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    Reported: bp repurchased 300,718,985 ordinary shares in London
    during the time frame 8/3/21 thru 10/26/21.

    Approximately 1.49% of outstanding shares.
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    Executives should be cautious in overcommitting to shareholder returns because the good times might not last, according to HSBC.

    “As strong as the near-term financial outlook is for the sector, we aren’t convinced the oil and gas prices driving the latest rally are sustainable,” London-based analyst Gordon Gray said in a note, citing continued valuation headwinds over energy transition risks.
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    Why can't this stock get above $30. Oil about to hit $90, Though BP is priced like it $50
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    Yahoo has a story reporting that BP's trading operations made at least $500 million in the third quarter.
  • u
    IF I sell...BP will skyrocket !
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    Rosneft is worth about 100 billion and they own over 20%...SUM OF THE PARTS...the largest stakeholders will unlock value here....their pe projections after earnings could be 5....when it should be 12-15...funds need % gains at at 30 ...not too hard to get 40% or more when their pe is this low...
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    terrible stock. is this a oil stock or renewable? if oil goes up BP just slightly goes up. if renewable go up BP doesn't!
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    MTDR reported to increase dividend 100%.
    Wake up BP!
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    Reported: bp repurchased 295,218,985 ordinary shares in London
    during the time frame 8/3/21 thru 10/25/21.

    Approximately 1.46% of outstanding shares.
  • M
    I wonder what the thought process is of someone selling BP on the down tick, with all the positive news surrounding the price of oil and Q3 results in a week??????
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    Reported: bp repurchased 289,718,985 ordinary shares in London
    during the time frame 8/3/21 thru 10/22/21.

    Approximately 1.43% of outstanding shares.
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    According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, WTI crude prices averaged $72.49 in July, $67.73 in August, and $71.65 in September this year compared to $40.71, $42.34, and $39.63 in the months of July, August, and September of 2020, respectively.

    The natural gas front has been even more impressive: In Q3 of 2020, U.S. Henry Hub average natural gas prices were $3,84, $4.07, and $5.16 per MMBtu, in July, August, and September 2021 compared to $1.77 per MMBtu, $2.30, and $1.92 in July, August and September 2020, respectively.
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    My guess is bp should be able to reload its
    buyback plan on 11/2/21 with at least $1.75 billion
    assuming bp follows its own guidance.
    assuming bp follows its guidance.
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    If you look at total returns you see the dividend only companies lag the market. Companies doing with large buyback programs have a 2% higher return than those without. Each share removed is a share they don't have to pay a dividend and that really helps the bottom line over time and means a higher stock price and dividends in the future.
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    I would think the earnings report would be solid. Is it likely they would raise the dividend?
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    Ales Marek
    Gas went from 1.90 year ago to 3.30 today. BP has money printing press at home. I feel slightly better when I have to pay 3.30.
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    I think total energy sales (GW/h) is the way to play this sector now. How many GW of equivalent energy does a company sell. BTW - 1 BOE equals 588 GW/hr.
    To properly price a company, you have to ask how many GW/h does it sell. You can't just hope for a continuation of the status quo when so many are racing to build EV's and electrify the world. So the future is all about the companies that maximize their GW/h sales. Whether that's from Oil, Gas, Solar, Wind etc.... is only important so that they have a good mix to smooth over dips in pricing and keep regulators away.
    I like BP because it's like combining NextEra with Exxon. Total market cap of those two is $450B. Yet in 5 years BP will have revenue greater than those two have today (their combined rev is $230B). BP, which this year will have revenue over $200B, is becoming an Oil/Gas with a free Alt-E utility connected to it. What's missed by the street is how being a global utility will give them earnings stability during oil price downturns. All those EV's are going to need power and they pay through the nose on the spot market to get it.
    You want a mix of different energy and the maximum GW/h of output. It may be difficult to hear this, but eventually all the analysts will start talking about total energy sales and not just oil/gas. The company that has a nice mix will get the premium because of reduced risk of regulations and commodity price fluctuations.
    I think European energy companies have an advantage here because they already started a few years ago.
    Whether I like it or not, my children are obsessed with climate change and it's only a matter of time before we old non-believers die off and strict regulations become a reality. With something that takes years to create and invest in, you can't wait for D-day.
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    Why is the share price falling?
  • t
    too good
    hope it holds $30...for 2 days. Then im buying more
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    HSBC puts out a negative commentary on the oil majors this morning. BP is a hold. This is the same analyst who downgraded BP several months ago. The share price has risen 25% since the downgrade