC up 4% today. As I posted last week, selling would dry up from S&P Index funds that had to sell before TSLA had to be bought by them before today. Then they both would start to move higher Monday (today). As analysts sort the spin-off and analyze each of them we should see their recommendations coming soon. IMO AIV will get buy recommendations and move higher to the $6 area by year end or at least early Jan. AIRC may get a hold rating or possibly a buy from a few analysts. Disclosure:
    I am long AIV @ 4.87 ave. My targets $6 by year end or early Jan. and higher 3 months out.
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    Any idea why is this stock going down? It is an undervalued gem in my view. Do you think it is juts not being noticed enough?
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    Considine Terry, one of AIV's directors, reported today a substantial insider purchase movement. 300k shares bought. More info:
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    they had split in December. not one person is not experiencing earnings report date anxiety. the only truly accurate information that we have is from the split. unless you believe real estate values have gone down they should have 1.3 billion dollars in assets. knowing that they're renovating these properties to sell them of it only assume that their value is increasing daily. but it is coming at a cost. the price of the stock runs between 450 and 5 dollars so the downside rest seems to be minimal for waiting. I believe once we have accurate information 7.50 to 12.50 should be easily obtainable. I willing to wait with -.50 down side for +$2.50-$5.00 upside. I keep adding more on the dip's as a can afford them. many stocks are over priced right now to me so I been selling them and buying this one. I have 1800 shares so I am small fry. God has bless me since I entered the market in April I have beat every single index average looking back 3 years. I've tripled my holdings in that time period since April. using nothing more than a lot of common sense and the luck that's been afforded me.
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    Am I the only one that feels like a sitting duck waiting for earnings?
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    finally a down day added 300 more shares to the book. I really think this stock is a ticking time bomb to the upside. 1300 shares maybe more tomorrow if things work out
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    AIV reports for the first time next is headed to $10. Just for those that like cash. Even $10 is less than pure assets, IT IS NOT TSLA or those other names out there. AIV is my BABY
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    reading some of these comments amazes me, people see a huge drop and don't follow the reason for it. Folks this is a company has split into two like HP before. Ticker symbols AIV and AIRC, price of these two stock combined is bout $40.5. upon separation people who held shares, now have a share of each,