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Baidu, Inc. (BIDU)

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159.56-2.17 (-1.34%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
159.44 -0.12 (-0.08%)
After hours: 07:08PM EDT
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  • M
    $BZUN conversation
    For a better understanding what happend the last 5-7 trading days. Options expiring tomorrow. Chinese stocks has tanked, coincidence? Not really!
    Strike puts baozun: $20
    Strike puts dada: $21
    Strike puts JD: $75
    Strike puts Bili: $70
    Strike puts baidu: $160
    And so on …imho I would not sell my shares ;) …could bounce even harder. It costs a lot to drive down those shares from their intermediate highs.
    #jd #bili #dada #bzun #bidu

    If you do not believe me, no worries, convince yourself and look up the option chains on bigcharts ie. there more websites where you can check strike prices of expiring options

    Be patient and peace
  • J
    Bidu is the powerhouse company of China!!!! It’s going to surpass alibaba at some point!!!
  • p
    I don’t know how I ever traded without using (! I look forward to their daily emails each morning that list pre-market movers based on thoroughly researched stock market and world news. I highly recommend anyone who invests in the stock market!
  • J
    Where u going to find another company like Bidu that trades at a fraction of its true MCAP!!! Company should be valued close to 1trillion but has an insanely low MCAP of 50billion!! I keep adding and don’t listen to the outside noise, wake up one day a multimillionaire!!
  • J
    Bidu showing strength today!!!! Let’s go
  • B
    Slowly share holders are learning that all this 'noise' in the media about China regulation is just that....'noise'. People are easy to manipulate. Keep selling folks.....who do you think is buying?
  • A
    bidu is the future and china teck the world up..
  • L
    china teck is the future of the world and nothing is going to stand in its way buy and enjoy. happy days to come
  • M
    Shorting across all Chinese stocks at its finest. Please tell me nothing else. Just hold your shares longs. They are desperate
  • J
    26 billion $ cash and short term liquid investments and 56 billion $ market cap, with its all the potentials and huge cash positive every Q
  • c
    Seeking Alpha article
    "Baidu Is Actively Transforming From A Value Company To A Growth Company".
  • Z
    $BABA conversation
    While it is true that some investors raised questions and concerns over China's recent regulatory actions, it should be pointed out that the moves are aimed at improving market conditions and cracking down on illegal business practices so as to create a fairer market for all. In fact, similar regulatory changes have also taken place in some Western countries, where internet giants like Facebook are facing increasing scrutiny, as governments around the world move to regulate monopolistic internet giants, as they attempt to level the playing field for smaller firms.

    Investors at home and abroad are bound to benefit from a fair, well-regulated and sustainable Chinese market. Against the backdrop of China's accelerated financial opening-up, badmouthing the Chinese economy will only make those who are unable to separate fact from fiction when it comes to China appear stubborn and shortsighted.

    In the past, Soros had profited greatly by playing up panic over imminent financial disaster in a number of countries. Fortunately, the markets' response or lack of response to his latest slander against China's regulatory actions suggested that his time may have finally passed

  • J
    1 trillion dollar company trading @56 billion!!!
  • i
    Morgan Stanley has a 207 price target on this. I think 163 is even below their bear estimate.
  • c
    On track to $20 bill revs in 2021, EBDITA est $5 bill ,Cash $27 bill
    It should be atleast $225 billion market cap company if it starts trading at PE multiple of Google, share price $652. In with long position and hoping regulation troubles are mostly behind it.
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    $NIO conversation
    China to push on with opening capital markets to foreign investors.

    This might be good news after the rout in China tech since Feb 2021. There was a lot of uncertainty whether China is shutting itself off from foreign capital and how it could lead to delisting of ADRs like $BABA, $BIDU, $JD, $PDD, $NIO, etc. But I guess they won't be turning their heads away from foreign investors anytime soon.
  • J
    Jedi Miromat
    Strong into the closing 👍
  • M
    Eventually, when it's too late, even the last ones will understand that we are being screwed with bashing China and that wallstreet just wants our stocks cheap. Look over at Apple vs. Epic. Was there a massive sell-off after the verdict? ;)
    People wake up and take the chance to buy cheap. Not at the high in a few months.
    #tcehy #bidu #jd #bili #baba
  • B
    China Regulation was thought to be a bad thing initially, but now it's coming to light this is a VERY positive long development (especially for Baidu)..
    1. Tighter Regulation is a barrier to entry for Baidu's competitors. Long term this creates a better moat for it's future growth in AI, cloud, Autonomous driving, Video streaming and it ALSO protects their market share in Search and Ad.
    2. USA companies spend TONS (many billions) of money on lobbying and special interests to prevent regulation that is probably going to eventually come anyway in the US (just like it did in China).. China companies save these lobbying expenditures and can put them back into their business instead since their govt isn't up for sale like ours.
    3. This overreaction to the regulation has allowed ALL of China big tech to buy back tons shares at a much cheaper price. This added buying power for share repurchases might have been one of the short term goals of the regulation.

    From here on out I expect BAIDU to move much higher and make new highs within 6 months as the market figures this out through BIDU's earnings releases, conference calls, and future guidance.

    Buy ahead of the crowd!
  • j
    joe mammaandadda
    When Bidu announces its first massive chip order this stock is going to spike