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    Daniel 777
    If u read the whole thing , they telling u this is expected and not serious issue "For that reason, it is inevitable that at some time in the future, a Boeing 737 MAX will turn back to its originating airport, divert, or land at its destination with an actual or suspected in-flight problem," he said.
    The FAA evaluates all events involving a U.S. airline, he said at the time, adding: "It’s very important to differentiate between these routine events that happen with any aircraft and the acute safety issues that led to the loss of lives and grounding of the MAX.”
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    Boeing upped to Buy at Canaccord on MAX return, improving fundamentals
    Mar. 05, 2021 8:37 AM ETThe Boeing Company (BA)By: Carl Surran, SA News Editor3 Comments
    Boeing (NYSE:BA) +0.8% pre-market as Canaccord upgrades shares to Buy from Hold with a $275 price target, hiked from $200, seeing further upside ahead despite the stock's strong rise from March 2020 lows.
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    (Reuters) - Boeing Co-backed supersonic jet maker Aerion said on Wednesday Berkshire Hathaway's private aircraft firm, NetJets, has obtained purchase rights to 20 of its AS2 business jets.

    The AS2 will be powered by engineered synthetic fuel and can reach supersonic speeds of up to Mach 1.4, or about 1,000 miles (1,610 km) per hour, which is 150% faster than conventional business jets, Aerion said.

    Production of the jets will begin in 2023 at the firm's Aerion Park facility in Florida, with the first 300 AS2 aircraft planned for the first decade of production, the company said.

    Aerion's global order backlog for the AS2 is now valued at more than $10 billion.

    The company said it will also develop a supersonic flight training academy for civil, commercial, and military supersonic aircraft in collaboration with Berkshire's professional aviation training provider, FlightSafety International.
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    Canaccord analyst Ken Herbert cites the 737 MAX's return to service; an improved outlook for the travel and airline recovery, which will correspond with a positive inflection in the aerospace cycle; and the stabilization in the outlook for widebody planes.
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    United Airlines prepares to replace aging jets and meet expected post-pandemic growth in demand, the company said on Monday.

    U.S. airlines have parked and retired aircraft as the coronavirus pandemic sapped demand but are beginning to position their business for a recovery as more vaccines are distributed across the country and globally.

    "With a number of our aircraft nearing the end of their lifecycle and the growth opportunities that we know will exist in the COVID-19 recovery period, this agreement will help us to grow as demand returns," Chief Commercial Officer Andrew Nocella said in a memo.

    In addition to the new Boeing order, United said it has moved up delivery of 40 previously ordered MAX aircraft to 2022 and 5 to 2023, meaning it will have 94 new aircraft in its fleet over those two years.
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    The Boeing 737max factory in Renton WA is busy again. I can tell that by looking at it’s parking lot which is full of cars and new built planes! Much busier than a few months ago!
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    BOEING stock is going to SOAR with this pent-up travel demand. Get ready!!!! $400 isn't that far away.
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    Airlines better buy soon to lock in low rate financing. If not they will wish they had done so.
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    "Yahoo Finance
    Seniors are rushing to get back on planes: Morning Brief
    Myles Udland
    Myles Udland·Markets Reporter
    Fri, March 5, 2021, 6:01 AM·4 min read

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    Friday, March 5, 2021

    Vaccinations are having the biggest impact on airlines.
    As we noted on Thursday, investors are fully onboard the re-opening train.

    But these trades aren't only anticipating what might happen when the masses are vaccinated and the economy is fully re-opened — they are also responding to real-time changes in data.

    In a note to clients published Thursday, economists at Bank of America Global Research led by Michelle Meyer flagged the massive surge in spending on airlines the firm is seeing from its Bank of America cardholders who are most likely to be vaccinated.

    And this chart makes clear that it seems there is one thing people are most inclined to do once they get the vaccine: fly.

    Consumers between ages 72-92 have dramatically ramped up their airline spending after COVID vaccines became available, a sign of how quickly consumer habits are liable to change once people feel safe to resume a wide range of activities. (Source: Bank of America Global Research)
    Consumers between ages 73-92 have dramatically ramped up their airline spending after COVID vaccines became available, a sign of how quickly consumer habits are liable to change once people feel safe to resume a wide range of activities. (Source: Bank of America Global Research)
    "We focus on spending trends amongst traditionalists which are aged 73-92 and are therefore most likely to have received the COVID vaccine," Bank of America writes. "In particular, spending on airfare surged for traditionalists as compared to other generations — [the chart above] shows the indexed level of average spending by cohort to June 2020; traditionalists spending is now 4X the level in June."

    The firm adds: "We do not see the same [spending] pattern for lodging which may suggest that traditionalists are traveling to see family rather than take vacations. Spending at restaurants and bars increased modestly for this cohort recently relative to other age cohorts but there was little difference in brick & mortar retail spend."

    All of which sounds like great news for airlines. The market, of course, has anticipated some of the specific trends that will play out as the economy re-opens with air travel being one of them. And while airline stocks were caught up in Thursday's sell-off, shares of major U.S. airlines like United (UAL), American (AAL), and Delta (DAL) are just a few percentage points off their 52-week highs.

    Bank of America's report, then, serves as confirmation of what investors have expected from consumer behavior as the economy re-opens. And whether Millennials start hopping on planes with the enthusiasm of their grandparents once their turn to get a vaccine is up remains to be seen.

    One imagines that this cohort might change its behavior to a slightly more muted degree given the elevated risk COVID infections pose to the elderly. Then again, if there is a place consumers tend to draw the line on which risks they are willing to take during the pandemic, air travel is a popular one.

    The big takeaway from this data, however, is that as we move into the second quarter things will move quickly. The rapid ramp in airline spending BofA sees in its data won't be the only economic activity chart that soars up and to the right. And this chart may serve as a harbinger of how fast behaviors change once people are vaccinated and give themselves the all clear.

    By Myles Udland, reporter and anchor for Yahoo Finance Live. Follow him at @MylesUdland"
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    Boeing CEO made $22,000,000 salary in 2020 as the stock went from $460 to $80
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    Shares of Boeing (NYSE: BA) climbed as much as 7% on Monday after the company received a new order for its troubled 737 MAX and got a price-target boost on Wall Street. Boeing is still in recovery mode following the issues with the MAX and the pandemic, but the company appears to be headed in the right direction. It's been a rough year for Boeing shareholders, with the stock down 18% over the past year as the company deals with a pair of deadly 737 MAX accidents and then lower demand for new airplanes because of the pandemic.
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    March 1, 2021, 8:00 a.m. ET
    United Airlines said on Monday that it was adding 25 planes to its order for Boeing’s 737 Max jet, bringing its total to 180 in the coming years, and that it had sped up the delivery timeline as it seeks to position itself for the expected recovery in travel.

    The expanded order is the latest show of confidence in the plane, which has just begun to fly again after two crashes led to a worldwide grounding for almost two years. It is also good news for Boeing, which is working to move past the Max crisis and, more recently, engine troubles aboard some of its 777 planes.

    “These new aircraft are going to allow us to be more competitive,” said Andrew Nocella, United’s chief commercial officer. “It’s the right aircraft at the right time.”
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    Surprising that everyone is getting their knickers in a knot over the emergency landing. The four billion in new debt is much bigger news. What is the interest rate? How much longer will it make the company profitable again?
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    Boeing also got a boost from Wall Street, with Morgan Stanley analyst Kristine Liwag raising her price target on the stock to $250 from $230.
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    Once BA breaks strong Resistance at $240 and holds, this baby is going to fly nicely.
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    BOEING (and DIS) will be the hottest stocks on Wall St in April. Winter ends in 2 weeks.
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    Today’s sell off was healthy for BA.... now the momentum for a push over 250$ is really building!
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    The entire market is bloated, and BA is overpriced here. It should be selling for less than $200, closer to $150/sh, It cannot recover until airlines start flying their inventory of parked aircraft and can afford to buy more planes. That's 2022. Then, when BA starts to sell adequate numbers of planes in 2023 or so, it will have to do it under a higher debt burden. We are years, not months, away from BA being able to justify the current price. 2024? I can't see them reinstating a dividend for maybe five years. In the meantime, smart investors will buy something else.
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    Almost 1.2. Million people passed tsa yesterday by end of March we will have days over 1.5 million may will be back over 2 million ba will be over $350 .this week look for the delivery of plans in February let’s see if we can beat the delivery of January of 26 plans I think a# over 30 will take us over $250 this week.own this don’t trade it one day you will be left behind big time
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    TSA checkpoint travel numbers for yesterday: 1,167,551

    Growing every day like BA! more and more countries are lifting restrictions. Get ready for some wealth if you are heavily invested in Boeing.