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    Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals to Participate in Upcoming Investor Conference
    PASADENA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: ARWR) today announced that it is scheduled to participate in the following upcoming event:
    Chardan Virtual 4th Annual Genetic Medicines Conference
    October 6, 2020, 1:30 p.m. EDT – Vince Anzalone, CFA, Arrowhead’s vice president and head of investor relations, will participate in a fireside chat presentation
    A copy of the presentation materials and webcast links, if the presentation is being webcast, may be accessed on the Events and Presentations page under the Investors section of the Arrowhead website.
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    Note the JnJ study to Evaluate the Effect of Hepatic Impairment on JnJ-3989 has been updated effective today and the registry now reflects "Completed":

    One additional data point indicating that JnJ is barreling quickly towards a P3 study (with multiple p2b studies, at least one of which could potentially represent a pivotal in the eAg+ patient population).
    A Study to Evaluate the Effect of Hepatic Impairment on JNJ-73763989 - Full Text View.
    A Study to Evaluate the Effect of Hepatic Impairment on JNJ-73763989 - Full Text View.
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    Math class is in session!

    300 million people with chronic HBV.
    Hypothetically treat and FC 2% annually. That is 6 million patients.
    Cost of treatment 12k hypothetically and with a nod to HP.
    16% of that to ARWR.
    20 PE.

    Do the math!

    Next question?

    What is the value of potentially taking care of CF upstream of where Vertex does and eating their cake and also treating the additional 30% they can't?

    Maybe 50-100 billion to MC?

    Add on the remainder of the top 3-4 additional lung candidates in that area and potentially a 200 billion MC dollar franchise in lung alone.

    Next question! NASH

    Potentially 50 billion to MC in and of itself.

    Next question the biggie!

    How much is it worth to be able to cure multiple types of cancer that regularly kill people?

    By the time we know these answers, ARWR will have a few additional cell types they can target as well.

    Do your research and know what you own.

    It takes time to build a BP, but the foundation is looking incredibly solid.

    Don't trip over pennies and miss the fort knox filled with gold that is sitting in front of us.

    AAT information was important for more reasons than just the health of those 4 individuals.

    It was proof of concept that ARWR knows what they are doing and can actually put together products that work in patients. It also proved that they can achieve previously unseen results and that is amazing!

    It should have opened eyes to increase the valuation of the rest of the company.

    This thing is ready to run in my opinion.

    12-15 billion MC coming soon followed by much higher as products begin to commercialize.

    It's a great day to be an ARWR investor and don't you forget it!

    Know what you own!
    Do your DD
    Only invest what you can afford to lose
    Stay off margin, Sell if you need to raise money but stay off margin as you will be manipulated
    Have Grit, If you want to play here it takes Grit and with that it allows you to see the forest through the trees.
    Hug those you love!
    Enjoy life!
    Remember the value is in what we don't know!
    If that's the case my mind has trouble calculating the SP disconnect with the value and that is in investors favor.

    As always in my opinion,

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    ARO AAT was grated Fast Track des in Jun 2019. Of important note as a perk of Fast Track "Eligibility for accelerated approval and priority review, if relevant criteria are met"

    Relevant criteria of course being agreed upon endpoints. Take a look at Sequoia study I cannot post them know.

    The ishak Fibrosis scale has 7 stages if ARO-AAT reduced fibrosis by 20% then it clearly met or is beating on the door of the fibrosis endpoints in 6 months. The 12 month biopsies for Sequoia are already known by the DSMB for numerous patients. First Patient was dosed August 2019.

    Long story coming to a close Arrowhead met every Primary and Secondary endpoint in the FDA agreed upon trial design WAY ahead of conceived possibilities. The only question in the end points left is "over time"....How much more do they want to see as most of the over time improvement was proposed for Part B.

    Noone and I mean noone could have expected a drug to reduce fibrosis by 20% in 6 months, it's never been done before. So if your the FDA what else do you want to see? How long do you make this continue before you say get it to patients?

    Many can downplay this all they want that this is no big deal, if you believe that you clearly don't know what your looking at. This is transformational medicine...NOW...Not 5 to 10 years from now. If This platform is safe it's hard to fathom the therapies, partners, markets, and capital milestones Arrowhead could achieve in a couple years time. Know what you own good people.
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    Dr Cheddar
    ALNY showing great RNAi safety profile in infants today, another significant data point that should translate to all RNAi players.
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    Per @florian_krammer twitter tutorial on Covid vaccines, the older population and children may be under-served due to weak immune response and overreaction respectively, which creates therapeutic needs. Yesterday's Regeneron antibody treatment showed 0.6log (=75%) reduction in viral load vs. placebo for high dose (insignificant result for low dose). Believe ARO-COV's three-prong approach can do better.
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    Arrowhead to participate in Chardan Genetic Medicines Conference
    Arrowhead to participate in Chardan Genetic Medicines Conference
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    Only Arwr
    if anybody noticed. ALN-HSD just posted on 9/25 on testing up to 128 patients for their P1 study with biopsy. primary expected completion date of May 2023 (~2yr 8mos from est start date)! ARO-HSD is up to 44 patients but primary completion date of Feb 2021 (1 yr from start date). i guess we wont have apples to apples comparison with their program for a long awhile. similar setup as their AAT program with no data release for comparison and gets canned down the road.
    Home -
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    Somewhat OT: Wish me luck! After years of following and being heavily invested in ARWR, I just applied for a position with the company. I live a reasonable commute from Madison and can't imagine anywhere else I'd like to work.

    I was the top Regional Sales Manager in the country with my last company and was downsized just prior to covid and just prior to the parent company selling my division to Private Equity. It wasn't easy to lose a career but it did give me time to spend with my mom as she went through the final phase of Alzheimer's and that is a blessing for me. It also gave me time to be able to become a father to my stepson that I brought into my life through my marriage last year while my wife worked the front line as a nurse on a Covid unit. The time with my son was incredible and time well spent. Now he's back in school so I have to get back to work.

    I have been invested in ARWR mostly since the 3's before it went up and back down and back up.

    I am now looking for a new career as I'm to young to retire even though ARWR has given me the resources.

    Today I applied to work for ARWR in Madison and am as excited as I have ever been. If anyone has any inside connections and would like to put in a good word for me let me know because I can't think of anywhere else that I could dream of working and any assistance would be appreciated.

    The position is one of the few pre commercial roles that I'm sure I could quickly add value and then grow with the organization as products come to market.

    Wish me luck!
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    This has probably already been reviewed by this board, however I'd like to note that about one week or so ago Vertex and Moderna agreed to a three year program to have Moderna BEGIN to develop NP (lipid nanoparticles) and mRNA to treat cystic fibrosis. Moderna receives US$75mil upfront and US$380 in downstream incentives, plus royalties if it ever gets to market.

    What this confirms to me is that Vertex knows it must engage in RNA research and development in order to maintain their umbrella over the CF market and advances being made in research.

    What it suggests to me is that they are woefully late to the game, and ARWR might in all likelihood cut deeply into that market. I wonder if this is VRTX's reaction to its inability to secure a partnership with ARWR, if there ever was a CF partnership pursued.
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    The minions keep talking about the $33 gap being filled. I don’t think it’s significant. The gap they are talking about is a breakaway gap. That’s normally a good thing! A breakaway gap occurs when prices are breaking out of a range on significant volume, which we had last week, (20M+) which developed a new trend. As a result of a new trend bringing in new market participants and catching many off-sides, this gap generally does not fill and sees upside follow-through relatively quickly. The less that it’s filled, the more clear that a strong new trend has developed. In addition we may have experienced a double bottom at $42ish. Stay strong longs!!!
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    4 years ago (Sept 29, 2016) Arrowhead received its first validation from big pharma of the TRiM platform by securing a deal with Amgen for LPa....2 years ago (October 4, 2018) Arrowhead received its second validation from big pharma by securing a partnership deal with JNJ for ARO-HBV.
    Arrowhead fiscal year ends on September 30....both of these deals were made at year end....perhaps some sort of management incentive/bonus??? It is now fiscal year end 2020....will the pattern hold? I believe we would all agree that some form of partnership will take place in the near to intermediate future.
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    For new investors that are wondering about Mack & Bobby, they are part of a short and distort attack on Arrowhead. Mack showed up on this message board around the end of 2018 saying that he shorted 10,000 shares of Arrowhead at $12. A few months later he claimed that he shorted another 10,000 shares just under $20. If true (which I highly doubt) he would have been down over a million dollars when Arrowhead hit its all time high. After that, Mack somewhat smartened up and has stopped telling us the price that he shorts. Next, is Bobby (Who is also Mack). Bobby joined us about 4 or 5 months ago and has claimed to have shorted 10,000 shares at $33 and then claimed to have shorted 17,000 shares at $46. Finally, I am going to add "Stop loss" James to this list. James claims to be long, but if you have ever read anything he has to say, it is pretty hard to believe that. James' stop losses get triggered nearly every single day and his complaining is incessant. This morning he was whining when we were down .10 (he deleted the post when ARWR went positive).
    In general, this is the best stock message board around and you can learn a lot here. However, sometimes you have to hold your nose and wade through some of idiot posts or better yet, put these three on ignore.
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    From bikerieder on Twitter: ARWR No. AHA abstracts on AROANG3, AROAPOC3 and AMG890 will be available online only on November 9th.
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    Bourbonisbest---Best wishes on your latest initiative
    I did get a message from George Costanza who suggested you move into an empty office at madison facility and if anyone asks just say you are working on the Penske file---
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    Pharmacodynamic Effect of ARO-ANG3, an Investigational RNA Interference Targeting Hepatic Angiopoietin-like Protein 3, in Patients With Hypercholesterolemia
    Program Planner
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    Twitter: LPa related:
    Silence Therapeutics
    #CardiovascularDisease is the no. 1 cause of death on the planet and one of our focus areas for research. This #WorldHeartDay we're showcasing the underrecognised experiences of people living with elevated #Lipoproteina, an inherited risk factor for #CVD
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    Only Arwr
    anybody find it interesting that ARWR not presenting at Chardan Genetics conference while ALNY and DRNA is? maybe we will get our own news next week.
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    From twitter regarding ARO-HIF2:
    “Merck’s acquired vi Peloton-acquisition, small molecule inhibitor of HIF-2a, MK-6482 (PT2977) phase 2 results in ccRCC are very promising, and in exploratory cohorts, give early indication that the HIF-2a target may be trenchant in many other cancers.

    On its face, HIF-2a seems to be an ideal anti-tumor target (recall, HIF-2a the subject of recent Nobel Prize). In some ways similar to the adenosine inhibition MoA, HID-2a inhibition “starves” the tumor, which had been relying on a coopting ofHIF2a induced tumorigenesis pathway:

    ‘Hypoxia-inducible factors (HIFs) are central to the cellular hypoxic response. HIFs are ab-heterodimes composed of a constitutively expressed HIF-B subunit and an oxygen-dependent HIG-a subunit. HIF-a is inducible during hypoxic conditions via reduced oxygen-dependent poly hydroxylation, decreased bonding to the von Hippel-Lindau protein (VHL), and thus decreased proteasomal degradation. Stabilized HIF-a translocates into the nucleus and leads to an increase in the expression of pro-survival genes such as EPO, EDN1, GLUT1, and VEGFA. HIF-a has been found to be critical for vasculogenesis and hematopoiesis during development. Abnormal HIF-a function enhances cell proliferation and growth, which is a recognized mechanism in aggressive tumors.’

    What seems particularly important about this pathway is that it is “upstream” of many other oncogenic drivers, meaning that inhibition can have a potentially broad, and durable (less possibility of tumor employing resistance mechanisms to “get around” HIF-2a inhibition) effect.
    Now this is where ARW’s ARO-HIF2 RNAi approach may hold even more advantages over MRK’s oral small molecule approach. Thus far, 6482, while effective, has taken quite some time to show that efficacy. Part of this lead-time likely follows from the MoA itself — HIF-2a inhibition does not act on the tumor directly, but rather, again, by “starving” the tumor proliferation pathway. So, it would make sense that it could take some time for that to work toward actual anti-tumor response.

    However, at another level, some of that delay may come from the method of inhibition — oral, small-molecule inhibition (while holding certain advantages over RNAi as well) may not be able to inhibit HIF-2a as completely, nor as quickly, as ARWR’s approach of RNAI-based silencing of the gene necessary to produce HIF2a entirely. Additionally, RNAi-based Tx may also hold a durability advantage.

    This is why I view ARO-HIF2 very positively, even relative to ARWR’s stable of other very promising candidates. In addition: Just another example of RNAi being outside the liver…”
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    I’m even more excited about ARWR than I was five years ago. ARWR finished their FY19 last Sept at just over $28 sp and with three days left in their FY20 looks like a mid $40’s finish…60% ish gain in past 12 months very impressive. When we look at the science, pipeline, and CT gains the news these past 12 months is amazing.
    - best in class stable executive management still in place
    - cutting edge science with multiple patents
    - nine wholly owned drugs, five partnered
    - seven drugs already in clinical trials, 6 pre-clinical
    - $400 mil+ plus cash to burn for future operations, strong financials
    - still very aggressively hiring with now over 200 employees
    - expecting big news for ARWR at AASLD coming up in about a month
    - Tuts still accumulating ARWR shares in large blocks
    - analysts still have high expectations for ARWR ave of $69 (per etrade)

    I’m seeing the ARWR sp is about to go parabolic again this fall/winter….anyone else agree? Wishing everyone well. GLTAL’s.
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