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Albemarle Corporation (ALB)

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  • b
    News flash!!!!!!!
    Raised guidance; up about $10 bucks after hours!!!
  • b
    I know there are always "traders around" , but with any small amount of research I don't see how anyone would be selling this stock now. Yea, the jumbo sell offs have hurt, as that is the Baby with the Bath water bunch. I have used those down drafts to add shares. You would think the big brokerage guys would be holding their shares. I'm talking years not months!! Almost every piece of G-2 points to huge growth potentials. Good luck to the longs.
  • M
    Wow, earnings of12- $15 a share projected for 22 now..... That's another 25%..... This thing ought to be valued at $400 today
  • S
    Jim Cramer has finally come along to have a look at lithium:

    ""If you want to play the sky-high price of lithium, I say don't overthink it. The easiest thing to do is buy Livent or Albemarle because we already know they're doing great, and despite these recent moves, the stocks aren't all that expensive based on the new earnings forecast," he said."
  • b
    As Ralph Nadar said, "This market is unsafe at any Speed"!!!
    Just a little twist to his famous statement!!
  • D
    There is the downside of high raw material costs. The play between adoption rate and economy of scale and pricing pressure is complex. At this early stage of adoption pricing pressure is not the growth killer it will be when electric vehicles become a mainstream commodity but it is a headwind.

    Automakers are jacking up prices on electric vehicles to bake in rising costs
    Automakers have begun raising EV prices as commodity costs surge. Will mainstream consumers be priced out?
    Automakers have begun raising EV prices as commodity costs surge. Will mainstream consumers be priced out?
  • E
    Electric Mike
    Bloomberg reports that miners in Chile will likely avoid drastic changes as writers at the constitutional convention wrapped up deliberations on mining after a proposal to replace the nation's current system failed a vote on Saturday.
    I suspect this could get us a pop up tomorrow.
  • b
    Small drop in LiOH prices. It may be that battery manufacturers are max out or locked down.
  • D
    Interesting Barron’s article on Princeton U having 2.4 million shares of LAC. That’s a fair bit of coin.
  • b
    A report on ALB from Jefferies, just got the hard copy today.

    Base Case: Another Fly-Up, Then Slow Normalization: The recent fly-up in Li prices, with
    spot prices peaking >$70,000/t, is consistent with a sentiment-driven market discounting
    a 50% chance the next wave of Li capex fills only a third of the visible supply gap through
    2030, or a 23% chance the gap is not filled at all. Once the Chinese lockdowns end, and
    auto OEMs push to catch up on lost production, the bullwhip effect could lift prices to new
    highs before year-end. In our base case, another >$30bn of new projects are announced
    in 2H22-2023, leading to the fear factor fading in 2023-2025, and more "normalized"
    incentive prices in for 2026-2030 (Charts 1-7). Our forecast is arguably conservative, as
    announced battery capacity additions for 2022-2023 imply ~218,000 tpy of Li demand
    above what our EV forecasts justify.
    PRICE $242.41^
    MARKET CAP $28.8B
    PRICE TARGET (PT) $290.00
    UPSIDE SCENARIO PT $400.00 I like this one!!

    Stay turned more goodies could be in the report...
    The Bear
  • D
    Interesting article from Bloomberg on Tesla detailing of suppliers including Albermarle and Livent. The headline was about nickel supply deal with Vale. No mention of Piedmont or LAC which is not surprising as they aren't producing lithium only promises at the moment. This is the point where actual producers like ALB have the most to gain. Volumes will go up from here but I think price starts to flatten out at this point. Couple of years from now the likes of LAC and Piedmont will be on-line and generating revenue but they will be smaller than ALB, SQM, Jiangxi Ganfeng and Tianqi making them prime acquisition targets as economy of scale becomes increasingly important to deal with pricing pressures.
  • D
    Just reading an article about the CEO of Blink charging saying people shouldn’t be expecting their business to be profitable for some time as they acquire footprint and buildout infrastructure. Thinking about this further will they ever be profitable even after we’re all in EV’s. It occurred to me that one of the major selling points of EV’s is how cheap they are to operate. At some point the charging station companies are going to realize they need to bump up their prices to such a point they are profitable and nowhere have I heard anyone mention target end point electricity pricing looking out ten years or so. Just a thought but it seems to me a significant data point. I expect it’ll be like diesel was when it was promoted as cheaper than gas. It became un-cheap with demand.
  • b
    The News, Barrons.. Up Grade.. Should add more on tomorrow. It says this happened last Wed's delayed reaction?
    Wells Fargo analyst Michael Sison upgraded shares of lithium miner Albemarle ALB –1.09% (ticker: ALB) to Buy from Hold late Wednesday. His target price went to $285 from $215 a share.

    “We see a strong fundamental picture for the lithium industry unfolding through this decade,” wrote Sison. He raised his 2022 per-share earnings estimates for Albemarle to $10.50 from $6. He lifted his 2023 EPS estimates to $12 from $7.50. “The company and competitors have shifted contracts to more variable pricing to take better advantage of tight supply-demand conditions,” added Sison.
    Jefferies has Target price at $400..
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    I want to share an article I read in the WSJ about 2 weeks ago, it basically said - Battery shortages would be a very big deal for the next few years. It said the Chips shortage is a drop in the bucket compared to the battery shortages that will be coming up. The article said new plants are not even built yet to provide the batteries that will be need for the demand. This seems very bullish for ALB.
    Folks I see a long run way ahead for ALB, get on the train, much higher stock prices are coming.
  • L
    ALB has a p/e of more than 200x SYAXF in the 20x growth in the lithium and serious. Take a look many real projects issue whithin 2 yrs. Its the nxt ALB
  • b
    OK, lets hope this bounce hold up!!
    Yesterday you could have added at $204..
  • a
    A great day compared to the rest of the market.
  • b
    It is not like this was a stock offering, it is one of the safest ways to borrow. I would think it is a good move, pay down some debt. Money can still be borrowed at some what of a reasonable interest rate. This way they keep their "Cash on hand"..
  • K
    Why the sudden drop? Is there a sudden u turn on EV. Everyone going back to gas?