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Baidu, Inc. (BIDU)

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  • a
    I now own only 1 Chinese stock……Baidu. This is despite all the regulatory risks, China bashing, and the whole kitchen sink of negatives! Baidu has $45/share of cash after paying off debt; this means at current price of $162, you are paying $117 for nearly $10 of current year’s earnings. This translates to PE of 12x current year earnings, with zero value given to Apollo AV unit and zero value given to IQ holdings of Baidu which is generating negative loss. In fact, excluding non-core businesses the multiple becomes even cheaper…..meaning forget getting any value for them, they are penalizing the value of Core business itself. My bet is that when all the dust settles and when all the Chinese stocks get thrown out, if there is just one stock whose value would be much higher in 2023 I would place the bet on Baidu. In the event I am wrong, and it keeps on getting even cheaper I will consider adding to it after 3-4 months.
  • V
    Do Google and apple drop when The US says that college will be free ? Does TSLA tumble when Uber end Airbnb get regulated. Yet BIDU plummets on every negative story out if China.
  • F
    Followup, Inc.
    wow, the CCP has rattled the china ADR stocks costing US investors probably half a trillion $ for the Q2. If if the CCP committees short the stocks, they must become billionaires. $bidu $baba $pdd $didi $tal. That is the problem when power is in few hands. GL
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    Grifone Rampante
    I love Baidu, I have been waiting for months to enter below $ 170. Within six years, this stock will be at $ 800-1000 per share.
  • V
    Where are the institutions? That own BIDU? Blackrock Inc., , Vanguard Group, Primecap Management Company , Dodge & Cox Inc
    Jane Street Group, LLC , State Street Corporation\, Baillie Gifford and Company
    Norges Bank Investment Management , Renaissance Technologies, LLC
  • R
    $baba $Bidu take a hard look at today. Should be a long term bottom. Complete capitulation here.
  • R
    Wow I literally lost a fortune in 2 days. Close to $1m
  • j
    joe mammaandadda
    If baba triples revenue like Google just did (or better) my bet is they announce a 3:1 or 4:1 stock split
  • G
    Well at this point - are we willing to take a total 100% loss ? What is the upside - ? $500 a share in 10 yrs ?
  • s
    I am adding today another shares.

    Baidu, BABA and Tencent ...the valuations are big bargains and a screaming buy.
    I am sure , china dont want to knock out its own tech stars.

    Many chinese people are invested in these 3 great companies and have now senseless losses.

    Once the regulation ease, the sahre prices should nearly double. The fundamentals are more than great amd chines market lt exepect rapid growth over the next 10 years.

    Instead of buxing overvalued shares like Tesla, Snap and other high overvealued companies, i feel better buying cash machines with a "print money guarantee" within next years.

    Only one thing must stop ....the pressure by Chinese parliament.
  • M
    It feels great to buy at these bargain levels …especially when you see a crowded chat room with paid bashers and shorties. You can tell what you want ..finally China will beat the us Economy for sure and they will Never allow to destroy their own big boys.
    Mark my words and take the opportunity to get such amazing companies at these sp‘s. Otherwise you could buy us tickers traded at 25+ sales good luck.
  • J
    Jedi Miromat
    BIDU is a broken stock ….... meanwhile it’s a market leading profitable and growing massive business….. perceived and valued as a no growth business, with no future or potential. Meanwhile the market loves GameStop & Dogecoin. 😵‍💫
  • J
    When it’s raining gold you go outside with a washtub not a thimble! This is why you keep dry powder always on hand, so when Mr. Manic depressant Market decide to throw the baby out with the bath water you can take full advantage of it and not just be a spectator! If you like Baidu at 200 you should absolutely love Baidu at 160!!! Remember do your homework and know inside and out what business your invested in/own that’s how you sleep at night! Also remember there is no news bad mouthing or condemning Baidu as a business it’s only because there located in China and are being grouped and dragged into all the BS/drama by the talking heads and misleading articles by so called experts (LOL), but rest assured that will pass!! Baidu the business is busy innovating, investing in itself, and is more concerned about growing its revenues and earnings into the future because they know that is what ultimately moves its stock. So stay focused and stay rational and I agree with (B) and (Roy) I sure hope management is taking advantage of these fire sale prices and doing some buybacks!! We’ll find out soon earnings are in (3) weeks! Go Baidu!!! 😀👍🏻💰💰
  • T
    Although the stock price is going the wrong way, everything inside the company is going the right way.
  • R
    Xi and the Chinese government aren't going to risk shutting down their top, legitimate thoroughbreds like BABA, BIDU and JD. In fact these recent actions by the Chinese government may only prove to make a company like BIDU even more powerful in the long run.

    Companies like GOTU (formerly known as GSX) are really taking it on the chin while BIDU is being sold off for being in the same country as GSX which is truly a total scam and should/will be delisted. What Xi is doing is actually cleaning house from all of the poor behavior many companies over there have been/are currently doing.

    BIDU is by no way immune from anything in China/the Chinese government but they're not going to zero like GSX either. This company and many, many others in China are reputable and highly profitable. BIDU is investing in great growth areas long term that Xi and the Chinese government seem to be very keen on growing.

    I'm not saying we're at a bottom but people need to wake up and realize that there's more angles to this story. Long BIDU
  • V
    Cathie knew. This is a nightmare. Everyday it’s something else that has nothing to do with BIDU but because it’s a China stock it gets crushed. All I did was invest in a great company and in return i get pain almost every day.
  • j
    Baidu ER is on August 12th... hope a blowout earning like Google
  • B
    I hope they are buying back a bunch of shares!!! It will be fun to watch the EPS skyrocket a few months from now!!
  • i
    Goog ad revenue up 70% from last year. Huge crush. This should pretend even better for Bidu but so far no big jump aftermarket since fundamentals are irrelevant right now with Xi controlled stocks. Still. I just bought 100 more at 158. In a normal market we would get 20 points tomorrow.
  • C
    No comments from dear Victor today. Must have bailed out!