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Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. (BIO)

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After hours: 04:32PM EDT

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    buy adtx!
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    not much in AH after earnings....which probably is a good thing....will see how tomorrow goes....AMZN and APPL mostly positive reaction should shirt tail the market tomorrow.
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    Shorty McShortBear
    Went Long 225 shares of BIO at an average price of $598.77, yesterday. This is a short/medium term value/momentum/company quality play. I am looking for a 30-60% stock price gain over the next 30-60 days. I find this stock to be incredibly attractive in terms of risk/reward ratio. Downside risk from the $600 level appears almost nil to me.

    BIO is a leader in its field, with outstanding financials. very low P/E ratio, and huge growth potential going forward. I love the sector and see it only growing in coming years. Health Care and Life Sciences equipment are guaranteed to grow in demand on a worldwide level in coming years. BIO is a huge company, well-known throughout the entire First World as a leader in its field. I believe the company will thrive regardless of any economic headwinds the USA may experience in the next few years.

    I bypassed a lot of other companies offering opportunities for 100-500% stock price gains, due to the increased risk those stocks carry if they fail to deliver on a specific technology or product. BIO carries no such risk. I believe current Fair Value for BIO is over $700/share, and it should actually price well ahead of fair value based upon growth potential. I put almost my entire liquid asset cash savings into this stock yesterday in anticipation this will quickly move up to the $750-$850 level within the next 3-6 months.
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    $BNGO conversation
    If you think a so called moon shot isn't possible here, just look at the MAX chart on Bio Rad Labs $BIO trading @ $3.33 in March of 1993 and now trading at $514 PS...27 years...It was $54 just 10ish years ago (1000% INCREASE IN 10 YEARS)...These things happen, don't kid yourself that it can't. More likely $BNGO will be a Bio Rad Labs than not!
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    John K
    The market is due for a correction, probably of at least 10%. Myabe worse. The average S&P PE ratio is 39
    The historic average is about 16, so a really big drop could be round the corner, It will bring dowb all stocks, including BIO. I am waiting in cash to buy BIO in the dip.
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    $IBIO conversation
    Simply...who wanted to buy the discounted options offered with th $BIO new emission $1,18 has already bought. So there is a place for small price rise...
    And to all complaining colleagues ... the newly obtained money are "for a reason".. and the newly nominated Scientific Officer is "for a reason"... we can expect something reasonably huuuuuge... and rather soon...
    Real investing is not a Las Vegas Cassino..
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    BioRad Powered by TipRanks

    Avg. Price Target

    28.25% Upside

    High $675.00
    30.67% Upside

    Low $650.00
    25.83% Upside

    In the last 3 months, 2 ranked analysts set 12-month price targets for BIO. The average price target among the analysts is $662.50. Analysts compare their price target to the current market price of the stock to determine how much potential upside or downside movement there could be in the stock price.
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    Bio Rad Owns 8 billion in Investments. Anyone know what company they have 8 billion invested in?
  • n
    If PRPO’s tool is better than $BIO , you can safely assume that Biorad will buy it someday
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    OK, I haven't looked at this company for years. Can someone give a quick explanation about the earnings trend over the last 4 years. Surely these numbers from Yahoo are incorrect.

    Diluted EPS - 126.20 58.27 11.94 3.82
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    John K
    Strong company in a growing market.
    Recent profits will not hold as covid declines.
    It has potential to produce vaccines to PREVENT CANCER
    Not a cure for cancer, but vaccines to prevent many forms of cancer.
    using Messenger RNA technology
    This would see the share price go through the roof.
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    $GEVO conversation
    #Bio-Fuelled #airplanes, Game Just began, Hold tight for lift off if you have patience
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    Panic selling is good for this stock and LT investors.. keep buying more at this discounted price. It will be up 25-50 $ in a week.
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    Robert Temple
    Why can’t a company like Bio-Rad produce tests for covid-19?
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    Can someone tell me why income is more than revenue?
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    Shorty McShortBear
    Sold my 225 shares at an average price of $627.10 for a small profit. Tired of waiting and I see better opportunities in Shorting stocks ahead of earnings as Irrational Exuberance drives stock prices up to even more unsustainable levels.

    Good Luck Folks! :-)
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Bio-Rad Laboratories reached an all time high at 545.97
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    Neagu Matei
    is it down because of the vaccine news?