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  • D
    G.S. was fined 3 times within 1 year in Korea for illegal short selling, G.S. placed a short sell order via Seoul branch for 350 stocks (per Apr 9, 2019 article by Jhoo #$%$chan, Korea).It seems sad that Korea does a better job of policing their stock market than the SEC on U.S. stocks. I've filed a couple complaints with SEC regarding short selling, hiding trades from public in dark pools, etc., but SEC Dir is former Goldman Sachs employee, so afraid it is like spitting into the wind. The above issues have been raised with Senate banking committee members sites (Sen. Warren, Shelby?.). I saw comment on SEC site requesting banning short sales in 2004, but too profitable for big brokers, so selling fake/unowned shares (shorting) still continues 17 years later.
  • M
    Just when you think it is safe to go back in the water, this stock takes another dive lower
  • K
    Stock is broken now and I am in big pain with January option calls with strike price $200. Lord have mercy on me.
  • J
    Wells Fargo says Boeing is a great buy and Stephanie Link says China 737 MAX approval news coming soon. Add BA at these levels or regret it later..
    Boeing reiterated Top Idea at Wells Fargo
  • H
    Happy Guy
    "RIYADH: Qatar Airways has placed an order with Boeing for nearly 50 freighter planes amid its dispute with Airbus, Bloomberg reported citing the chief executive officer of the Gulf carrier. "
  • l
    180 Told yall - here comes 150
  • I
    Boeing Co (NYSE: BA) was named a top idea at Wells Fargo Tuesday. The firm reiterated its Overweight rating and $272 price target.
    Hightower Advisors' Stephanie Link agreed with Wells Fargo's assessment and plans to continue to hold the stock.
    "I do think there's value there," Link said on CNBC's "Fast Money Halftime Report."
  • r
    Is Airbus a350 flaw good for Boeing's business
  • G
    GP or Bust
    Wouldn't it be cool if Omicron turned out to be the mild case everyone gets, survives, and thence on are immune to all the variants of Covid-19. There is no evidence of that whatsoever; just wishful thinking.
  • I
    the Bullish Report on The Boeing Co.
  • T
    Any idea when Boeing, the airliners and other reopening stocks will bottom out? Perhaps this might help. Bottom might come when the full import and ramifications of Omicron have been well understood, say next two to three weeks. Yes, when the full effect of the strategic actions and global collaboration to crash oil price to affordable level has been fully transmitted and established in the marketplace. Yes, two to three weeks might be needed to ensure oil price lowers sufficiently and remain at decent level. What a strategy in action! While there’s no doubt about the authenticity of the original COVID and usefulness of vaccines in combating epidemics, COVID has unfortunately become a tool and platform for pursuing and realizing all shades of strategic intents nowadays. This is not good for public confidence in governance and science. No doubts, new COVID variants (alpha, beta, delta, epsilon, lamda, omicron, only heaven knows what next, will continue to emerge as long as the powers that be have another strategic agenda to achieve.
  • J
    Qatar Airways Chief Executive Officer Akbar Al Baker has said his airline is close to placing an order for as many as 50 Boeing 777X freighters.

    The airline has 60 of the 777X passenger variant on order and may well swap some of those for the freighter model.

    Speaking in London at the UK Aviation Press Club and reported by Bloomberg Mr. Al Baker expressed concerns over copper foil used as a lightning-conductor on the competing A350’s fuselage which is causing paint peeling.
  • L
    It’s not about virus. Boeing is not able to make products to sell. I can’t believe a company who is in the business for 100 years struggling to get the door fixed. They are not able to secure China approval yet. Unfortunately this comprises biggest chunk of my portfolio and I have been bag holder from last 2 years. I have loss trust in this company and management.
  • r
    Nothing of consequence—-international air travel is being locked down. Keep buying.
  • I
    LONDON/PARIS (Reuters) -The head of Qatar Airways on Tuesday called on Airbus to admit that it had a problem with flaws on the surface of its A350 jets and ruled out buying freighter planes from the European company, effectively handing a potential deal to rival Boeing.
  • D
    A simply will not stay much lower with such a low market cap. Priced less than RIVN and EV truck maker with 0 sales.
  • B
    $NVDA conversation
    What happened here? Fed gave news we all knew at the worst time possible. They cannot say anything else we don't already know. We will get a boost. We will get another slump once Omnicron is first diagnosed in the USA. When this happens remember, we all knew this was coming. Everyone knows it is coming and will cause a small skid like today.

    Once that happens, and Omnicron has been accepted as here and now, December - January will be the promised land! Big bump with a nice Santa Clause rally, shedding all this FUD everyone already knew was coming.

    Don't sell good companies because everyone else panics.
    In January - May we will be so glad we held!
  • l
    Symptoms from omicron are very mild, infected people don’t need to be admitted to the hospital which the market will rise especially travel and pleasure stocks
  • M
    Boeing has to many problems. Their planes are no longer safe. I see them struggling for many years to come, not only due to COVID but management has made so many mistakes and they were able to keep their jobs...great to have board meetings, you get paid for not making any meaningful changes. This is heading to $80 guaranteed.
  • J
    Last night Jin posted on the DIS board (Disney)

    Going to 200 !!!

    lol, another poster replied not a chance.