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Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft (BMW.DE)

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    I'm excited to see the next generation BMW currently in the works, as Chinese car companies start to get closer to Korean automaker levels of manufacturing prowess and Korean cars increase in build quality, the Germans really need to make leaps and bounds to remind everyone what they are capable of...
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    Might be one of the most overlooked stocks out there. Strong financial numbers, popular premium products and a great dividend yield make it a long term position for me.
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    I miss the old school BMW. Everything 1980s and the E38 / 7 series. I wish i had a time machine. Everything looks the same now, would take something revolutionary to rocket the stock price up :)
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    BMW CEO Shocking Revelations:
    Shocking Revelations By BMW CEO! This video is sponsored by https://evrecruiter.comFor business inquiries please contact
    Shocking Revelations By BMW CEO! This video is sponsored by https://evrecruiter.comFor business inquiries please contact
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    The Joker
    With three i4 and i7, looks like Tesla finally has some real competition.
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    last day to enjoy the $2 dividend !!!
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    Is this stock actually selling for 2.6 times earnings?
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    Massive amount of debt with raising interest . Not looking good for BMW for the next years. The interests are going to eat their profits.
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    A BMW electric car with over 600 km range or PHEV with 60 to 80 km E-range for 20,000 euros, that's my ... Quibble Plan:
    I simply invested the 20,000 euros in BMW shares and wait until dividend and price gains intersect with the list price (minus discount). The share price (BMW VZ) was historically low at around 55 euros (over 5 years).

    # 1: Already the book value is calculated by balancing experts 2019 to over 91 euros (2021: 101 euros). Until the book value prevails, was and is always only a matter of time.

    # 2: BMW has been one of the world's most profitable carmakers for many years:

    # 3: The book value does not contain the huge hidden reserves. For example, 50% of the share in the highly profitable Chinese BBA alone is worth over 7.2 billion.

    # 4: Value of the pure brand "BMW" is around 25 to 40 billion euros the-valuable-marks-the-world-57629724.bild.html

    # 5: For decades, BMW has been building gigantic hidden reserves outside off the balance sheet (probably for tax reasons [corporate tax and inheritance tax Quandt / Klatten]). In Germany and Munich, real estate prices have risen sharply for years. "BMW is one of the largest landowners in the north of Munich." In the balance, however, all land and real estate of BMW are still at the decades-old production costs. BMW operates 30 production and assembly plants in 14 countries .:

    # 6: Compliance & know-how - BMW was the only diesel car maker that managed to construct clean diesel and petrol engines without fraud: is-the-last-clean man-of-car industry / 22986340.html? ticket = ST-1484925-eDJs6bcrYuimRLJ4nC1R-ap5
    At Daimler, Audi and Volkswagen, the prosecution had a lot of work. For several board members German and international warrants were issued. Other international carmakers have much less kow how to clean exhaust aftertreatment. BMW is an international technology leader (competitive advantage).

    # 7: "BMW Group is the market leader in e-vehicles in Germany and in Europe." BMW had announced: "In the future, all BMW Group plants should be enabled to use cars with combustion engines, plug-in hybrid drives or fully electric drives at the same time produce. " online / news / business / 4638-bmw-electric car-production-leipzig

    # 8: BMW has built significant new production facilities in China, Mexico and Hungary. In the US, BMW operates its largest car plant (500,000 units pa), whose production capacities have recently been expanded. Unnoticed, BMW has set itself up very flexibly to postpone production between the locations as needed in order to be able to respond to possible tariffs in a cost-minimizing manner.

    # 9: 2019 business is doing much better than the competition. US paragraph June 2019 - BMW extends its lead on Mercedes:
    BMW Germany at the top in premium sales:
    In China, BMW continues to grow in 2 digits:

    # 10: BMW has been paying high and rising dividends for years, but still has one of the lowest payout ratios for DAX companies (about 30%, meaning 70% of profits are reinvested in the company):

    Comparison #1:
    Tesla is highly rated for BEV competence, but suffers high losses almost every quarter. Elon Musk has yet to prove that Tesla can sell cars permanently for profit. Tesla can not build PHEV or fuel cell cars (BEV only). BMW sells almost as many electrified cars (with PHEVs) as Tesla and has been highly profitable for many years.

    Comparison #2:
    Is the Uber App worth twice as much as BMW? Around 80 billion versus 43 billion? BMW can offer much more mobility services compared to other apps like Uber. The topic BMW to Uber I see completely different than the market.
    "Price is what you pay. Value is what you get" W. Buffett
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    BMW are releasing their annual report tomorrow and it will be good to see the details. They released some preliminary numbers on their investor relations page which look very good relative to BMW's market cap. Some of the stand-out numbers are the dividend increasing to é5.80 per share, é18.77 EPS, proposed 10% share buyback, é12.5B net profit for the year.
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    Why is this stock so undervalued compared to its counterparts.they generate a massive profits qtr after qtr and pay a healthy dividend and they are really good at what they do? Is the Quandt Family influence the reason for the bad performance of the share?
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    New "BMW iX" presented today (BEV). More range than all competitors.
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    Great respect for Elon Musk, but it's time to buy BMW shares.
    +3,200,000,000 BMW profit per quarter (growing profits)
    -718,000,000 Tesla loss per quarter (growing losses)
    Price to Book Ratio BMW: 0.92
    Price to Book Ratio Tesla: 12.89

    PHEV will be the growth trend 2019
    BMW: +77% PHEV (month to month comparison)
    Tesla: not prepared to offer PHEV in 2019
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    whats the difference between bmw stock and bmw3 stock which is 20% lower?
  • m
    Thanks for the information. I had a feeling it was once a year judging by the info on the BMW website, but that is quite unusual; twice a year yes, but not usually once a year. I was hoping I was wrong as I would prefer the dividend spread out but it is what it is. Thanks again for your reply.

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    Massive pricing powers. Buy
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    Brand value - BMW improved from 13th to 11th place with $ 40.4 billion.
    Incidentally, this corresponds quite precisely to the BMW market capitalization on the stock market.

    But there is an extremely big mistake somewhere. Is the value of the BMW company ONLY out of the value of the brand "BMW"?
    What about the balance sheet assets?
    ... the profits?
    ... and the hidden reserves?
    I intend to ask the Executive and Supervisory Boards for more details at the next BMW general shareholder meeting.

    What is the value of participation in China today?
    What are the BMW properties worth today?
    What is the value of the factual BMW assets?
    What are the biggest intangible assets?

    "The whole thing is more than the sum of its parts"
    ... already the Greek Aristotle knew (384 BC - 322 BC)

    Worth reading:ältnis+Markenwert+Marktkapitalisierung

    The ratio of brand value to stock market value in comparison to other companies may define the catch-up potential of the price of BMW shares.
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    the volume is only 24M.. guys do not sell.. this is nothing.. only a couple shorts are pushing it down
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    BMW have released their Q3 results and they look pretty good relative to their market cap #$%$2.46B PBT for the quarter. BMW, Mini, motorcycles and financial services parts all doing pretty good. They are only capitalizing 36.4% of R&D spend, approx #$%$1B of R&D spend is getting expensed in the quarter, despite it having value. Balance sheet looks amazing if you seperate out their financial services, which are basically low-risk secured loans, lease hire and purchase hire financing. It's great that they have cash and cash equivelents of #$%$17.8B. A little disappointed they have not brought out more electric cars this year, but happy with their plug-in hybrid offerings.
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    This stock is a strong buy. Dirt cheap with plenty of upside opportunity!