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    Ex div today
  • J
    This week, an influential director from Aviva purchased shares through the firm’s Global Matching Share Plan.
  • a
    At last the news that moved the stock more than the smoke and mirrors stock split/capital return. After reinvesting I can finally see growth for the year and strong divi prospects
  • s
    The B shares seem to be taxable according to the prospectus. With a 76/100 redemption ratio (ie 24 of your 100 shares will be cancelled) and a £1.0169 capital return the value of the two equates to a share price of £4.25 per existing ordinary share. This is not an incentive to accept as your holding will be reduced and you will end up with a tax bill through no fault of your own. I can't understand why Aviva has gone to all this trouble rather than just buy the shares it wants to remove from circulation in the market.
  • R
    It’s not as bad as you think as reflected in the share price this morning.£3:91.
    The record date has passed now for getting the B shares and when you do get them and the share count reduces from 100 to 76 you will still have the same amount of the company.
    For instance 100 shares at £0.23 dividend is more or less the same as £0.31 (next years dividend)at 76 shares.
    There’s no way they would be able to pay £0.31 if share count was still same.
    As you can see the share price hasn’t dropped a £1.01 as reflected in todays prices.
    It just takes a bit of understanding and reading it:-)
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    Aviva has shown good growth every year for the last few with their profits after tax:
    2018 - £1.52bl
    2019 - £2.51bl
    2020 - £2.77bl

    Hopefully the dividends will return back to 2018 as well which will put them at 30p a share
  • P
    Paul Mc
    bought last year for a cheap dividend stock and has become a surprising growth stock also. win win
  • n
    Yes, re the B share offer, I've gone through it again and again to see if I'm missing something. My simplified understanding is that you are given a B share for every ordinary share you have, forecast to be worth just over £1, which is then bought back by Aviva. Great. But then your share holding is reduced by approx 25% (currently a similar value to the B share). And that you'll end up with a possible capital gain. It looks like you end up with a similar monetary value after the B share buy back but have less shares and therefore will earn less dividends in the future. Seems others on this thread share the same conclusion.
  • m
    Have to remember that AV are promising a 2022 dividend of 31p which at this mornings price of 438 is a 7% dividend. AV are counting on the share price going up to compensate for owning fewer shares in this shrinking company.
  • M
    Am I right in saying that 100 shares, that were priced at roughly 400GBp are now only worth 76 shared at roughly 400 GBp? I.e. number of shares has dropped 24% but the share price has not gone up by 24% to ensure value is the same?
  • R
    Why has the stock price fallen by so much for a reverse stock split? Surely that should increase the price? Its fallen by more than the 101p you get for each b share bought
  • D
    Don't see why Aviva is pulling the wool over it's shareholders. In addition to no gain and possible tax disadvantage to shareholders we are being hit by a loss of 24% on future dividends year after year after year.
  • B
    Anyone aware of its claims for Pandemic insurance? Is it accounted for
  • G
    Hello,I'm new to forex and I have been making huge loses but recently I see a lot of people earning from it,can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong
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    Cabot Undervalued Letter just recommended this stock. That's probably the reason for the uptick today.
  • C
    The special dividend of £1.01 ps is a very nice surprise. The shares are definitely heading in the right direction
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    Insurers are in for a hard time. Claims will go up, investment income will fall, as dividends are scrapped, life insurance payouts increase, hundreds of businesses close forever. Tough times ahead.
  • J
    On the Aviva website it says Aviva has sold its Polish operations for 2.5B euros in cash.
    The IFRS net assets of Aviva Poland were £0.4B, the cash consideration is 16.9x IFRS profit after tax, 5.7x IFRS net asset value. 46p per share increase from 31 December 2020 IFRS net asset value.

    It looks like a really good price and really good news. Aviva is valued at less than book, so if the remainder of Aviva was re-valued at these multiples then the share price would rise significantly.
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    an to one else having trouble selling this on trading 212? my order has been waiting to sell at market value for 24 hours