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    Basically if you read the article with very negative head line…

    i believe this was a strong positive..

    Late last week, Boeing submitted service bulletins advising airlines on how to fix the problems with grounding, or the electrical paths designed to maintain safety in the event of a surge of voltage, the two people said.
    The FAA has approved the service bulletins but then, in ongoing discussions with Boeing, asked for additional analysis over whether other jet subsystems would be affected by the grounding issue, one of the sources said. The FAA will review Boeing’s analysis and any necessary revisions to the service bulletins before they can be sent to airlines.
    Boeing has proposed adding a bonding strap or cable that workers screw onto two different surfaces creating a grounding path, two people said. Boeing had initially told airlines a fix could take hours or a few days per jet.
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    Magma Aviation is adding an extra Boeing B747 freighter aircraft to its fleet in response to growing demand.

    The UK-based freighter manager has partnered with Plus Logistics Solutions Limited on the B747-400F, which increases its fleet to five all-cargo aircraft.

    It is the second freighter that Magma has added to its fleet in the last 12 months – in August last year sister company AviaAM Leasing purchased a B747-400F for the airline to use.
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    Once 737 issue fixed - MOMO will flip and resume bull run as we enter summer travel. Travel bookings are through the roof
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    Alaska completely out of rental cars and ATVs. Rooms tight if nonexistant. Summer is going to BOOOOOOOOM. Airlines and Boeing right behind.
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    get ready to jump next couple of weeks ahead. $288 is in place. that's a bullish trend.
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    It's not really ridiculous price action, it's fairly predictable. BA is going to remain under selling pressure as long as this Max electrical issue drags on. That's really the fundamental short-term thing right now that has the market more and more spooked. When the issue was first announced, it came with all kinds of reassurances from analysts and airlines that this was expected to be a short-term nothing-burger. A month has gone by without an approved fix. There will be a fix, no doubt of that, but every day this drags on gets the market more and more concerned about how much longer it will go on. Boeing can't deliver any Max aircraft until the fix is in, and that means that spigot of revenue has been shut off for a whole month now. That doesn't spell pretty things for April reporting, so what you're seeing now is the market pricing in very low delivery numbers. And now we're a week into May without a fix, so the market is pressuring BA stock into ranges that would reflect a significant hit to May deliveries as well. Once the service bulletins are out and BA can resume Max deliveries, the stock price will turn around, but until then, you're not going to see any kind of significant improvement in price. Ultimately, the situation has created a nice buying opportunity, but if you buy now, don't be surprised if the price continues to drift downward until the electrical fix is approved by the FAA.
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    Boeing is a injured Cobra but getting ready to rule!! BA is great US iconic company. BA can not be locked down for too long. All those who believe in US technological might know it.
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    The Panamanian carrier Copa Airlines is renewing its fleet and plans to increase its Boeing 737 MAX 9 fleet to 15 units before the year ends. At the same time, Copa has been actively retiring and selling its older airplanes, as described by the airline’s management today during the 2021’s first-quarter results investors call
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    Expedia beats estimates with travel demand ‘roaring back’!!
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    I think we hit rock bottom @230 SP , this stock is so under valued with great potentials to double within a year, The 737 Max electrical problems are easy fix, should be done within two weeks tops, covid vaccine is underway in a good speed worldwide and international travel will be in full swing within a few months
    I am long if you are too hit the thumps up, GLTA
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    Dear BA: The skies weren’t quite the same without all those planes. Glad this pandemic is waning. Wishing you all health and wealth.
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    Electric problem is not a big deal. That’s why it’s up today.
    Soon you’ll know.
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    BA is my largest holding. Waiting patiently for the orders to start rolling in.
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    Bought lots at $228. Just more money in the bank for the Dak's!
  • s
    did China place an order?
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    The earlier start for the Boeing planes was possible as they had already been manufactured for other airlines that could not take delivery because of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the travel industry.

    Lufthansa said the new aircraft will consume about 2.5 liters of jet fuel per passenger and 100 kilometers flown, about 30 percent less than many current as well as previously operated long-haul aircraft models.
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    Lufthansa Group has announced that it will purchase additional Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 aircraft.

    On Monday, the German airline group’s management confirmed that it has received authorization from the Supervisory Board to exercise options and increase the outstanding orders for both types. The announcement includes five new Airbus A350-900 orders and a purchase agreement for five already built Boeing 787-9.
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    Lam coco and rest of you shorts. No need to panic I have shares at 290 for you to cover. Come and get them. Another full weekend of mass vaccinations lol. Nothing but good news for Monday
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    Johnn? Johnn? aren't you supposed to say something like it will be red by closing.. or something about how much it has dropped in the last 3 months? Or 5 years? or something.
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    Buy now, next Earnings Report will send BA to the MOON.