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    What should be considered before dewatering?
    Things Consider for Dewatering are:
    Understanding the type of land. ...
    Check signs of soil erosion or instability. ...
    Choosing the correct Technique or Method. ...
    Understanding the weather conditions. ...
    Selecting the right dewatering pump. ...
    Understand the water table conditions of the ground. ...
    Discharge of Water. ...
    Sump pumps.
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    Why Dewatering is Important for Your Construction Site

    Dewatering is crucial in construction as it offers stable and dry excavation conditions by increasing soil stability and ensuring worker and equipment safety. Here are some reasons why dewatering construction sites is more significant than it appears.

    Providing a Safe Working Environment: Groundwater and surface water pose unsafe working conditions. Water can impede or damage the working of construction equipment. In addition, the wet or muddy ground can create a tripping hazard for workers and obstruct specific tasks.
    Firm Up the Soil: Dewatering of underground and surface water dries up the soil. Dry soil stabilizes the landscape by reducing the risk of sediment being carried off by the water and making it suitable for construction. In addition, it prevents incidents like groundwater or soil leakage, sand soiling, basement floatation, and upheaval failure.
    Environmental Protection: Standing water can attract mosquitoes and other pests and pose a risk of diseases. Further, water can accumulate waste and toxins. Dewatering helps remove contaminated water and toxins and reduces the health hazards caused by pests and mosquitoes, besides helping comply with environmental regulations.
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    Possible Water Disposal Methods

    There is a range of water disposal methods, which mandate obtaining relevant permits.

    Onsite Dewatering: If the water is pollutant-free, you can store it in a secure location onsite, repurpose it for construction needs, and let the rest evaporate. Sometimes, it’s piped to nearby users for farmland irrigation or other purposes.
    Sewer System Discharge: Water with permissible pollutant levels can be discharged through the sewer systems after mandatory testing and treatment.
    Discharge to Adjacent Land: Water can be discharged to unoccupied land adjacent to the construction site with a detailed agreement with the owner.
    Disposal to Surface Water: Water can be discharged to an existing water body such as a lake, river, or sea after obtaining permission from an Environmental Regulator.
    Discharge Offsite: Water is collected and transported to an offsite facility for discharge using dewatering roll-off containers. Based on the water quality, it can be repurposed for uses like irrigation.
    Offsite Treatment: If the water consists of hazardous toxins or sediments, the safest and probably the only dewatering option is to transport it offsite for treatment to avoid adverse environmental impact.
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    How Improper Dewatering and Disposal Affects Construction Sites and The Environment

    Dewatering and water disposal, done right, are essential for construction and the surrounding ecology. As the water can contain harmful pollutants, improper collection and disposal can lead to undesirable environmental effects, besides causing erosion and related problems. It can result in significant hazards.
    During construction site preparation and the building’s life cycle. It can lead to increased costs, safety risks, and undesirable delays.

    Some of the associated impacts of improper management and discharge of water can be.

    Potential surface flooding.
    Adverse effects on building structure due to variations caused by soil conditions.
    Risk of erosion and related issues.
    Damage to adjacent properties due to flooding.
    Dampness and associated unhealthy conditions, including termite infestation.
    Michael Harvey
    Retired Civil Engineer
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    Permit refused for water discharge activity at Welsh gold mine - November 2021.
    This decision should be overturned as what Alba is trying to achieve will bring much-needed employment to the area.
    This would also put North Wales on the map on a worldwide scale should Alba find large-scale gold seams.
    Alba believes there is excellent potential to find unexploited gold veins and is rolling out the most significant surface and underground exploration and development programme seen at Clogau-St David’s in many decades.
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    Is Welsh gold more valuable than standard gold?
    The spot price of Welsh gold can be between 20 to 30 times more valuable than conventional gold. Metal extraction, including copper, iron, tin and principally gold, has occurred in Wales for millennia. Even today, the remains of Roman gold mine workings are seen in Dolaucothi in Carmarthenshire.
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    National coverage bringing this up today. With all of Alba's assets look forwards to a brilliant few months.
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    Where’s this headed? Too late for the party OR jump in now?
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    Very quite in here, give me a like if we bullish.
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    next stop 0.6000
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    buy buy buy
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    Alba Mineral Resources plc (AIM: ALBA) is pleased to announce that, following a detailed independent assessment of the Amitsoq Graphite Project in southern Greenland, the Company has declared a significant Exploration Target for the Project.

    Followed a detailed assessment of all pertinent data sets for the Amitsoq Project, Dr Arthur has concluded that the volume and grade ranges for:

    (a) the Amitsoq Exploration Target are between 1.7 and 4.5 million tonnes (assuming a density of 2.63t/m3) with a grade range of between 24-36% Graphitic Carbon, for between 408,000 and 1,620,000 tonnes of contained graphite; and

    (b) the Kalaaq Exploration Target are between 4.0 and 7.0 million tonnes (assuming a density of 2.63t/m3) with a grade range of between 23-29% Graphitic Carbon, for between 920,000 and 2,030,000 tonnes of contained graphite.
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    Drilling completed at Amitsoq in Greenland:
    - All completed drill holes intersected Upper Graphite Layer (UGL) or Lower Graphite Layer (LGL) or both
    - Several graphite intercepts considerably thicker than expected, up to 8.19m in UGL and 15.54m in LGL
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    £700 million valuation for Clad’

    is based on $1400 per oz, Currently gold is $1870 therefore share price undervalued at current levels.
    Once the gold price continues to rise Alba will attract the big boys I.e. more institutional interest and then the prospect of being taken over by the bigger mining entities.
    Alba is a buy at the current price, the price will remain volatile until extraction of gold and Titanium takes place.
    Investing in Alba is long term
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    Alba Mineral Resources has commenced its maiden drilling operations at the Amitsoq Graphite Project in southern Greenland
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    Alba's Executive Chairman: "We are now projecting the Main Lode Extension to have a strike extent of 585 m and a depth extent of up to 63 m.  This is shaping up to be a significant target
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    Lots of patience is needed! This mining stock is not like an EV play. It takes a lot more time for things to come together. But progress is being made, catalysts are on there way and Commercial Production is looking to begin H2 2022. Patience will be rewarded!
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    After watching this vid I was like right ok.. I'm all in now. that 3 meter wide quatz vein a few centimetres below the ground is just crazy.. oh wait they also mine graphine as well for the booming EV market now I'm remorgaging the house on this one. load up lock it up and come back in 5yrs
    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
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    4/2/21 6.47% rise from 0.3620 its all coming together from my view
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    Mark Austin (COO): We are delighted to have encountered thick graphite intersections at Amitsoq, well in excess of the modelled projections. Also pleasantly surprised by the condition of the mine workings - v. important factor as we move towards long-term development