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    $MRNA conversation
    Another quality article from the Journal: "The Unlikely Outsiders Who Won the Race for A Covid Vaccine" $MRNA $BNTX
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    Any CPAs here.? On BNTX Q2 financial statement as of 6-30-2021 they reported over $7 BILLION Euros in Accounts receivable. Those are amounts due from sales but not paid .. When paid the amounts will be recognized as revenues. Most of that is due to the contract terms with Pfizer and were paid in July of Q3. Do the math.
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    1. Boosters efficacy - 95.6%
    2. Kids vaccine shows robust anti-body response
    3. Met FDA vaccines criteria for ages 5-11 - per WSJ article
    4. Last, but not least - World's preferred and most safety vaccine

    The above facts are belongs to one and only "BNTX".
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    12 900.000 - Received Boosters – Since – August 13th (first reported date)
    10,974,662 – PFE/BNTX – 302,104–1 Day change
    1,892,281 –MRNA – 111,330– 1 Day Change
    15,427 - J&J – 2,438-One Day Change

    220,351,217 – Americans - have received 1 dose – 77.6% of eligible population
    Fully Vaccinated Total PFE (2 doses) - 105,410,569
    MRNA – Fully Vaccinated- 69,864,273
    J&J – Fully Vaccinated - 15,432,695
    Doses Distributed to States (Yesterday) –0
    PFE Delivered – 282,916,545
    MRNA Delivered- 196,288,420
    J&J Delivered- 24,268,700
    First and Second Doses Administered Yesterday – 789,309
    PFE/BNTX administered including boosters 863,666 vs 320,631 doses for MRNA-
    Breakout – First Doses- Second Doses Yesterday
    PFE- 235,054 FD & 326,508 SD -; 32,225,621 - received first dose awaiting second dose and third dose
    MRNA- 87,990 FD & 121,311 SD; 15,007,100- received first dose awaiting second dose and third dose
    One Day Vaccinations (excludes boosters)
    209,301 MRNA,
    561,562 ,681 PFE/BNTX,
    17,287 J&J

    Market Share Administered- Total Administered Excludes Boosters– 413,215,100
    BNTX/PFE –58.82%, MRNA – 37.45%, J&J -3.73%
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    Just remember it was only a month ago we were 360. It’s not mucho of a stretch seeing how we get back there or above in the coming weeks.
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    As Torsten already mentioned the atlantic interview of Sahin and Tuereci ( ) one must say the title is drawn out of context - it was comparing vector-vaccines against mrna-vaccines, it looks like the fruit was lower for the mrna-vaccine. Not meaning the other projects are harder to bring to succes.
    Some more interesting facts from this interview:
    - the cooperationg with pfizer comes from their 2019 project of a mrna- flu vaccine (stay tuned...)
    - within 24h after the COV-sequence being published, they designed 8 different vaccines
    - they have 40 (!) different malaria vaccines in preclinical stage, of which Sahin says mRNA could provide a lot of opportunities to prevent infection
    - their 200 person cancer trial shows promising results so they entered phase 2 - of course only after phase 2 he will say something scientific about the efficacy
    - they work on individualized cancer therapy which leads to a vaccine 4-6 weeks after punction of the tumor
    - major advances within the next 5 years

    You can't compare BNTX and MRNA to normal "Big Pharma". Thats where analysts fail. mRNA technology is different. And the scientists at those 2 companies are different when compared to traditional BigPharma - more focused, dedicated, better - and all becoming multi-millionairs by share growths. In Big Pharma where are the scientists? This was former times when Big Pharma could develop in-house. Now they outsourced nearly everything. Development means, a lot of projects have to be stopped - typical pharmaceutical development means failing all the time. Bringing a drug to market is 10x more effort than developing a new Mercedes S-class. And costs more.
    Now with the mRNA platform - the drug is built by 1 scientist at the computer, next step are cell and animal tests to select the very best candidate, it just works and is *non toxic*, in contrast to drugs which have to be stopped in early stage due to unexpected toxicity. As I said, being in pharma development meant failing all the time. For MRNA and BNTX, development also means hard work but then success. Fruits are hanging low for the mRNA platform. This is more a revolution than Tesla ever was. But it's too scientific for analysts to understand the differences.
    Emerging mRNA technology proved excellent for COVID vaccines. BioNTech’s founders preview what that could mean for cancer and other mysteries.
    Emerging mRNA technology proved excellent for COVID vaccines. BioNTech’s founders preview what that could mean for cancer and other mysteries.
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    EMA’s human medicines committee (CHMP) has approved two additional manufacturing sites for the production of Comirnaty, the COVID-19 vaccine developed by BioNTech and Pfizer.

    One site, located in Monza, Italy, is operated by Patheon Italia S.p.A. The other in Anagni, also in Italy, is operated by Catalent Anagni S.R.L. Both sites will manufacture finished product.

    These sites will produce up to 85 million additional doses to supply the EU in 2021.

    These recommendations do not require a European Commission decision and the sites can become operational immediately.

    EMA is in continuous dialogue with all marketing authorisation holders of COVID-19 vaccines as they seek to expand their production capacity for the supply of vaccines. The Agency provides guidance and advice on the evidence required to support and expedite applications to add new sites or increase the capacity of existing sites for the manufacture of high-quality COVID-19 vaccines.

    Ready-to-use formulation approved

    The CHMP has approved a ready-to-use formulation of Comirnaty. This formulation does not require dilution prior to administration, will be available in a 10-vial (60 dose) pack size and can be stored at 2-8°C for up to 10 weeks. The current concentrated formulation requires dilution prior to administration, is available in a 195-vial (1,170 dose) pack size and can be stored at 2-8°C for up to one month).

    These differences will provide improved storage, transport and logistic options for vaccine distribution and administration. The new formulation will be available in a phased rollout starting in early 2022.
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    As per usually well informed German tabloid BILD BNTX has not retracted its Request for approval in China and us still in close contact with Chinese authorities. There is consensus that the delay in approval is purely political
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    SELL or BUY Moderna? | BioNTech | Novavax | MRNA | BNTX | NVAX | Stock Analysis | Deutsche Bank
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    Pfizer and BioNTech Announce Phase 3 Trial Data Showing High Efficacy of a Booster Dose of Their COVID-19 Vaccine
    First results from any randomized, controlled COVID-19 vaccine booster trial demonstrate a relative vaccine efficacy of 95.6% against disease during a period when Delta was the prevalent strain
    In trial with more than 10,000 participants 16 years of age and older, COVID-19 booster was found to have a favorable safety profile
    Companies plan to submit these data to FDA,
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    DAILY MAIL UK: Sweden extends pause of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine in young people under 30 due to concerns the shot causes rare heart inflammation

    Sweden has extended a pause of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine in people under age 30 beyond the original December 1 date to an unknown date.

    No one born after 1990 can receive the Moderna shot in Sweden and will instead be offered the Pfizer vaccine.

    Other countries have also restricted the use of the shot in young people including Denmark, Iceland and Finland.

    Nordic nations cite unpublished data showing the Moderna shot causes rare cases of heart inflammation in young people as the reason for decision.

    The CDC has warned that heart inflammation is a potential side effect of the vaccine when used in young males.
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    300 today?
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    BOFA maintained price target of $341 for BNTX yesterday. Berenberg $400 a few days ago. Goldman Sachs $433. Canaccord Genuity $450. …
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    Going towards 300$ in Germany 💪🏻 🙏 😁
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    With hardly 1% SI, why would you sell when approval is at hand and stock has already formed a base around $250. I expect this stock to go to $350-400 in a few weeks. Hold on for BIG gains!!!
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    $300 minimal this year guys!!!!!!!!!!
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    Strong Finish 💪
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    Not bad. BNTX for the week up $28, Moderna down $3. So the separation hopefully has begun.
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    Delta Plus covid mutations spreading to UK, Russia, China, India and Japan. Combined with possibly new autumn and winter (covid)waves coming. This will trigger bigger deals and contracts for Pfizer/Bntx. I foresee upgraded higher forecasts on bigger future earnings and profits for 2022.
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    Some will say today was a good day for our stock, I don't feel it was. With all the news and future plans in the works, I expected more especially in light of NVAX news. The move into earnings should have begun.