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    Bombardier and Aston Martin - two iconic brands.
    Exclusive opportunity for Bombardier business aircraft customers to design their aircraft in collaboration with luxury British automotive manufacturer

    Initiative complements Bombardier’s established design leadership
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    GameStop winners need new jets. Perfect timing!
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    Literally AMAZING press conference by Bombardier's Investor's Day today. If y'all haven't joined, the rocket will go with or without you. Ignore all the noise and do your DD cause this company just keeps getting better and better with the news they release.
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    Thomas George
    I grew have been living in Montreal all my life, and I often pass by the huge workplace of Bombardier. I definitely know how much these Quebecois love their Bombardier and they will definitely not let one of their biggest companies fail. This ia their pride and with all the recent layoffs this company is going right back up as soon as it can. Covid cases has dramatically decreased over here and things are starting to feel normal again. Just some personal thoughts. All the best.
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    New news, bombardier signed with Aston Martin for interior design of aircraft, if customer wishes it.....good news, in my view maybe later possible design of cars together.
    You all know Aston Martin is prestige luxury cars and pricey for the rich.....
    Wow, go for it bombardier😊
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    This will be over $10 bucks in no time strong BUY and HOLD
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    Aston Martin itself is on a huge wave check it out
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    i hope on March 4th management will present a solid case and show us a clear path

    i also hope that they will announce steps already done to reduce debt and or interest rate
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    March 4th will be a great positive for us longs , praise the future of the bomber.....yeah
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    Blue Horseshoe

    1 β€” Auto repair shops will disappear..

    2 β€” A gas/diesel engine has 20,000 individual parts... An electrical motor has 20... Electric cars are sold with lifetime guarantees and are repaired only by dealers... It takes only 10 minutes to remove and replace an electric motor...

    3 β€” Faulty electric motors are NOT repaired in the dealership but are sent to a regional repair shop that repairs them with ROBOTS...

    4 β€” Your electric motor malfunction light goes on ... so you drive up to what looks like a car wash, and your car is towed through while you have a cup of coffee... Then your car comes out on the other side with a new electric motor or component...

    5 β€” Gas stations will go away...

    6 β€” Street corners will have meters that dispense electricity... Companies will install electrical recharging stations ... in fact, they've already started in the developed world...

    7 β€” Smart major auto manufacturers have already designated money to start building new plants that build ONLY electric cars..

    8 β€” The "Coal Industries" will go away... Gasoline/oil companies will go away... Drilling for oil will stop... So say goodbye to OPEC... The Middle East is in trouble...

    9 β€” Homes will produce and store more electrical energy during the day than they use... It will be sold back to "The Grid"... The Grid will store and dispense it, to the industries that are high electricity users. Has anybody seen the Tesla roof??

    10 β€” A baby of today will only see "personal cars" in museums. The FUTURE is approaching faster than most of us can even handle...

    11 β€” In 1998, Kodak had 170,000 employees and sold 85% of all photo paper worldwide... Within just a few years, their business model disappeared and they went bankrupt... Who would have thought of that ever happening??

    12 β€” What happened to Kodak and Polaroid will happen in a lot of industries in the next 5–10 years ... and most people don't even see it coming...

    13 β€” Did you think in 1998 that 3 years later, you would never take pictures on film again? With today's smartphones, who even has a camera these days??

    14 β€” Yet digital cameras were invented in 1975... The first ones only had 10,000 pixels but followed Moore's law... As with all exponential technologies, it was a disappointment in the beginning ... before it became superior and mainstream in only a few short years...

    15 β€” It will now happen again (but much faster) with Artificial Intelligence (AI), health, autonomous and electric cars, education, 3D printing, agriculture and jobs...

    16 β€” Forget the book, "Future Shock," welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution...

    17 β€” Software has disrupted and will continue to disrupt most traditional industries ... (in the next 5 to 10 years...

    18 β€” UBER is just a software tool (they don't own any cars), and are now the biggest taxi company in the world... (Ask any taxi driver if they saw that coming...

    19 β€” AIR-BnB is now the biggest hotel company in the world .. (they don't own any properties)... Ask Hilton Hotels or the Marriott if they saw that coming...

    20 β€” Artificial Intelligence (AI): Computers become exponentially better in understanding the world... This year, a computer beat the best Go-player in the world ... (10 years earlier than expected)...

    21 β€” In the USA, young lawyers already don't get jobs (because of IBM's WATSON) ... you can get legal advice within a few seconds so for the basic stuff ... with 90% accuracy compared with 70% accuracy when done by humans.. So, if you're studying law, STOP IMMEDIATELY... There will be 90% fewer lawyers in the future, what a thought and only omniscient specialists will remain...

    22 β€” WATSON already helps nurses diagnosing cancer ... it's 4 times more accurate and many times faster than human nurses...

    23 β€” Facebook now has a 'face recognition' software that can recognize faces better than humans... In 2030, computers will become more intelligent than humans...

    24 β€” Autonomous cars: In 2018 the first self-driving cars were already here... In the next few years, the entire auto industry will start to be disrupted... You won't want to own a car any more as you will call a car with your phone, it will show up at your location and drive you to your destination...

    25 β€” You will not need to park it, you will pay only for the 'driven distance' and you can be productive while driving. The very young children of today will never get a driver's licence and they will never own a car..

    26 β€” This will change our cities because we will need 90% to 95% fewer cars... We can transform former parking spaces into green city parks...

    27 β€” About 1.2 million people die each year in car accidents (worldwide). That includes distracted or drunk drivers... We currently have one accident every 60,000 miles driven... However with autonomous driving that will drop to 1 accident in about 6 million miles... That will save a million plus lives, worldwide each year...
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    2021 Privet Jet Predictions ( Bombardier - Learjet, Challenger and Global) Sales and Services.
    Yes, it is that time of the year. Just weeks away separate us from 2021 and, as every year, Kyle Patel, CEO of Palm Beach-based private jet provider BitLux, shares his projections for next year’s business aviation industry. The 2020 trend for this segment was adapting and remaining flexible to the challenges imposed by the pandemic, with diversification of services being one the key elements. What will define 2021 for the business aviation market?

    New normal is an opportunity, not an excuse

    The outbreak has affected travel, air transportation especially, in an historic way. What private aviation providers learned in 2020 will be key for delivering an ever safer and comprehensive service. Companies and passengers alike were caught off guard and they both participated in the sensemaking process of the new normal. Those firms who understood that process, will be able to co-create value with their clients moving forward.

    I cannot think of a better time to allow customers to really be part of the travel experience than today. That openness and transparency will generate immediate brand loyalty especially considering the rise in first-time private jet passengers in previous months. The private jet charter industry will continue improving and thriving amid future crises if companies understand the value of true communication. Feedback, both given and received, is a true gift.

    Diversification continues to prove its value

    There are plenty of variables than can affect a business. Economic instability, political uncertainties, tensions in the middle, are just quite a few. These can affect the price of fuel, decrease the demand, and therefore rise the costs for private aviation providers. Those companies with the capacity and experience to offer a wider array of services will consequently be more prepared for uncertainty. As you know, a private jet can also transport more than just passengers.

    There is constant demand for the transportation of valuable goods, all sorts of cargo, medical and even repatriation flights. What type of company do you want to lead? Remaining flexible during 2021, getting out of your comfort zone and training your staff for new duties and responsibilities will allow your private jet business to better prepare for a whole new year of great opportunities.

    The use of technology as a reputational asset

    Technology is perceived differently than ten years ago. Having a website and a nice online quoting system will not be enough these days for private aviation, especially with young entrepreneurs or techpreneurs, wanting to book a jet for now through their mobile device. If you do not past that test, users will move fast on to the next provider. It is no coincidence that a handful of the largest companies in the world are tech-based; technology just makes it easier for the customer.

    Furthermore, investment in technology for internal purposes will also contribute to your image and reputation as a company. More security in transactions for your customers, decreasing the possibility of cyber-attacks and scams, better systems for your employees and a flawless management of costs will only contribute to the overall health of your charter company. Technology should be understood as an investment in the reputation of the industry, thus eliminating the misconception that it only contributes to the end user.

    According to BitLux, other topics that will also be a trend within private aviation leaders during 2021 are the rise in first-time travelers, the sustainability discussion, the escalation of carbon offset programs in the industry, and new global destinations for business and leisure travel during the new normal.

    BitLux provides various services across the air charter industry, but Executive Travel is one that is closest to heart. Whether you are flying for business or leisure, BitLux provides a top tier private jet service that actively exceeds expectations.
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    Aston Martin partnership announced. Fly, fly, fly.
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    Can someone tell me why everyone is so excited about March 4th?
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    March 4 place your bets now.
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    What happen to $0.64?????
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    shorts are burning
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    What I'm getting from these posts is that everyone should sell their shares before it goes down any farther even though they don't know for sure but if everyone sells their shares like people are suggesting,the price will definitely drop and we will be saved,is this right?
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    I am new can anyone tell me what is the difference between class A and class B shares?