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Alibaba Group Holding Limited (BABAF)

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  • B
    Billy Bob
    This is one of those 10x stories that I’ve only ever read about in books. I’m young, 24. But want to retire by 40. This is the start to my first mil. This time it’s by calculation, not intuition. These opportunities don’t present themselves often. You’ve been informed.
  • A
    This stock, if compared to Amazon's PE, should be trading at $495.
  • T
    Steven Romick adds 4.9 million $BABA shares in Q3 an increase of 730%. While reducing holdings in many American companies.

    The amateur shorts have been warned.
  • P
    The strength of this is amazing. What a difference compared to the walk down. Now it Can lose some gains from earlier in the day but it refuses to go down in any meaningful way. This is looking real good for next week.
  • m
    Very positive about this week. Crossed the 50-day MA and not bouncing back so far.
  • M
    This means that if BABA beats this ""reduced"" earning forecast ( which is very likely to happen ) the stock will skyrocket
  • F
    Take note that Alibaba's cloud business is expanding since the pandemic. If ever the ANT's IPO suddenly gets approve after the retructuring it will hike the price more.
  • L
    last chance to buy at this level. Next week, we are doing $180 and $250 by the end of year.
  • D
    It's funny how when prices are high and rising people are either tripping over each other buying, or the self proclaimed value investors complain about high prices. When great companies fall, majority is tripping over each other selling, and those same value investors don't have the stomach to get in. And so the cycle has been repeating. I think I'm getting old.
  • T
    How to bait an Amateur short:

    1. Have CNBC say it’s un-investable

    2. Create a negative sentiment

    3. Walk share price down on small volume to lure amateur short

    4. Offer amateur short access to free commissions and fractional shares

    5. Have CNBC confirm short thesis

    6. Make up rumours and lies to help support amateur short negative view

    7. Recycle negative news to trap amateur short

    Once amateur short is in, trap him. Slowly change sentiment. Hit share price with large buy volume. Re-appear Jack Ma. Sell rally to re-trap amateur short and follow through with buying.

    Poor amateur short. They were warned.
  • M
    The target price of BABA stock should be 31.9% higher than today.
    Therefore, if we multiply $163 per share by 1.319,
    we get a target price of $215 per share.
  • T
    "Earnings forecast slashed" nice job Bloomberg. Time to buy.
  • D
    China's central bank on Friday said the ripple effects of the Evergrande Group crisis that roiled global markets are "controllable
  • L
    if this doesn't hit 185 by next week imma quit trading
  • J
    Here’s the long and short of it: this company is cheap relative to its growth and earnings. There are lots of risks to the downside, but the upside is a generational opportunity. You don’t know what’s going to happen and I don’t either. Certainly jimmy z doesn’t know. (Gotta feel for his parents though, being that he never quite launched.) Place your bets and put your phones down. Let’s return to this “debate” in a couple year’s time.
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    Terminal Gravity
    With the China fear played out, classic to see Bloomber's article titled "Alibaba Earnings Forecast Slashed on Weak Consumer Spending". Reality is some analysts have recently increased their #s for Q3 and if they've been aggressive with the share buyback (which I believe they have), EPS should have a nice beat. Also, read the article from Motley Fool "Is it time to buy the Alibaba bounce?". Clueless writer as BABA is fundamentally the most undervalued stock on the market at these current levels. Motley Fool is another publication that I've lost total respect for with their boiler room email sales tactics, poor writing and sometimes questionable motivations. Last year when Moderna was trading in the $50 range, they had a bashing article everyday. The stock then when on to return over 800%. Fools indeed.

    So while some of the media still has a negative stance, I see it as a bullish sign as some large short positions need to cover. I'll be accumulating with Blackrock, Charlie Munger and other smart investors in front of the Q3 report for the move back over $200+ while I ignore some of these media outlets with questionable goals.
  • j
    many guru here are bashing baba. So many stocks out there, why staying here, maybe secretly they are also LONGS.

  • a
    It started to show strength. The US market is down by 0.5% and BABA is up by 2%. I do not think it is a big short squeeze yet but it may be coming soon. Nothing personal for the shorts but I will cover now if I were you. It looks scary as it can easily jump $10 overnight with another news.
  • F
    If baba reaches 250 before Christmas, what will you do? Buy all the homeless shorts $100 gift card?
  • J
    700b revenue on 450b market cap with a nice margin. Yeah, there's downside, but don't tell me the risk/reward here isn't super worth it