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    Astra Zeneca rises on positive analysis from investment banks (Finwire)
    2020-11-30 13:03
    Pharmaceutical giant Astra Zeneca rises almost 1.4 percent on the stock exchange after positive analyzes from Cowen and UBS with higher target prices.

    According to Bloomberg News, the analyst in charge at investment bank Cowen believes that Astra Zeneca is a top pick in the pharmaceutical sector with good growth prospects.

    Cowen is of the opinion that Astra Zeneca offers first-class growth, which justifies the high valuation. It points to a momentum for pharmaceutical products as well as productivity when it comes to research and development.

    Furthermore, Astra Zeneca has relatively low exposure to the US, which makes the company less vulnerable to potential reforms there. This at the same time as the pharmaceutical giant has significant exposure to emerging markets.

    At the same time, UBS chooses to raise its recommendation to neutral from sales, after the price has dropped significantly in the wake of the interim results from the corona vaccine. The target price is raised to 95 British pounds (73).

    Carl Becht
    News agency Finwire
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    Crusher 4 U
    FDA needs 50-55% efficacy , AZN at a minimum has 70%, it does not cost much, easy to store. But AZN agreed to sell at very discounted price, so not much profit. But this could impact MRNA and Pfizer/BNTX revenue very quickly.
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    Crusher 4 U
    MRNA and Pfizer/BNTX vaccine does not prevent from spreading, AZN's vaccine does prevent from spreading.
    Because mRNA vaccines spread the virus, so federal agencies should think about it before they start buying from tax payers money.
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    The world need billions of vaccines now, we need them easier to store and to distribute. No all countries can afford a $30 dollars vaccines for everybody, a 60%+ vaccine is better than no vaccine, maybe no the US but many other countries will approve the AZN vaccine with the current results, it still will save thousands of lives. Apparently, UK is moving forward and may approve AZN vaccine. Who knows, AZN may ended up having even a higher efficiency rate, the trial is not done, but they have enough information to confirm is at least 60% effective which is comparable with the current flu vaccines.
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    Astra Zenecas Forxiga approved in Japan (Finwire)
    2020-11-30 08:57
    The pharmaceutical giant Astra Zeneca's drug Forxiga, an SGLT2 inhibitor, is approved in Japan for chronic heart failure with reduced ejection fraction in adult patients with and without type 2 diabetes. It appears from a press release.

    The drug has previously been approved in the United States and Europe for this treatment.

    Carl Becht
    News agency Finwire
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    Thailand orders 26 million doses of Astra Zeneca's corona vaccine (Finwire)
    2020-11-27 12:57
    Thailand has signed agreements for 26 million doses of the corona vaccine developed by Astra Zeneca and the University of Oxford. Deliveries are expected to take place in mid-2021, according to a press release.

    As two doses must be taken per person, it is a matter of Thailand buying vaccines for 13 of its approximately 69 million inhabitants.

    In October, Thailand also signed an agreement to allow domestic Siam Bioscience to manufacture the vaccine at its own factory. The goal is to get this started by the summer.

    Reno Santic
    News agency Finwire
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    Keeping AZN for sometime. This stock sooner or later will jump because of its vaccine.

    Article extract:
    SII Chief Executive Adar Poonawalla praised the efficiency of AstraZeneca’s vaccine, called Covishield, during an online press briefing on Saturday, Reuters has reported.
    “What we found with Covishield in its global trial is there were zero hospitalizations, which means even if you do get infected you’re not going to have a severe attack and secondly even those who got the disease were not infecting others,” he explained during the call.
    Serum Institute of India (SII), which has partnered with Novavax, Inc (NASDAQ: NVAX) and AstraZeneca Plc (NYSE: AZN) for trials in India, believes the latter's COVID-19 vaccine is "a very good one."What Happened: SII Chief Executive Adar Poonawalla p
    Serum Institute of India (SII), which has partnered with Novavax, Inc (NASDAQ: NVAX) and AstraZeneca Plc (NYSE: AZN) for trials in India, believes the latter's COVID-19 vaccine is "a very good one."What Happened: SII Chief Executive Adar Poonawalla p
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    Gary R.N.
    As a Nurse I have seen for years, years there are many medications for conditions of both pain & inflammation.
    As such the Physicians and public will welcome several brands of Vaccine.(PFZ, AZN. MRNA ect, ect)
    All working in different ways & require different storage.
    All are welcome (Some more welcome then others).
    From Gary RN
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    i prefer the 90%+ effective vaccine ... hopefully i have a choice when it is time for me to get my shot. as for azn, i think it is a good option for 3rd world countries ...without the advanced infrastructure to support cold-store distribution. so azn drug will have its role to play ..
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    San Diego Mike
    Back in 1928, scientist Alexander Fleming was studying influenza in the U.K.

    On returning back to the lab after a 2 week vacation he found that one of his lab technicians had accidentally left out a bacterial culture plate.

    On closer inspection he noticed a mold had formed and that mold was impeding the growth of the bacteria.

    Thus was the serendipitous discovery of penicillin, a powerful new form of antibody that would eventually save millions of lives.

    Serendipity is once again a factor in scientific discovery.

    Recently during clinical trials of the University of Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine, researchers noticed a pattern of one group of participants in the U.K. having remarkably less severe reaction after the initial shot.

    Not only that they found that after the second shot this group had a higher efficiency rate on combating the virus.

    Looking back they found this group had mistakenly received a half strength dose on the first shot.

    Scientists are perplexed on why the vaccine is much more effective in this half dose with a 1 full dose regimen than 2 full doses.

    Some theorize that the half strength dose gently primes the antibodies, making the second shot more effective. A more natural response.

    Not only will the vaccine be more efficient now, but when you take in account that worldwide, 100s of million vaccines has to be administered, this discovery will significantly decrease the amount of the vaccine needed.

    Got to love serendipity.
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    azn will sell coronavirus vaccines very cheaply. It is very good for poor countries especially. so frankly the profit from it to azn would be very limited. The stock price will not jump much, however $60 should be reached soon.
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    3 stock for dec 2020 PFE AZN MRNA
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    Crusher 4 U
    Just invested in AZN on Friday in 6 digit figure, this is one of the highest bid I made on a medical stock after CDMO (PPHM) where I lost most of it.
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    November 28, 2020
    “Coronavirus | ‘Covishield’ vaccine volunteer sues Serum Institute of India, Oxford Group over ‘adverse reaction’”
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    I find it incredulous that AZ would dispense 2,741 doses before realizing they at a half dose. Weather or not a half dose turns out to be more effective is not the issue. It makes it a flawed study. It’s not the same as inadvertently leaving a petri dish out for two weeks. This must be a warp speed error.

    I am a long time AZ stockholder and to believe that everyone, not just AZ stockholders, are rooting for all the companies with regards to bringing a successful vaccine to the people.

    Hopefully the review board will be able to make/use the data without significantly delaying approval.
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    Take 10minutes to Check out NVAX, p3 data in a few weeks
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    Novavax ( NVAX) up 25% today as this Best in class is beating Moderna in efficacy and stores in your refrigerator
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    Wait for pullback. This company is not out of race. It’s actually quite popular in UK and EU for that matter . Will sell over a billion doses
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    70% a far cry from the 94% claimed and then discovered error in dosing in trials.
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    The markets open tomorrow, so lets see how the street reacts to the news....