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Apple Hospitality REIT, Inc. (APLE)

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    PK has a very positive report out today, I don’t see how APLE could be any different moving forward. I’m buying more APLE.
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    APLE takes steps due to Covid-19: The Company has suspended its monthly distributions, effective immediately. The Company’s Board of Directors, in consultation with management, will continue to monitor hotel operations and intends to resume monthly distributions at a time and level determined to be prudent in relation to the Company’s other cash requirements.
    As a precautionary measure, to increase the amount of cash on hand, the Company has recently drawn on its credit facility and currently has approximately $300 million of cash on hand. Current availability on the Company’s revolving credit facility is $145 million. The Company has no scheduled debt maturities for the remainder of the year and approximately $34 million in scheduled maturities in 2021.
    Glade Knight, the Company’s Founder and Executive Chairman, has volunteered to forego his salary for the next six months, effective immediately. In addition, Justin Knight, the Company’s President and Chief Executive Officer, has volunteered to reduce his target compensation by 60 percent, and the non-employee directors of the Company’s Board of Directors, as a group, have volunteered to reduce their annual fee by more than 15 percent. The Company’s senior management team owns approximately 7 percent of the Company’s outstanding common stock.
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    Not defending APLE management, no real growth in FFO for years. But one of the reasons for no growth was that management refused to chase high value properties. Look at last year's investor presentations where they clearly state the reason the reason they have such a conservative balance sheet was just for these times, to take advantage of "fire-sale" opportunities. Thus they just bought some great properties in Arizona, and when, not if, this country returns to some type of normalcy (after the election), they should be able to return to a great annuity stream, and dare I say GROW even?
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    Im Happy! My Initial price was at 16.50 and now I have 447 shares with a share price of 15.80. It all depends on what your share price is. Anything under 16 is a good start.
    APLE has consistent monthly dividend payments of $0.10 per share. The company has made consistent capital improvements to maintain competitiveness in their indu
    APLE has consistent monthly dividend payments of $0.10 per share. The company has made consistent capital improvements to maintain competitiveness in their indu
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    Distribution Information

    To maintain its REIT status, the Company is required to distribute at least 90% of its ordinary income[..]. Although the Company intends to resume paying distributions in the future, the amount and timing of distributions to shareholders are within the discretion of the Company’s Board of Directors and subject to restrictions during the Covenant Waiver Period (as described in Note 4 titled “Debt” in Part II, Item 8, of the Consolidated Financial Statements and Notes thereto, appearing elsewhere in this Annual Report on Form 10-K) and there can be no assurance as to when they will resume. The amount and frequency of future distributions will depend on certain items, including but not limited to, the Company’s results of operations, cash flow from operations, economic conditions, working capital requirements, cash requirements to fund investing and financing activities, and capital expenditure requirements, including improvements to and expansions of properties, as well as the distribution requirements under federal income tax provisions for qualification as a REIT. The Company incurred a net loss for the year ended December 31, 2020 resulting in a net loss carryforward for federal income tax purposes of approximately $67.0 million, which will be applied to future taxable earnings subject to limitations imposed by the Code, as amended, which will likely delay the need to make additional distributions to maintain the Company’s REIT status. As it has done historically, due to seasonality, once distributions resume, the Company may use its revolving credit facility to maintain the consistency of the distribution rate, taking into consideration any acquisitions, dispositions, capital improvements and economic cycles.

    Emphasis mine... ugh
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    It's time to buy imho. Remember APLE is prepared to weather the storm due to their industry low leverage and very safe dividend. 8.2% yield today, going to be a great addition to my retirement annuity. Accumulate I say
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    This is not a traders stock. It is a buy and hold for the dividend. Based on a price of $18 it is a 6.6% Dividend. So what if the div. goes to 8% at 15. It's still 6.6% of an $18 investment. Yes, interest rates could be a factor. Yes, the world could stop turning, but in the meantime, this 75 yr old likes the dividend.
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    Hi everyone, I have been thinking of adding a monthly dividend stock and so far APLE seems to be the most stable one I have found. I would like to find out how happy other investors are with this monthly dividend stock.
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    “Despite ongoing supply and cost pressures across the lodging industry, we continued to produce results in line with our expectations. Through portfolio optimization, strategic revenue management and effective cost control measures, we increased actual RevPAR from the same period last year and generated one of the best Comparable Hotels Adjusted Hotel EBITDA Margins in the sector of 39.6 percent for the second quarter of this year. Demand remains healthy across the majority of our markets, generally keeping pace with new supply, and we anticipate steady fundamentals in the third quarter. We will continue to diligently work to maximize the performance of our hotels and pursue opportunities that will further enhance the strength of our Company.” -CEO
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    APLE proves its low cost model works and buying now should provide an investor a good long term return. There has been no stock price growth for years, then it was cut in half! No divvie growth and now zero dividends. Why buy? You buy APLE for an annuity, a dividend income stream. Interest rates will be ZERO for a LONG time. As the USA explodes debt, we cannot afford to pay interest as a country, insane. You need REAL assets when the government is printing money- Gold, stocks, real estate, commodities. Real estate has outperformed every asset class over time, beats stocks, bonds, gold, treasuries and so on. The fact that APLE was able to produce positive cash flow with only 45% occupancy was proof of their low cost to operate model. If you think occupancy will never return, don't buy. But if you think people will travel again one day, that this virus scare will go away, this stock remains a strong buy. No chance of bankruptcy, cost cutting healthy and overdue, which will ramp future earnings, a super strong balance sheet means that APLE can be opportunistic and buy more beaten down properties, and future dividends assured. Where are you going to get a future income stream? I guess you could buy a taco stand (CMG) at 131 P/E. The tech boom will level out, investors will be thirsty for dividends and this stock will rise as an over-looked value play.
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    The Time Traveler
    Dividend word yet? In order to remain a reit a company must pay out a certain % of its profit in dividend whether that be cash or shares. Getting close to a year now. Either bring back the dividend or start paying the taxes as under a normal company would since this will soon be ineligible to be considered a REIT.
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    I purchased this investment because it pays a healthy divi and pays monthly.
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    Jimmy C
    APLE has a well covered dividend of $1.20 backed by FFO Forecast for 2019 of $1.72. Capex is around $.30 which reduces the FFO from $1.72 to $1.42 available for dividends. Insiders own a large percentage of company. Seems like good business model and good management so are there any negatives I am not considering with APLE ?
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    With this stock price cut in half from pre-virus days, with APLE's leading industry low leverage, with interest rates dropping, with diverse high quality properties and a low cost to operate, its time to buy. I have stayed in hotels for work during the week for two years now, through the pandemic, and in crazy California no less. Hotels are not empty, people are travelling. This virus will go away some day, likely right after the election. They are not going bankrupt, the divvie will return, eventually the market will buy something other than AMZN or FB, investors will return. In a few years, likely much sooner, I'll be happy with my retirement annuity that APLE will provide. Don't time this, buy and hold, be an investor and odds are good for a great long term return.
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    David, I also own this stock. But I don't see the share buyback being executed. When I review the Balance Sheet over the past several years and recent quarters, I see the outstanding shares increasing, not decreasing.
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    The company's results showed margins down, occupancy down, rev/room down, and creeping labor costs are a concern. Generally "ugly" when you consider the economy is on fire. Low leverage and great properties keep me interested, but frustrated in the lack of divvy raises. We'll never get "O" type valuations with no divvy increases. PLay this one like an annuity, becomes a strong buy under $15 a share where the stock will yield 8%+, at $17 a share the stock yields 7% and should be sold. Between 15 and 17 the stock is simply a boring "bond" hold in your portfolio.
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    As a hotel worker and ex holder of Apple, I can say that this is going to be another tough year for hotels. Mainly in the fact that each state has different restrictions that either crush or benefit hospitality. I have friends in FL who have seen a reduction in occupancy, but with having everything open the loss of business isn't crushing. On the other hand you have big markets such as CA and my home of NJ who are literally spitting on the industry by suppressing guest offerings, who the hell wants to go to travel if you can't eat in the bar/restaurant (or SS equivalent). I have hopes for this company since they are mostly select, but I don't see any good recovery until late '21 or '22.
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    I have been in since before going public but my cost when went public was 21.50 on 3600 shares
    I still have in my IRA with big loss that dividends have some years to cover
    Wonder how many others out there like me
    Yes 15.50 appears to be good buy with monthly dividend
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    Start loading this safe divvy player. The yield will provide a bottom. Below 16 this stock is a buy, and the lower it goes the stronger the buy. Yes the divvy is not growing, and net income growth uninspiring. However, you get a healthy and safe monthly dividend, from high quality hotels throughout the USA, with one of the lowest leverage ratios in the industry that "should" grow over time.
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    8/17/20 Chairman Glade Knight purchased 5,000 shares of APLE @ $9.68/per, extending her total shares to 10,221,968.
    SEC FORM 4