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    Over 41 billion USD (firmly commissioned) for vaccines BNT162b2 for 2021 is a number that most (or all) analysts do not expect. The information is compiled from a large number of publicly available sources.
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    What’s your Guess for Value after the following:
    1. booster approval
    2. Updated Delta / Beta
    3. Fuson supply of China & Allies
    4. 0-12 years
    5. full FDA
    6. lypholysed approval
    7. HIV Vaccine EU approval (theoretical)
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    Some profit taking & weak hands who only read headlines. This will come roaring back, if not today then next week
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    Yes, here we are
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    July 21 (Reuters) - Pfizer Inc and BioNTech SE on Wednesday said they had struck a deal for South Africa's Biovac Institute to process and distribute over 100 million doses a year of their COVID-19 vaccine for the African Union beginning in 2022.
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    Where is the guy who told us yesterday we would never see 260 again?????????
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    For those who have been around a while - You know that this company is propelled by solid fundamentals and earnings - We were profitable in our first full quarter having a product on the market - That is extremely rare for a vaccine manufacturing company.

    This is only going to be Q2 - and of course it will signficantly beat Q1, Q3 will signficantly beat Q2 - As production and deliveries were scaling up.

    When you look at the 4 public vaccine company comparables - MRNA is the closest obviously similar structure and depth of pipeline - you see how undervalued we are on a revenue and earnings basis.
    Yes if MRNA could get its prodcution to the same level - that would be signficant but its not likely given who Pfizer is and who BNTX in terms of production. BNTX alone is out producing MRNA -

    So as the numbers come out - the SP rises - The scoreboard never lies -
    If the market wants to value MRNA so high great - that means we will go higher -

    Now what about the two non producing companies - NVAX and CVAC - Both have equally astromical valuations - Both companies cannot produce product while NVAX may be able to produce product on a larger scale - Its process is complicated it relies on very scarce ingredients and it has very limited bio-reactor capabilities - Its antigen plants have 2,000 litre bio reactors greatly limitiing capacity.

    SII aleading vaccine manufacturer - can only produce 50mln doses a month. That tells you something.

    So being the most undervalued of the 4 is a good thing. As more and more attention is given to Covid-19 stocks invetablely people will compare them. You want to be invested in the most undervalued - That means you have the maximum gain to come.
    India will allow entry of this vaccine once the USFDA approves it
    India will allow entry of this vaccine once the USFDA approves it
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    No way to undo a mute, right? I accidentally muted Layla the other day. I’d have to change my name to see their posts again, correct?
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    Booster shot may get approved in other countries, perhaps...
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    All Charts indicate this will blast past $300 tomorrow. This could reach $400 plus in next few days as prelude to earnings next week and booster approval.
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    jim pit
    To equal modernas current market cap. We would need to double the current share price of bntx. To 562. Now put the companies side by side on paper.
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    Once shaky hands have finished fleeing we may still see 300 today.
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    Sorry, I am a bit late but nevertheless we had a
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    Updated CDC presenation on hospitalizations and mycocarditis numbers -
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    tomorrow China, the day after tomorrow India, in 3 days Q2 - then the fuses will really fly out here 🤩 ... and everyone who has sold has to go back in 🤪 This is the Future of next two Weeks!!
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    von Liebenstein
    Who's feeling good, strong and good about today?
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    Every time the U.S. donates vaccines from their surplus they choose Moderna to give away over Biontech:
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    Has anyone heard any info on the pipeline? It all looks like early stage. I believe in the tech, but this company has to reinvest and speed siht up or we will fall behind. The covid game is over. We know the results will be amazing.
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    Why I know today is the sudden crash day?
    BNTX is following the history.
    This is the same case on Jun 5(Friday) it went rally to 252(a new high) in the morning from $233 and the closing just above $5 from the open at $238.
    It seems it still cloud go rally next Monday.
    On Jun 8, it dropped to $211 in the opening time.

    If it repeated again, next Monday is $240.
    Good Luck.