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    A patient investor could realize huge gains in Alibaba stock. Alibaba stock is still worth about 150% more than its current price.
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    Anyone who is saying this will go lower or this is a dead cat bounce is unfamiliar with the fundamentals of BABA, the movement in HK, and general stock market knowledge.

    The reason the stock tanked is because of its movements with NADAQ, as this stock is common with institutional investors who create indexes using BABA as one of their stocks in the index/the portfolio. The movement in HK over the past 2 days has been absolutely excelling, despite the HK index dropping, BABA retained and only dropped by a few % points in comparison. Capital inflow to CHINA will be huge, whether you like CHINA or not. We are here to make money, for the thrill, and for the ride.

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    Seriously Exchange rates this thing is trading in higher PPS to USD.
    If we can hold that 228 as a short term bottom/ 🐜 News digital currency news/oversold territory/ low beta/PE multiples non-adherent to EPS to cloud Bussiness
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    Alibaba represents one of the highest quality (though speculative) hyper-growth blue-chips you can buy today. It began the tech pullback highly undervalued and is now 42% undervalued.

    Post earnings, when management updated analysts on regulatory risks, the LT growth consensus from all 59 analysts went up from 22.3% to 26.0% CAGR. The growth outlook has improved.

    Yet BABA is now trading at some of the lowest valuations in its history, resulting in 27% CAGR consensus return potential through 2027, and 6X the risk-adjusted expected returns of the S&P 500 for the next five years.

    Thanks to the potential to become one of the best dividend growth blue-chips of tomorrow, I've invested almost $50,000 into BABA, and am willing to invest up to $100K if it keeps falling in the short term. For those comfortable with the complex risk profile of this company, and who use proper diversification and prudent risk management, BABA represents a potentially life-changing and rich retirement dream-making long-term investment opportunity.
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    I'm glad I took some profit to buy nio. I love Alibaba and if someone asked me nio or alibaba and they wanted a safe bet. I'd say Alibaba. But I knew NIO would have roi bigger and better. I do believe alibaba is heavily undervalued, I would have to say THIS is one of the most undervalued stocks I have ever seen my entire life. I decided to take some profit from nio to add some back to baba and nio for my long term position. So I did average up on both companies with the profit. The market movement from baba and nio were due to being dragged down by the U.S stock market imo. Both companies performed very well and I love baba I cannot stress how bullish I am and how either baba has to go up or amazon has to come down. I don't regret the trade I made because Alibaba always gets a bad rap from wallstreet regardless of how well they perform. Within the next 4 years baba will move up maybe even double. I am happy with the profit I've made this week.
    Thank you. I hope no one sold and bought back in at a loss.
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    keep saying baba has political risk, if ccp says smth 1 or 2 stock will take a hit, how about america? rising 10 year rates and powell make a speech whole market red for weeks. who has more risk? if this happens in china i bet the ccp will immediately say they will commence buying back bonds until rates decrease thats how they roll, they want stability. so still wanna bash china?
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    Chairman of Alibaba’s Ant Group insists IPO is still on the cards

    Published: March 2, 2021 at 4:02 p.m. ET

    The head of the Chinese fintech company Ant Group, which was prevented from listing in November by the country’s central bank, said in a memo to employees seen by The Wall Street Journal that the company will “certainly” become public.
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    This is painful, my portfolio has been wiped 25% in a matter of a couple weeks with great stocks. Hoping for a better day on Monday, Longs. We will recover , buy when the market is fearful ! $APPL $TSLA $AVGO $AMZN $MSFT $NVDA $PYPL $SQ $BABA
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    Mad Max
    BABA's story remains unchanged. Under-valued, great potential, cloud, the list goes on and on. Story hasn't changed since it's IPO and it's only +10% since it's 2018 high. Again proving a great company doesn't mean a great investment.
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    big green monday.
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    Captain Hairpiece
    I held this from IPO @120 all the way down to $60. I believed in BABA then, and doubled down. Continued to add when it started going up. It was a much, much smaller company then, Ant was nothing, and I could go on. Not bailing here, and added more. Could test $222 and that would mark the Ant IPO debacle and MA getting "kidnapped". Making way more now, Ant will go IPO, and Ma is back. BIG buying opportunity.
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    Buy-and-hold investors should consider this highly undervalued stock for the coming weeks and months.
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    Chinaman skin cat in China
    Great company but being held down by usa politicians and communist politicians . That may or may not change . Or may change a certain degree. In any case a long process and the stock pays no dividend .
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    One of the biggest-ever revamps for Hong Kong's benchmark Hang Seng Index will benefit the likes of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and Xiaomi Corp. while some current heavyweights could face selling pressure, say analysts and fund managers. The wide-ranging overhauls to the gauge include increasing the number of constituents to 80 and limiting a stock's weighting to 8%, Hang Seng Indexes Co. said in a statement on Monday. The revamp also shortens the listing history requirement for a company to be included. Implementation of the changes will begin as early as the May index review and go through mid-2022.Hang Seng to Boost Index Members to 80 in Biggest Makeover (2)Winners Firms that are secondary-listed or carry unequal voting rights, including Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., Xiaomi Corp. and Meituan, will no longer be limited to 5% weightings on the index. Consumer and health-care related stocks would see their sector weightings increase by 4 percentage points and 3 percentage points respectively at the expense of the financial sector, according to a research note by Goldman Sachs strategists including Si Hang. The revamp is seen as good news for ETF providers, as more funds are expected to be lured to track the index. Goldman expects passive funds tracking the gauge to grow to $25 billion from the current $20 billion, providing scope to bring additional inflows to all the index constituents. A more diversified membership and a higher weight of new-economy stocks will help the index performance as a whole, according to fund managers. As more new-economy firms join, the index is likely to test the level of 40,000 in the future, said Paul Pong, managing director at Pegasus Fund Managers Ltd. Losers Under the new weighting cap, stocks that currently have a larger presence on the index could face redemptions by the passive funds, which could affect Tencent Holdings Ltd., AIA Group Ltd. and HSBC Holdings Plc., according to CGS-CIMB Securities International Pte and Everbright Sun Hung Kai Co. Tencent could also potentially be pressured as the index opens up to more Chinese technology firms, according to Pegasus Fund Managers Paul Pong, given that newly listed companies such as Kuaishou Technology and JD Health International Inc. could win inclusion at a faster pace than before under the new requirement of 3 months of listing history. Hong Kong's local firms face a battle to preserve their weight in the index, with their number to be evaluated at least every two years. Goldman Sachs says the aggregate weighting of local firms could fall from 40% to 32%, as mainland firms weighting increases. Potential deletions include Bank Of Communications Co., China Life Insurance Co., WH Group and Hengan International Group, according to Smart karma. The biggest losers probably would be in finance or banking sectors, as they are the heaviest constituent stocks in Hang Seng index now, said Edison Pun, senior market analyst at Saxo Markets Hong Kong. With the adjustment, their importance would be greatly reduced.
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    Debating selling my position in BABA. The company looks outstanding on paper. Incredibly diversified as a major player in just about everything it touches. Financials look amazing and the stock is severely beat down and undervalued....but I'm no longer sure I want to hold out for the political issues to play out in China on an already risky play. These days it's just tying up funds that can be generating gains.
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    An interesting article on what might be causing BaBAs weakness. BABA generates a majority of profit margin from its acquisitions so if this slows, so do its margins in medium/long term. On plus side, BABA will be spending less which would help margins short term.
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    Anyone else thinking about buying Jan 2023 LEAP Calls (in the money) to get some leverage on this. Seems like asymmetric risk if you ask me (cannot go too much lower but has SUCH a huge upside).
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    Julius Caesar - Renaissance
    On a price to sales ratio and PE basis Alibaba is trading near it's all time lows, while the market has a sell off.
    Cheap can become cheaper.
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    Ark bought JD today, so maybe the China concern is slowing ... Baba is caught up in the tech sell-off as buyers are paying more attention to valuation -this actually helps Baba somewhat as they are undervalued ... but util we get some clarity on biz direction (ANT), us longs are going to have to begin most of our days over the near-term with a shot of whiskey ... long-run, we will be fine ... JMHO!
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    It is a good sign BABA showing strength in this bear market. HODL!