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Bank of America Corporation (BAC-PK)

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At close: 3:59PM EDT
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  • b
    BAC having a little dip. But I’m sure most of you have some Apple and Amazon to balance things out. So nice having a balanced portfolio with no stress. What a joy it’s been to sit back and watch. What a great position we are all in now heading into Christmas.
  • H
    Here's a question I have. It's a basic "Excuse me but..." type question. It's about the economy. Everyone, or at least all the self-anointed pundits of "the know" keep saying the economy is going gang-busters. That we on the edge of the land of rainbows, moonbeams and kittens. Okay....(say's me)....let's say that's true. Then why is the Fed so busy flooding the the entire system with free money, like they've been doing more or less since 2008, if this is the case? In fact they've intensified the effort. It begs the question don't it? Why are they doing this if things are really so good?

    Just a question while watching the bid at $36.94.
  • J
    20-24 years in prison
  • M
    Lets Re cap: CA now giving away $1000 per month per family no strings attach free money. Cancelled Billions in Student Debt. Sending 97 unemployment checks to Single address every 2 weeks. $500 for each child per month. $1000 extra per month if U R pregnant. Building $750,000 luxury Condos for Permanent housing of the Homeless. Free A/C all summer. Free Food. Gov. Newsome to spend an additional $16 Billion to house the rest of the Vagrants , Bums and Junkies.
  • j
    Credit Suisse Group Raises Price Bank of America Corporation (BAC) $46.00 ➝ $47.00 Outperform
  • W
    Just as I feared, the anti-science insurrection party is once again jeopardizing our economy and our national security by refusing to be vaccinated. The new delta variant is sweeping through conservative states, and now we have to pay for their treatment. Fortunately, if you are vaccinated like I am, the variant should be less harmful.

    So as the amateur BIGMONEY names (Chiclit, Dave, and more) panic, the true investors should remain calm with cash in hand!
  • U
    What does a politicized financial board know about the market and investments?
  • H
    Interest stuff if you're into the geeky aspects of it:
    Cheap Mortgages: The Fed's Plan to Drive Mortgage Rates Even Lower
  • S
    I don’t understand! Why is this hovering in the same range forever… can we have some upside already?
  • B
    Bob L.
    HEY one cares about stock buy backs....stop complaining and cut more expenses and double the dividend....thats when you see 50....until you double the dividend, no one cares and no income investor will touch the stock.
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    04:59 AM EDT, 07/12/2021 (MT Newswires) -- Straddle prices into quarter releases this week

    Bank of America (BAC) July 40 straddle priced for a move of +/- 3.5% into the expected release of quarter results before the bell on July 14.

    A straddle entails buying a call and put of the same strike that allows the holder to profit based on how much the price of the underlying security moves, regardless of the direction of price movement.
  • b
    The WH Press Secretary Psaki says social media posts must not be allowed to spread disinformation.
    Imagine if that standard applied to the WH Press Secretary?
  • g
    BAC owes over 70+ Million GameStop shares. You can hide your short position with put options. Check whalewisdom. BAC has a giant put position. They also have the biggest position in ETFs with Gamestop to short it. You can downvote me but check if I'm right first. You could lose your shirt. Please be careful
  • G
    Crooked bank gobbled up my check at their ATM. I phoned the number learned I will be charged fees. Then it will go to arbitration. Anybody have this experience?
  • W
    I just read an important Arizona update on Forbes (7-14-2021) - - that's the 3rd one that is being conducted by the partisan Cyber Ninjas!

    The update is that there are still not updates! Results were expected months ago, but the Jethro Bodine School of Cyphering had trouble teaching the auditors how to carry the ones! LOL.
  • H
    Looks like Master is working the Pooch back down...going for a sub $38 print...
  • r
    Don't fight the Fed. "We're keeping rates low for the foreseeable future". This affects banks directly. So their earnings are not going to increase as much. The 10 yr is higher than last year...
  • W
    BAC and most other stocks enjoyed a massive rally in 2021, so it's natural that they pull back a little bit. For instance, STLD more than doubled in 2021, but despite its recent pullback, it is still enjoying an impressive 2021 rally.

    I guess its obvious that investors just love 2021 for some reason. Let's hope the insurrectionists give in an get vaccinated, not only because it's the right thing to do, but it's also something a good US citizen should do!
  • R
    I massively bought at $38. Seriously, we're talking about BAC, not overvalued sh.. like Tesla or GME
  • H
    Another session of sideways churn in the ~$36.80 to ~$37 zone? Like the last session? least maybe it won't keep going down? Let's see how it plays. G/L! PM bid now $36.88.