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  • s
    Looks like when compared head to head to Pfizer’s vaccine, using T-cell activity as the endpoint AZN out performs Pfizer, suggesting it elicits a far greater and more durable immune response, which, potentially, gives it and the patient greater ‘real’ protection against severe disease and variants! Take that shorty!
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    Study using US data compares people with Covid and who got either Moderna or Pfizer (Us does not use Astra at this time).
    Blood Clots with Moderna or Pfizer - 4/Million.
    Blood Clots with Covid - 39/Million.

    Net net, still better to get vaccinated.
  • C
    Read this:
    "The researchers claimed they found the rare blood clotting at a rate of four out of a million people receiving the vaccines from drug company Pfizer and biotech Moderna, but Pfizer disputed that claim. In a statement, Pfizer said its own review of safety data after over 200 million doses have been administered has found no evidence to conclude that arterial or venous thromboembolic events being investigated in the Johnson & Johnson vaccine are a risk associated with its Covid-19 vaccine"

    Note that Pfizer did NOT dispute that there were 4 cases of blood clots per million. They just said their studies showed no risk. But that just means the comparison of the incidence between vaccinated and unvaccinated was not statistically significant, as was AZN's conclusion.

    What we are seeing is the marketing game - jockeying for market share - and it can get quite dirty.

    I think we will find that all vaccines are the same when it comes to the incidence of rare blood clotting issues, and that the problem is caused by vaccinating people who unknowingly had already been exposed to COVID and already unknowingly had antibodies.
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    countries are halting it and stock price goes up, seems like investors have no clue what they are doing
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    Sir Royston
    Czech pm is trying to buy unwanted vaccines from Denmark. Brilliant idea: save thousands of Czech lives while Denmark makes a fuss about a rare blood clot. Good luck Czech, and if you've any leftover just send them to the UK. Death figures almost down to zero here and the beer gardens are buzzing.
  • N
    So... the biotech behind the controversial AZN vaccine is attempting entry to US markets. Not getting my money.
  • G
    never made any investement in this but the 1 years and 5 years chart look really good ?? I am here because Astrazeneca is trending in 2021
  • d
    What rarely gets a mention is that ca. 120 people in a million die in car crashes on their way to their Pfizer or Moderna vaccination! 😂
  • I
    Why is this up on pre-market, despite all the news about their vaccine causing blood cloths?
  • J
    AZN will drop if the U.S. won’t give it emergency approvals. However, this will be a buying opportunity. AZN doesn’t depend on the vaccine, but the market respond to it. I will buy back when AZN hits low 47s.
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    Emmet Scott and SrRoyston at an AZN event
  • C
    If you are reading this then U know AZN about to move swiftly.
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    Sir Royston
    covid deaths in UK yesterday: 20. In Italy: 421. In France: 398. And so it goes for other EU nations. looks like AZN vaccine is saving thousands of lives every day.
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    There is no reason with this stock. I sold all 250 shares after a year. What a bust!

    I’m already recouping in other stocks.

    This thing will still
    Be sitting in 40’s this time next year
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    Sir Royston
    UK government figures just published. Among those who are vaccinated, symptomatic disease reduced by 60%, hospitalisations reduced by 80%. That explains why UK death and infection data is showing massive declines. Next phase of reopening is confirmed for next Monday. Thank you, AZN. Over 31 million vaccinated and thousands of lives saved.
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    You need the next Moderna, same tech but focused on COVI 2 broad vaccines, Booster shots, and Variant specific only vaccines developed in lower first batch run quantity.

    Sektor the Whale

    rmo may calls getting serious lift, Nept

    altu, expc, rtp

    Tbio worth 80.00 or more as is, best scientists, best tech, takeover target.

    Exactly the type Mrs. Wood piles in like buddah told Sekyo about nvta at 18, before the 18 dollar jump in 1 day.

    Tbio jumps like that anyday soon.

  • C
    I think Scotland Yard should be enlisted to trace who is behind the AZN vaccine smear campaign. For example, how did Channel 4 News hear about 30 cases of blood clots out of 18.2 million vaccinated? Are they keeping tally? No, but somebody is, and feeding media with everything negative about AZN (only).
  • j
    I was looking at the chart and AZN really has not moved much even though it is one of 4 companies with a vaccine approved for emergency use albeit there is a hold on its use in many countries. Data show negative outcomes is within normal ranges from what I have read, just like the others. Which brings me to question if AZN is undervalued for its products and pipeline? I was reading about MRNA and apparently AZN has first dips on a few of MRNA development product pipeline signed before the pandemic. Thoughts on whether AZN is undervalued or not. God Bless and stay well.
  • G
    Covid vaccine is NOT the future for AZN. Like most pharma they are not making $$ on the vaccine. Glad we are all jamming our arms with vaccines that were rolled out faster than anything in human history and trusting that our government will protect us. Scariest words ever “the government is here to help”. God help us all. AZN is a long term play not a Covid play or day trade. Look at the divided and basic fundamentals.
  • A
    Plain and simple - AZN is a fail on the COVID front. This is going to turn out to be a big flop for AZN. Just wait 'till you see the quarterly numbers. Keep convincing yourselves that AZN is a great investment - good luck with that.