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Beam Global (BEEM)

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13.54-0.71 (-4.98%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
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    This is a great example of why you should never buy a company based on what their potential earnings are. You should base it on what their actual earnings are today.
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    Just got downgraded by Columbia Security in Fidelity to hold. Target price 15.
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    we need big order and / or sponsor big time. this is moment of truth , will be hard to believe if we do not get big order this year. I think its coming soon. we need like 300-1000 unit order
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    Earnings held up because All Cell Battery acquisition, Auditors not yet finished.
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    In a recession environment and 10% inflation BEEM will struggle to sell their expensive products.
    I will not be surprise to see this company below $11 in the next quarter or two.
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    Anyone know the magical reason BEEM keeps holding up? Yes, it's beaten down like so many others, but it now seems to be marching to its own drumb and somehow immune to the market movements. Don't get me wrong, I want it to go up as I own it, just seems to be defying the market when everything not oil/natural gas or healthcare is getting destroyed.
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    Market sentiment extremely negative ! Look 👀 for a good relief rally for a few days maybe 2 weeks. Extreme oversold readings, margin calls, Panic sellers, bear market commentators have greased the slide. BEEM seems to be treading water okay. We need some positive things to happen. My fear is that this administration will force food and gasoline rationing! Real estate/home market is in a major price decline with mortgage rates skyrocketing. November election may have a major impact on the future. God help us if we don’t get change! Let’s go BEEM
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    California Department of General Services (DGS) placed a follow-on order for 23 EV ARC(TM) sustainable EV charging systems in the first quarter of 2022. Several federal agencies and an increasing number of private enterprise customers placed multi-unit orders during the same period, along with other orders.

    Multiple orders from State, Federal, and private enterprises
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    If Beam ever wants to play with the big boys they need to off the solar and quadruple the battery storage. Operate as a Boost Charger and provide DCFC as an infra-structure light play. Alas, management has its head in the sand.
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    Not sure how significant this order is as there are no solid numbers or details about it. So take it as a grain of salt for the time being until more is revealed. Unless someone here can decipher the true value of this development we'll just have to wait for more info. As Beam already has a relationship & contract with GSA. i'm not quite sure how this improves upon that. Link below for anyone interested.
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    earnings released couldn't find it? any idea
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    $MARA conversation
    $Mara $stne $dkng $beem thx for the cheap shares... But... Aaaaaaaaaahhhhrrrrrgghhh losses hurt so much!!
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    Will be 24 v soon …
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    Carpe Diem
    I expect an upsurge in orders which may catapult the share price to highs despite an inconvenient fact that the ARC units are being sold for 90% of what it costs to make them.
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    Mick 69
    the only green stock I have in my watchlist
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    I believe the Federal Blanket Purchase Agreement is, in my opinion, something material.
    Todays news about the award is, in my opinion, nothing worth to mention.
    Fact is that both news do not pay the monthly salaries of the 86 employees.
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    I completely agree with RobCullam's pov on Beam's market performance. It happens more often that not that when the market takes a big hit, it either follow the general market way down or does even worse. But when the general market recover in the subsequent days following the drop, Beam rarely gets back its previous losses. It's a very recurring pattern & problem with Beam's stock.

    My guess as to why, is that the stock is getting wrecked by three different sources. The insiders constantly manipulating it, the professional shorts constantly hammering it and the god$dam day traders constantly playing around with because of its volatility. There's only one way to solve all those issues, get some GDam big orders & problem solved! You won't totally eliminate those culprits, but many will move onto greener pastures once they get their sessa handed to them. At the very least most of the shorts & Dtraders will think twice before trying again.
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    Nicely sized order just announced, won't post link as GaryJ has already mentioned it. This is more realistic with the "expectations" of the orders Beem should be getting in the future. Imo, this type of EV charger, should be a no brainer for states like California, Texas, Nevada, New Mexico & Arizona where the sun shines almost 24/7. The state Gvo't there should be installing these things at every corner in their respective states. If Gov't really want folks to worry about the environment & encourage them to go "green" then give them the choice, flexibility and a viable option to do so by installing very mobile, cheap Beem chargers everywhere. Not by taxing people to death and making EV or any other green option not financially or otherwise feasible. Look at it as in the same breath as providing a necessary public service, like public transit at the states expense. Do this, and almost everyone in those states will an EV in 5 years.

    Hopefully more orders of this magnitude are on their way from everywhere in the good ole US of A. With oil prices where they are, it should almost be mandatory every state should have "some" installed in their major cities.
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    Mick 69
    Sold way too early unfortunately