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    Record short interest reported for 5/28 - 2.334 million shares...
    With just 8 million in the float and less than 9 million outstanding...
    Institutional ownership will be climbing with addition to Russell 2000...
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    Nice day
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    Seriously I can’t imagine why anyone who has any stock trading intelligence would sell short a company who has only less than 8 million shares outstanding! The number of shares short Is 2.2 million shares! 29% of the float! When this market starts to roll these short sellers will be buying, I really mean buying! Another AMC or GME. If I was short I would be terrified!
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    Russell 3000 additions list posted 12 hours ago
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    where is everyone???
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    Whats going on? Shorts?
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    More excellent news, it shows that production is ramping up and they expect a slew of new orders to come in. Probably the best cost effective short term solution for now to expand. If this continues and the good news just keeps pouring in like the orders, with the amount of short interest still on this stock, it could really give AMC a run for its money. Maybe even do what GME did at some level, like Anthony's post suggests. Keep holding folks only more good things to come from these guys. I personally wouldn't sell ANYTHING until at least $100-$150. And even that may be too low or undervlaued if things keep going this way. Patience people, it's KEY here.
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    I like the stock a lot
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    $NVVE conversation
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    This is the type of stock that will move when people least expect it. A soundly managed company, with a perfect product/service in the optimum environment. What more can you ask for? It doesn't get better than this folks. One day you'll wake up and........KABOOM!!!! the proverbial moon! Crazy Dems in charge of the whole country, setting down the law and practically forcing companies at gunpoint.....and people to some GO GREEN or else! The combination of their VERY strong relationship with local & State Gov't, their COMPLETELY GREEN product line (which btw is VERY MOBILE, doesn't cost ANYTHING TO USE and doesn't need ANY ADDITIONAL INFRASTUCTURE and isn't depenedant on or doesn't need to be hooked up to ANY powergrid) and the GLOBAL pivot/priority to GREEN solutions including conforming to new & strict ESG standards will be a complete & utter BOOM for this company. The cherry ontop will be the forthcoming mega trillion $$$ infrastructure bill, when passed will be nothing but blue skies for Beem. If folks haven't figured this out yet, you need to find a new hobby besides investing in the market!
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    10,000 EV Ark is 1B
    1B market cap is $100 stock price
    Biden want 500,000 solar chargers
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    Wouldn’t count on Congress, but do agree with you ....
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    All we need is a viable infrastructure bill out of our government! No pork but real infrastructure; roads, bridges and buildings! Stop the wrong stimulus package ! Clean up America-put people back to work.
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    Steve Z
    We've seen the bottom. Buy this up, because it will be a good rest of the year.
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    $FUV conversation
    A look at EV small caps... Of the 21 stock in my EV watch list:

    These 7 have a market cap below $1 billion: POLA, AYRO, BEEM, FUV, GP, SOLO, ACTC
    Of those 7, all but SOLO has less than 40 million shares outstanding...
    Of those 6, these 3 have a short ratio above 5 days: BEEM, FUV, ACTC
    ACTC is a shell company (so likely unable to enter the market as an actual IPO)...

    $BEEM and $FUV provide opportunity to own a piece of the pie (small float); both demonstrate tremendous upside potential (future buyers = long sentiment) and both produce and deliver their products (not just a concept) in early stages of their companies history.
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    Wall St firms have been putting a noose around Beam Global's (BEEM) stock since December. Raising the requirement from 50% to 80-100%. This has pushed the price down by forcing accounts to cover maintenance calls to keep surplus at a required level. This policy keeps the rogue and day-traders at a minimum. These policies have dimmed the performance of BEEM. I suspect there maybe some coercion on the part of "HedgeHog" players who like to keep the public at bay and acquire stock. They also have been shorting BEEM to drive price down to where they can make huge profits from low entry levels. I also fear that a takeover of his company by a major player looking to cash in on the big future of EV industry. Using a shorting strategy can set their price offer at a lower price.
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    Short interest up 9.9% from April 30 to May 14... Over 28% of float w/ a ratio over 6 days (to cover)...
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    Who care about today earning, it’s 190M cap only premium company in that sector with patents in 200 Billions market, solar chargers is the standard
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    I really really hope they get the manufacturing process scaled so they can mass produce these units and bring costs down. Every home in the country will end up having this.