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BAE Systems plc (BAESF)

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9.27+0.02 (+0.22%)
At close: 02:57PM EDT

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  • S
    what a Jump today. up 5.6% on this sector
  • S
    why down $1 today
  • A
    MASSIVE order are coming in at the close, huge volume. Large institutions on the move again🤑🚀☀️Deposit this sell off today, we had a very good week in this volatile market good volume at the close and A /Hs💯☑️
  • s
    So many upgrades and contracts but the share price is struggling to move up
  • a
    With the army force cutting down on personnel and the government going towards a tech army, I can see a lot of investment in this sector for 2021.
  • J
    Julius Caesar
    top stock and a great company. Debt levels maybe worrying though?
  • N
    BAE Systems just got another half-billion dollars to start building replacements for armored vehicles the US Army has been using since Vietnam
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    Sir Royston
    looks like we're heading into the post covid era, bae climbing back to where it should be. Was more than 6 pre lockdown, don't see why it won't get back there soon.
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    Sir Royston
    sold at 541, now scooping up some cheap stock at 517. Lovely free shares, oh yeah.
  • H
    So an article about putin pushing "hypersonic missiles" and "lasers" stated their best can travel at 27 times the speed of sound and turn rapidly. Uh, makes me think there is a huge amount (not surprising) in what putin is saying. If a "missile" at 27 times the speed of sound could turn rapidly (he actually used a more hyperspeed turn), the missile would fall apart from the stress of a rapid turn. I don't believe even any, ultra expensive for missiles, metal or ??? could withstand anywhere near such. I am no expert, just saying from what I know.
  • m
    This may be an Elementary question, but, what is the difference between BAESF and BAESY ?
  • B
    The company received an extra boost this week with news that Britain is about to resume arms shipments to Saudi Arabia. These were temporarily stopped over concerns about their possible use in Yemen. Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s biggest defence spenders and a major buyer of BAE Systems’s revenues-spinning Typhoon fighter jets.
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    Just hold this one , very high potential stock !
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    Do u think itll go dow. Nore?
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    Huge sell off!
  • H
    This is hilarious....... Scout (aka Fatboy-Mike) shorts BAESY 3 mo ago at $31, and stock takes off upward !!😂😂😂 .......maybe a little less time at the all-you-can-eat buffet, and a little more time doing equity and market analysis !! Hahaha
  • H
    Scout/Fatboy-Mike - you shorted 300 shares at $31 back on Nov 15. (I saved a screenshot; not sure why you deleted the post).....are you going to ride this out and hope for downtown, or did you have a stop/buy-order to stop the bleeding ? That's a lot of exposure....
  • j
    I am looking for a different job out side BAE my plant Manager had our engineer go to a local hardware store to purchase some washer and bolts to install into our Navy Product because we ran out. But these have to meet certifications.