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Bionano Genomics, Inc. (BNGO)

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    Nearly 50 million shares shorted right now, almost 20% of float. Shorts will need to cover that at some point, it’s huge. Where is Reddit and WSB?
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    The latest analyst to present investors with the opportunity is BTIG’s Sung Ji Nam.

    “We believe BNGO is on the cusp of disrupting the cytogenetics testing market currently served by karyotyping, microarray and FISH techniques and representing BNGO-estimated near-term TAM of $700mm to $1bn, driven by an expanding body of clinical evidence supporting the higher accuracy and superior workflow efficiency of BNGO's OGM (optical genome mapping) technology,” the 5-star analyst said.
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    The last 7 Friday closing prices:
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    Trader Nick 44
    I thinkthe MM's are worried about a Friday OPEX close over $8.00. They're going to be on the hook to deliver a lot of shares, If the $8.00 call closes ITM.
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    Breaking 8!
    I'm sitting with 57K shares at 8.65 average, so I'm obviously waiting to get back in the green. That said, there's not even the slightest possibility of me selling for at least a year... This company is moving.
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    IMHO the news from the FEd that rates will rise etc. is a hand in glove distraction to bring down the markets on a day when shorts needed to close their positions.
    conflict of interest need to be looked at. feb officials might be shorting the shares at a personal level.
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    Added a tiny bit today. Couldn’t resist. Just a smidge...
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    8.50 (soon) appears to be a 'consensus' point of sorts, given the new coverage, a new buy rating and in general a need for the new technology.
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    Today’s news: BTIG analyst Sung Ji Nam initiates coverage on Bionano Genomics (NASDAQ: BNGO) with a Buy rating and a price target of $10.00.
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    Did anyone on long term actually made any money this year so far? Unbelievable how they play with people's minds. 5 steps forward,5 steps back.
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    HUGE BNGO NEWS! $1.5Bn Project, they used Saphyr before! BNGO updates
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    8:17 AM (5 minutes ago)
    Bionano Genomics (NASDAQ:BNGO) is now covered by analysts at BTIG Research ( ). They set a "buy" rating on the stock.The current price is $7.37. Read More: - Th
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    Huge upward surge coming Double Digits
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    Let’s keep it going. Buy and hold. If you are not buying, at least don’t panic sell. Today is a very important day as Fed meeting is being hold today. In the moment of undecided market, this stock is going upward. It only means overlap sentiment for this stock is very bullish. Currently, it is going against (up) nasdaq composite (down) at the time of writing this post.
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    A very simple question: What did we learn from the recent hires & option purchases? Accomplished CCO & CBO will take actions to increase sales and address the insurance provider concerns, and the $7.64 exercisable option price will reward these insiders significantly in a few years....Be patient & we will likely be rewarded!
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    BNGO has dropped significantly from its ranking of 81 (yesterday) on the short squeeze list to now number 284 on the list. Also notice in the photos while the market makers with put options. As optimistic as I am on the trajectory of the share price I can't help but to try and think like a market maker. All the put options by the majors and the short interest. Has me thinking we'll see another dip. Possibly down to the $7 level. These market makers in large firms generally know what they're doing unless there is some sort of intervention IE Wall Street beats. Will be very interesting over the next week's to see how it plays out. That said if we do dip down to the $7-ish level I do not see it staying there for long anybody who knows anything about bionano genomics knows that these prices are a gift in the long run. And that is to say retail and non retail will be taking advantage of the dip which should in short order return the share price to the range of 8 to 10 dollars. And I would be remiss to leave out the upcoming catalyst and press releases in the hopper loaded and ready to go... Management doesn't release news as soon as it's news. Press releases and the like are really strategically in most cases in my opinion. Sometimes management May not have a problem with the share price languishing if it benefits them in whatever way it can and at other times management wants to bolster the share's all a game both ends. And may I also point out with regard to cashburn, cost of revenue, r&d, facilities, manufacturing, the hiring blitz and the like.... Operations costs and personnel costs are going up big time as they try to scale up business. It's great they have a barge load of cash on hand. If there can be some proportionality between the increased costs and increased revenue we can see sustained gains in the short and long-term. But nevertheless even though we know their revenues are going to go up exponentially so our costs and that is a factor. Hopefully they can do their best to narrow the gap and bring down cost of revenues.
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    Plenty of biotech companies have had great products but poor business plans. I bought BNGO at $.90 as a gamble because I wasn't sure they would be able to monetize their amazing technology. Now that they have shown they can make money and have a business plan that will ensure their growth, I wish I had bought more. BNGO is clearly going to be huge as the (very conservative) medical community discovers how useful the technology really is and as insurance companies begin to cover the cost of testing. As with ACRX (I bought years ago) it is important to realize that physicians rarely jump at new technology, making acceptance take time.
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    Always Right
    I kept waiting for the downside on BNGO in yesterday’s TipRanks article. It never came. They accurately conveyed Saphyr’s massive advantages and near-term potential. Speechless.
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    May 13th we were at $4.41. Not a bad move over the last month! Hope you guys thought about what you had here and took advantage of the sale prices! This is just the beginning, same as it was for Illumina, and even PACB. We are just getting started here, and these are the cheap shares that you will wish you had taken advantage of later!
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    Today one more institution bought BNGO: