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Bitcoin CAD (BTC-CAD)

CCC - CoinMarketCap. Currency in CAD
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26,151.53-228.51 (-0.87%)
As of 09:05PM UTC. Market open.

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    I have been trading with mr Richard for a few months now and I am very impressed with the insight that he has given me. He’s always ahead of the market, and is able to give me accurate predictions on when to enter or exit a position. I have been making a lot of money using Richard analysis and would recommend it for anyone looking for a bot you can contact him via Whats》App  +1 (801) 876‑0431 or Tele》gram @RichardMoritz
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    Wheres my kids student loan money?
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    Past cycle action will not repeat. We're not going to see 80-90% drops. Ask the billionaires like Michael Saylor, they are flat out telling you it won't happen. Too many institutional strong hands and too much money is entering the space. You have to have the situational awareness of what's happening before assuming anything. What's happening right now has never happened previously and you can't expect a different approach to this market to yield the same results it has done in the past. If we're talking about all these alts, then yes...all the garbage is going to drop hard. This is Bitcoin and Ethereum's game from an institutional perspective. The Sushi's, pancake's and whatever Binance garbage that's getting all the hype right now will not survive in the long run...especially if they ignore governmental requirements
  • B
    look like both future and crypto are getting pumped on no volume. all those gain will be gone by the time market open.
  • T
    We buy what we can and hold what we have. The corruption and manipulation is now well known by us. Dark pool trading, algo trading between institutions, synthetic shares, T-2 b.s., this board as well and more. We fight against all of this. It's time to rally. We take this house of cards down.
  • J
    Don't even bother reading the comments...SPAM CENTRAL !!
  • t
    I like it at 10
    Cents that is
  • H
    With the current crisis around the world today, I think it’s best everyone invest more in digital asset than saving in banks and real estate, just my thoughts .
  • C
    When you stop learning, you get left behind. Never stop educating yourself
  • H
    Crypto Falls near Bitcoin City, El Salvador.
  • F
    Back under 19k$. It had yet again another fake-out. I called it a few hours ago and said that whales where pumping it for a quick buck to then dump it all over again. 10k next leg down :)
  • r
    Up over 5%. Hey, wasn't this suppose to be going to 0? They said it will be 0 but it's going the wrong way.
  • J
    Not holding 20k . And probably not even 19k
  • M
    I heard about BTC-USD the other day on It’s looking like an interesting play.
  • F
    Next leg down : 5k to 12.5k range
  • B
    Ben Dover
    $68,000 to $20,000 in less than one year. That's my comment.
  • O
    Buy now! This is your last chance to get Bitcoin at $19,000 before it goes to nothing. 🤣😢🤣
  • J
    BLOOMBERG: Said yesterday that Bitcoin outpaced and out performed the sap 500 so far this year. So there......
  • G
    Babette scam me 2 times !!