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    Once crypto dies, capital can start flowing back to companies, increased profits, improved margins, improved manufacturing efficiency, better products and product development, improved quality of products and services - and an overall win for consumers and shareholders. Right now, crypto is the opposite of all of that, a drain on human and energy resources to prop up a pyramid scheme.
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    Digital Ponzi
    If you own these Ponzi Tokens you are losing value daily to pay miners to run this bloated pollution network. No earnings, no assets, no intrinsic value. This Is a Negative Sum Ponzi ..
  • a
    Does anyone know when btc reports earnings? Oh, nevermind, I just remembered they don't have any.
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    b evan
    Billionaire investor Bill Ackman says Terra's algorithm sounds like the 'crypto version of a pyramid scheme'
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  • m
    Go to wiki and look up Tether. Tether is supposed to be a stable coin, with 100% financial backing. Last year only 2.9% was backed with cash. And only 49.6% backed by commercial paper, as in loans. The money was used to buy bitcoin and pump it up. In 2018, tether accounted for 80% of bitcoin volume. Wow. This house of cards runs deeper than I thought. Even Bitfinex is in on it. This is going to end badly.
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    If there is a forthcoming recession, do you really want to be here in this thing that doesn’t fit any description the bulls have thrown at it? Not an inflation hedge, not a store of value, not digital gold, not a payment method, not a fiat replacement, not a virtual asset… they can’t actually tell you what it is besides that it’s blockchain ledger in early adoption. So how much is that worth in a resession?
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    Digital Ponzi
    Bitcoin has Split off into 3 other Ponzi tokens. Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Silver, each has 21 Million Supply Cap. Bitcoin can split an unlimited amount of times into new tokens that do the same thing as bitcoin. Tell me how this Ponzi has any worth at all?
  • J
    Tether still hasn't gotten back to 1.00 and a bank run on its assets looks certain. If Tether can't produce the cash, it will surely take Bitcoin down with it. We're probably looking at the end of all crypto soon. People will run for the exits in a thin market. Saylor's margin call will finish it off for good.
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    Digital Ponzi
    You knew these Ponzi Tokens would deflate.. no earnings, no assets, backed by nothing, and getting hacked away everywhere.. ZERO intrinsic value.
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    Who in their right mind would trust a Robinhood crypto wallet, a hackers dream?
  • u
    Bitcoin is green ;-)) ACRX also moving higher.... ACRX news this week... and today's NEWS from ACRX CMO, ACRX all eyes: May 19, 2022, ACRX CMO: "We believe that it is this history of stewardship and responsibility, which is included in our latest three-year assessment REMS report as submitted to the FDA"
    May 16, 2022, ACRX CEO: "we're actively discussing strategic relationships with third-parties with a more robust commercial presence that can help maximize distribute value for all stakeholders..............."

    ACRX will likely RALLY 300% within the coming weeks....
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    How do you feel? I mean the ones buying, send their money to a "virtual world" and in return they own "nothing". They hope more people will buy so that they can sell with some profits. When you buy, you don't own physical gold, precious metal or a share of a company. This Bitcoin can easily hit $100 or even $1 in a week. I have money -a lot of money, but I have never bought a virtual coin and I will never risk my money in a ponzi scheme.

    I suggest to stay away from this or you lose everything that you have in the short term. There is no insurance, no regulations etc. For instance, the US stock market is regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and the SEC's mission is to “protect investors, maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and facilitate capital formation.". How about in bitcoin? Sell before it is too late.
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    Musk is upset about all of the bots on Twitter. Good thing he isn't buying Yahoo message boards. Yahoo message boards make Twitter look alive by comparison. It seems like at least half of all the posts on here are bots. Anyone who spends advertising dollars on Yahoo massage boards or twitter based on account numbers is getting ripped off badly, unless bots buy products after seeing an ad, lol.
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    King of Coin BTC is breaking Free of the market index's!!!
  • L
    Bitcoiners - I was wrong .. I thought Bitcoin would collapse in value when mining activity became too expensive and miners were no longer profitable in 2 to 5 years.

    Unfortunately, I was wrong. Bitcoin is going to collapse much sooner due to commingling of crypto currencies. What this mean is that Bitcoin future IS TIED to the future of other crypto currencies. When too many crypto currencies start to collapse at the same time, Bitcoin will be sold as exchanges declare bankrupcy. FYI - Bankrupcy doesnt mean they will all disappear, it means that many people will not get paid.

    You been warned!
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    Its quite something, that a lot of these small time investors, trying to get rich quick and investing in unregulated assets (crypto) are now crying that they should be protected, by someone, anyone.
  • J
    From COIN's proxy statement:

    “Custodially held crypto assets may be considered to be the property of a bankruptcy estate, in the event of a bankruptcy, the crypto assets we hold in custody on behalf of our customers could be subject to bankruptcy proceedings and such customers could be treated as our general unsecured creditors”
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    this thing has lost more than half its value. i thought it was suppose to be a safe haven. what is it safe against? the zimbobway totu currency? and who controls the issuance of more coins? let me guess. it is hard coded in the block chain that nobody can see but is some how taken as fact. can i sell this thing short? well if that is true than there are already more coins floating around out there then you are lead to believe.
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    Digital Ponzi
    There are also 20 THOUSAND other Ponzi fairly dust tokens, and most are far superior to the Outdated non-scalable lump of dirt Bitcoin. Bitcoin has no actual intrinsic value.