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    What's up with that
    First off I am not a hater of AZN. But IMHO the roll-out of the vaccine, starting with the trial results, was just amateurish for one of the largest pharma companies. Having introduce many medical devices over the years, albeit not a vaccine, I learned quickly first impressions are reality. Especially in a market that was all ready skeptical of vaccines in general. When it wasn’t clear during the trail results of which doses produced the most favorable results I smelled trouble. It’s unfortunate. But like others have already stated this is a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of things for this company. However it may be beneficial to review lessons learned.
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    Buy the rumours sell the facts... It has been officially announced that EU commission has discontinued AZN collaboration and decided to cancel all remaining orders due to ongoing investigations... my choice goes with Moderna, which was recently recognised as worlds most efficient vaccination against COVID-19, Source: World Heath Organisation: International Vaccination Commission
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    This has been an extremely disappointing COVID-19 play. Especially when compared to MRNA, NVAX and BNTX. Happy I sold off last August.
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    Plenty of negative people in this comment section have been put to bed following the latest earnings.

    What a great quarter results. Future looking very positive.
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    COVID-19 vaccine dose numbers by top manufacturer 2021
    Published by Matej Mikulic, Apr 14, 2021
    As of March 9, 2021, there were pre-purchase agreements for over three billion doses of AstraZeneca/Oxford's vaccine. This vaccine is by far the most sought after COVID-19 vaccine, especially due to its ability to be stored at normal refrigerator temperatures, while other vaccines might need ultra cold storage. Although still in phase III of clinical trials and without approval, Novavax's vaccine is the one with the second highest number of orders worldwide.
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    Held this stock for so long and not gonna sell now that it has started moving finally. Great fundamentals, pipeline and lets not forget the dividend.
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    and let’s not forget that ALXN, the newly acquired immunology biotech, also had blow out earnings beating by 14% on both top and bottom lines despite higher R&D and G&A costs. Once these two merge the growth will be astronomical in the coming 10 years. AZN will be on par with MRK and BMY in terms of revenue. $200 billion or more in cap is very likely.
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    E A
    Oppenheimer thinks ALXN is undervalued - they raised to Outperform from Perform and have a new price target of $205.

    That’s $30 above the price calculated for ALXN back in November when the AZN deal was announced at (AZN * 2.1243) + $60 which was roughly $175...
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    AZN is more than a COVID vaccine company - COVID is a drop in the ocean when it comes to AZN - AZN initial rounds of vaccine were at cost anyway. COVID shots will be here for easy 3-5 yrs solid as well - AZN will also increase pricing and profit from that cause it’s needed and low temperature storage makes practical world wide
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    Sir Royston
    Positive earnings report, and a bumper year anticipated. Buckle up, people
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    AstraZeneca Pharma India Limited (AZPIL) is the operating company and covers manufacturing, sales and marketing activities of the company in India. It is a listed company and is a subsidiary of AstraZeneca Plc, UK.
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    Sir Royston
    The way this is rising, I reckon many investors are predicting a bumper earnings report. Maybe another 5% still to come.
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    T T
    I bought this at 60$ on July last year Bc I though AZN would be the leader!
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    E A
    Is AZN going to have to raise their offer for ALXN?
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    Looks like when compared head to head to Pfizer’s vaccine, using T-cell activity as the endpoint AZN out performs Pfizer, suggesting it elicits a far greater and more durable immune response, which, potentially, gives it and the patient greater ‘real’ protection against severe disease and variants! Take that shorty!
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    OMG!!! About time this moves in a positive direction
  • C
    Read this:
    "The researchers claimed they found the rare blood clotting at a rate of four out of a million people receiving the vaccines from drug company Pfizer and biotech Moderna, but Pfizer disputed that claim. In a statement, Pfizer said its own review of safety data after over 200 million doses have been administered has found no evidence to conclude that arterial or venous thromboembolic events being investigated in the Johnson & Johnson vaccine are a risk associated with its Covid-19 vaccine"

    Note that Pfizer did NOT dispute that there were 4 cases of blood clots per million. They just said their studies showed no risk. But that just means the comparison of the incidence between vaccinated and unvaccinated was not statistically significant, as was AZN's conclusion.

    What we are seeing is the marketing game - jockeying for market share - and it can get quite dirty.

    I think we will find that all vaccines are the same when it comes to the incidence of rare blood clotting issues, and that the problem is caused by vaccinating people who unknowingly had already been exposed to COVID and already unknowingly had antibodies.
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    Sir Royston
    I'm planning to hold on to my bag of AZN for another 2 years at least, can't see it going down again, apart from the inevitable mini dip.
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    Is that price for AstraZeneca stock in US dollars? $7,715?
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    60 million AZN Covid vaccines being sent to other countries; Earnings on the 4/30 : One of the 430 "strong buys" on TdAmeritrade. This stock should be at least $ 58.00 by next friday !!!