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BHP Group (BBL)

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54.98+4.14 (+8.14%)
At close: 04:00PM EST
55.08 +0.10 (+0.18%)
After hours: 07:03PM EST
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  • C
    Why is BBL trading lower than BHP ? Makes no sense so close to unification of the share structure. Who would by BHP over BBL at this point ?
  • J
    This stock tested $52 twice and couldn't reach it. Then we had a tremendous bounce up $3 in one day. Yesterday was a small dollar dip, but trickled back upwards. My gut says to go heavier on the next 2-3% dip.....if we get one. Who (besides Greg) has an opinion on what they are seeing and reading....and if this stock is nearing the bottom?
  • J
    1. Commodities are a hedge against inflation. Investors will start moving money from riskier stocks to stable dividend paying companies with good balance sheets.
    2. EV movement needs all of these metals being mined by BHP.
    3. Infrastructure bill will cause these mining companies to explode over the next 5 to 10 years. China will start buying again after the winter Olympics.
    4. You have to buy companies when nobody wants them. This sector is ripe for the taking. Just like oil in 2020, mining is a great opportunity right now.
    5. Transition doesn't happen overnight. Being patient will have it's reward. Buy the dip!
  • G
    first time buying BHP ever, even though I followed the company for almost 20 yrs!! iron ore-still needed-dito met coal, copper & nickel-ev future, potash-wow Jansen will eat up Nutrien for breakfast lunch and dinner!!! BUY with that juicy yield and the Oil newCo spinoff great last stand with oil....
  • J
    You have to tell yourself that this stock is a good deal at a certain price. Then you have start buying when people are afraid to hold it. Eventually, people/institutions start buying it again. I started buying small quantities at $58. Then larger at $56. Then bits and chunks as it continued to drop.....especially below $53. Now I am in at $54.27 and will buy more at $53 and below. Greg, everything eventually turns around. I'd rather catch a falling knife than chase a stock on its way up. Good luck to everyone.
  • D
    Any idea why BHP is off its highs so much compared to other big miners? Is it just its exposure to iron and coal? This looks like a solid buy to me even assuming China will go into recession.
  • M
    Sold all my shares at BHP. With the new variant is the last place I should hold this share due to this worldwide activity which most of them are in the infected areas.
  • N
    Oversold imo, so sold some Dec 17 $50 puts for .95 and I either keep the premium of .95/share or get them assigned at $50 a share. GLTA longs...
  • J
    Always buy shares on a 2-5% dip. Don't buy heavy, just make sure you get something. China is manipulating the market, global economy is slowing down, China has serious real estate issues, but nothing lasts forever. Iron Ore dropped 15% today. I believe in this company. Over the next couple of years we will be rewarded for having invested. My oil stocks are providing me with a 9.75% dividend return. This company might have to lower their dividends, but should still pay out at these stock prices in the 10% range. Nothing wrong with catching a falling knife as long as you take small bites on the way down. There is a tonne (pun intended) of support at $48. I will buy at least 1000 shares at $50, and probably 2000 if it gets close to $48. Planning on 500 if it hit $52 today. Good luck to all.
  • J
    anything below $52 is a good buy point. bought more yesterday. great div and low price for growth to hedge against inflation.
  • D
    I keep layering into this stock and others like it and layering short into the lunatic fomo growth stocks that make no profits and pay no dividends. One day soon the money printing ponzi scheme will blow up and everyone will rush to real assets that produce guaranteed cash flows. I'll just get ahead of that move and collect the dividends on the way there. The woke greenies will make things like coal, uranium, prison stocks, and other fossil fuels related stocks go up 5x. Once the world wakes up to how bs and bankrupting their policies are these real investments will explode. Patience is required.
  • M
    LOL this company used to be a great company, now they want to be liberal miners, sorry guys mine and liberal are not on same page.
    This stock will be 30 bucks soon, you cannot run a mine as a tree hugger.
  • G
    $82 to $53 lost 60% of its value for tree huggers. Investors were company owners but not any more. Reckless
  • M
    this company should be climbing like crazy! good earnings lots of revenue don't make no sense!
  • J
    Article about #BHP shaking up #SolGold executive board to get huge copper/gold/silver mine progression. #BHP owns 13.5% of #SolGold.
  • J
    Bought 140 more shares today. Learning to trickle in on the way down in 10 share increments. I hate to see others losing money who bought in much higher, but hopefully you will keep buying on the dips. I think it will hit $48-$50 worse case scenario. We are still well above the recent low of $52.50. This mining sector is the oil sector of 2020, and look what happened to oil in just a short period of time. One year is nothing. Keep buying if you will be happy that you did.
  • X
    seems the bottom here at 52-53, I'll buy on monday
  • E
    The shorts are just looking at Iron ore prices, however coal and energy have more than doubled and BHP's has huge revenue sources from both.
  • G
    More and more companies are being destroyed by management. BA IBM ACHC BHP
  • j
    Well, all three mining dropping huge today . Fear will make most to sell but for me no WAY . The storm will pass , in March China will be ramping up again & other Countries as well ,building at historic levels. Just my insight