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BHP Billiton Limited (BHPLF)

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At close: 2:09PM EDT
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  • P
    What happend to the dividend payment ? its due today.
  • J
    Once people stop knee jerking to every little thing maybe we can get back to making money. A company like this is set to weather storm, most of the drop is panic selling over nothing. Hold your shares, invest into more to lower your overall risk, sit back and in a few months watch your nice return.
  • J
    Today is a good day to buy. Panic selling when iron ore and copper prices being up. Take advantage of this market sell-off, but don't go all in. This could be a very volatile week.....the correction we have been waiting for. Good luck
  • Y
    Still Waiting for the Dividend to be paid out. It will probably show up in the account tomorrow morning. Normally I donlt watch out for these, but $ 4 a share is too much to miss out.
  • Y
    Today is Dividend Pay day!! Does anyone know what time of the day is it deposited. I did not see anything this morning. Thanks
  • R
    I bought just prior to x-dividend. I thought it was a smart move. Apparently I was wrong.
  • G
    Obviously we are all wrong as the stock loses 25% of its value in a month. How is it funds and institutional investors are wrong. This is their business while we try to make it ours. Insiders win funds win institutional win they always do
  • M
    Seems to me demand for steel should be solid and to the upside. The USA needs bridges and infrastructure. They are building distribution centers like crazy and you can't get a car. That need should be magnified across the globe and iron ore will respond. This is a blip, IMO.
  • Z
    Why the sharp drop? Is it because of the Australian nuclear submarine? And China resentment?
  • G
    Analysts Strong Buy or Hold as the stock falls $10 or more a share.
    The corruption at the Fed Bank as Powell investigates
  • A
    what is the difference between BHP and BBL. Zacks seems to find BBL has better metrics. Is this the same company with two separate listings????
  • j
    Does the dividend pay quarterly?
  • M
    kids stop panicking. We are in stagflation right now. Inflation is not transitory. We are also electrifying the grid. iron ore, copper and rare earth metals all of which bhp is loaded with will be necessary.
  • k
    Chinese scared everyone away while they loading up on these miners then it wouldn’t matter what price the iron ore gets to
  • Y
    Guys, please don't panic. Today's price is factoring in $4 dividend that went into effect close yesterday.
  • L
    I'm new with this security. No dividends paid so far this year, any idea if they will be?
  • J
    The price of shares on the stock market are determined by competitive bidding between buyers and sellers. So who exactly subtracted $4/share from the market capitalization of this company last night so that the price opened $4 lower this morning? That price was not determined by competitive bidding. It would appear the bidding for this stock, and therefore the market for this stock is rigged so that the shareholders never in fact receive a dividend.
  • c
    There are 14,000 put options at $45 today. OMG sure hope it doesn't get there.
  • B
    What I say boys! 70 next week! 9% bought 1000 shares at 61 holding and will increase if it goes down. World needs these Materials no matter what u say. EASY BUY!
  • K
    If I buy today 9/1/2021 and sell on 9/2/2021, do I still get dividend?