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Axos Financial, Inc. (AX)

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    Anyone else offended Buffet bought Ally, but not Axios?
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    Just found out that AX got alerted by ( Seems bullish
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    Do you guys follow ( It seems way better than all the spam on the AX board - The alerts have been great!
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    Earnings are out and came in at $1.02 per share. Another beat.
    Growth of 15% from last year.
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    Time for a massive share repurchase, Or a hugh dividend, or both. Slap the shorts up side of the head.
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    They gave, not lent. 50 million to General Jared Kushburger
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    INBK is usually a good pre-indicator of AX earnings. They beat the analyst's estimated earnings by 15% today.
    So my prediction is that AX posts yet another earnings beat.
    AX have had 8 quarters in a row of earnings beats so far, and 15Q since a miss.
    This will push the yearly earnings well over $4 (which I said would be the case this time last year), and AX will post over 14% profit growth for 2022 (in 3 months time). Price should head back up to well over $60 again. Average target of $64 seems very reasonable.
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    I don’t know what’s going on today… I always thought AX was a growth fortress.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Axos Financial is down 6.01% to 37.21
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Axos Financial is down 5.52% to 39.08
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    Any company that loans Drumpf 100 Million is headed for the dump....
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Axos Financial reached a 52 Week low at 37.13
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    Ford Equity Research published their report on AX on Dec 6th.
    They don't make price predictions. But they do use a discounted cashflow model to estimate fair value.
    Their estimate of AX fair value is now $59.15. Up from around $40 a year ago.

    Net interest margin of 4.1% is slightly better than other banks at 3.5%
    Return on assets of 1.5% is better than average for banks of 1.3%
    Return on equity (what we own) is is 15.3% vs 9.9% for bank average.
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    Ford Equity Research upped its recommendation from hold (3) to strong buy (1) on Sept 6th.
    Its previous assessment on Aug 30th is identical in every way that I can tell - except the conclusion.
    A look at the 1-month chart shows this strong run upwards starting exactly on the 6th.
    So I am intrigued. And will pay slightly more attention to Ford in the future.
    All the banks have been running. So I suspect what changed was something bigger picture.
    As I said - the company assessment is identical between the 30th and the 6th, so Ford is including more than they say.
    And they got this run correctly.

    Just a side note. Ford has a fair value of $59.80 for AX right now (and also had that on the 30th).
    I don't think that is a price target. But it is an interesting financial assessment.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Axos Financial reached a 52 Week low at 38.03
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    up to 100 million in repurchases announced. Board/management believes fair value is higher.
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    175 million loan at less than 5%. Means roughly 10x in new assets (1.75 billion).
    Which takes us to 15 billion assets soon.
    And it seems like just yesterday we were sneaking about under 10 billion.
    With RoE of 18% (or lowball it to 15% is you want to be a pessimist) that is 10-13% net money to shareholders soon.
    Return on assets is about 1.5% I think. So that is an extra 26 million a year in profit for us (per year, at the low 10% net) which is about $0.44 per share per year.
    It seems increasingly likely we earn more than $3 per year soon.
    Get in before the estimates go up.
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    I didn't think the GOP could do anything. So a wasn't factoring in tax reform at all to my fair value.
    But ...

    Under Yahoo Financials: BOFI income before taxes in 2017 was 232 M and total income tax was 98M (or 42.24 %).
    That is 10.8% CA Bank income tax plus the 35% top Federal tax rate (on income over 18M) minus whatever breaks they get.
    The corporate rate is now more likely than not to go from 35% to 20%. And a 15% reduction from the $232 M is $35 M tax savings (or a new 27.24% tax rate). Which is about $0.55 per share more income for 2017 (if the reduction had been in place).
    So for for 2017, theoretically the new tax rate would have increased earnings by 26.5% to $2.62. Scaling current analysts estimates similarly would give:
    June 2018 yearly earnings estimate becomes $3.01
    and June 2019 estimate is $3.45.

    At a PE=15 which is conservative. It is less than the bank average of 18. And equal to the current income growth rate of 15% (for a PEG = 1). And that growth rate is currently depressed due to capital investment. That would put
    BOFI's Jun 2017 fair value at about $39.3
    BOFI's Jun 2018 fair value at about $45.1
    BOFI's June 2019 fair value at about $51.7

    And none of that factors in the years of short buying pressure (there won't be a classic rapid squeeze).
    You boys are about to double your money ...
    That means you too Healthy - hang in there.
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    Wired up
    My cost average is 26. This is a 10 hold for me. Best online bank in US.
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    I had no idea how shady and risky this company is. Steer clear. Indy Mac CEO involved. That cost us what- $10 BILLION after they failed? Lending to Chinese nationals who have no US tex returns? Umm...yeah, good luck with this one now.