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Blink Charging Co. (BLNK)

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    $TSLA conversation
    3 cheap cheap EV stocks right now
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    Try looking into Volta VLTA. At least their business model is sound by making their money off of Digital advertising and offering free charging. How does Blink expect to make a profit? Off kilowatts? Don't think so.
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    A chance the Federal government will overbuild away charging stations based on the gas station comparison fallacy. A chance Blink will get some of that wasted money. Any other paths to income identified as we approach earnings? As more people buy EV and install level II at home chargers, the more Blink will be exposed as a fraud proposition within the market.
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    Insanely-HUGE respect to you ;
    what I can’t ‘get out of my head’ :
    An Incoming White/Black Swan
    could see a Macro-Panic FOMO
    / Bottleneck / $100T Melt-Up ⌛️
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    Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance wealth, a great career, purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone reads this will be successful in life
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    BLNK just added 2 chargers in Wisconsin. One of their bigger projects this year so far
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    Looks like another 2000 repeat. Boom to bust and Mr. Farkas made his millions and game over.
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    Remember there are shorties, after last 2 days increase, little profit taking today (and its FRIDAY) was inevitable. time to buy !
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    As the user market shifts from petro to electric,look for traditional gas filling stations to offer quick charge EV stations to offset lower gas sales. BP bought the largest EV charging company in UK awhile back. Same can happen here. Maybe a buyout of Blink or the like.
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    how can this be? Dan promised us earlier in the year when BLNK was $56, that this was a slam dunk swing trade to $60/share...Dan has been quiet!
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    Blink, Chargepoint and other EV charging station firms are going to get blasted by utility companies that will do their own charging stations. PPL(Pa. Power Light) just joined the Electric Highway Coalition along with 17 other Utility companies- so far. Will build out Atlantic Coast, South and Midwest with more to follow. That infinite customer market just got a lot smaller. This was just a matter of time for the major electric generators/distributors to control this new line of business . Ouch for startups!
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    OXI OLDIE1929
    Based on their fundamentals and little money their making this stock is no more valued than 1$ money here to be made ever.
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    Juan Carlos
    Bullish pattern ! Time to buy !
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    Blink Charging: Implied sales growth of 1,489% by 2024
    Another small-cap stock with big-time revenue upside is electric vehicle charging equipment and services provider Blink Charging (NASDAQ:BLNK). Blink recorded $6.23 million in full-year sales in 2020, but is expected to generate $99 million in sales by 2024. That's nearly a 1,500% increase in four years.

    The clear and obvious catalyst for Blink is the electrification of automobiles in the U.S. (and globally). In an effort to fight climate change, we're liable to witness a multi-decade vehicle replacement cycle for consumers and businesses. This replacement cycle will be just as much a win for ancillary infrastructure players like Blink Charging as it'll be for EV manufacturers. Providing charging equipment and owning charging stations could allow Blink to play a key role in the green evolution of the auto industry.

    Although the upside catalyst here is plain as day, and the company has raised enough capital via stock sales to make a handful of acquisitions, the big thing lacking here is differentiation. A quick look at Blink Charging's income statements suggest it isn't spending any of its capital on research and development. Without leaning on innovation in a trend that's entirely dependent on standing out, I have to wonder if Blink Charging won't be left in the dust by other EV charging equipment providers.

    Additionally, the company looks to be many years away from profitability. Even though Wall Street has been lenient in valuing high-growth stocks, a multiple of nearly 13 times sales for 2024 with ongoing losses is an eyebrow-raiser, and not in a good way.
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    I enjoy reading all the expert comments on this board, but I will never take any advice from anyone in this forum, great entertainment do!
    Support: $27.95
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    With charging at home and long range ev, who will need charging in their own town or city. Seems majority of charging will be on highways between cities and at home.
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    this could very well become a stock in the teens soon, fundamentals still not close to support even todays $26 valuation, after falling from $60 YTD....dont try to catch a falling knife they say, careful here still after falling all year---I know many are thinking, wow it was $60 7 months ago, it must be a steal now---careful with that thinking....
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    $BLNK and IDEX only stocks I know which has ev chargers
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    Well, so far I have made a 660% return on my Investment with just Holding BLINK.