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ASML Holding N.V. (ASML.AS)

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    It's true, the stock is expensive. However, there's a good reason smart money keeps flowing into the stock. ASML is a bulldozer with nothing in its path until proven otherwise, there's just ni competition at all while the semiconductor market keeps growing and growing.
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    ASML hits new high at $697.39!
    Soon we join NVDA in the $700 club.
  • D
    Over 700 this week?
  • R
    Robert Meyer II
    40X 2022 estimates of $17- LOL

    Chips are they overproduce into 22'...there's a chance you have a glut. 15X $14 would be around $210. I try and look out 2-4 yrs when I buy. $150-200 is when I would.
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    Can we reach a 1000$ by june 2022?
  • P
    All time highs!! Congrats long investors
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    I regret not buying more, will add more to my position next month
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    South Korea plans to invest $450bn to bolster its critical semiconductor industry.
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    Samsung plans to invest 171 trillion KRW (about $151 Billion in US $) in semiconductor technology. Plans to produce 14-nanometer DRAM and 5-nanometer logic semiconductors, both based on extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography technology.
  • K
    In 2023 EUV will account 3/4 of revenue. EUV will have a margin of 50-52 %
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    I traded ASML regularly before and price was around $266 in November 2019. Now it is high 600's and still a solid company with an excellent product. The chip industry will only expand more and few companies, like TSMC and ASML are so well positioned.
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    $800 is quite probable for this year
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    From Motley Fools article about ASML:

    ASML pioneered extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV), an extremely difficult technology that took 25 years to develop and commercialize, and ASML is the sole owner of the technology today. EUV is based on powerful lasers hitting a droplet of molten tin which emits EUV light, which is then focused into a beam that imprints a pattern on a silicon wafer. The result is a tool that can draw patterns with extremely tiny 13.5 nanometer light, as opposed to the 193 nanometer light used in traditional lithography.

    Prior to EUV, semiconductor manufacturers had been struggling to produce denser and more powerful chips. As chipmakers packed more and more transistors onto wafers, the distance between transistors became smaller and smaller, requiring incredibly precise tools like EUV.

    With EUV systems only becoming commercialized in 2018-2019, we are just at the beginning of the EUV age, which could usher in a gold rush of new and diverse semiconductors. On its recent earnings release, ASML upped its guidance for 2021 to 30% growth, but even that figure was only limited by supply constraints. ASML will add capacity to grow its output by 2022 and beyond.

    Demand for semiconductors is skyrocketing, thanks to a cyclical rebound, the accelerated digitization of the economy due to the pandemic, and governments all wanting excess chipmaking capacity on their own shores. Those three factors are leading to a big shortage right now, but with 5G, AI, and the Internet of Things all kicking into gear today, it will likely be a very profitable decade for ASML.
    Each of these three companies is on the precipice of decade-long growth.
    Each of these three companies is on the precipice of decade-long growth.
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    Henry Joseph
    I usually don't pay much attention to companies that make the machines that make components that other companies sell to others to put into there products that maybe other companies sell, but geeze, how do I not own this one? Pacific Ocean sized moat, critical supplier to high growth industries, during a supply shortage.

    Well, bought some today.
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    Along with ASML, you have to own ENTG (Entegris) which tends to both move in share price lockstep with ASML (take a look at a 10-year comparative chart of the two stocks) and provides needed and enhancement technologies and services to just about every semi operator in the world. Love them both.
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    IMO, ASML will be the biggest benefactor of the semiconductor spending and global expansion. ANY market weakness pushing the price lower should be treated as an opportunity to create or add to positions.
  • L
    The current valuation at best should result in a 1 year or 2 year sideways movement to let fundamentals catch up. Usually that exceeds the amount of time retail investors are willing to wait.
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    Very healthy to see a nasdaq pullback. Market has to breathe. Will accumulate more ASML on further pullbacks.
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    Paul the standing Dutchman 💪
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    ASML hits new high at $709.63!
    NVDA also.