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  • J
    "Bitcoin" are worthless computer files that take MASSIVE amounts of REAL WORLD energy to create. They are far too volatile to use as money, yet they also have negligible value as an investment - they don't produce anything or provide any yield. Their only "value" is derived from convincing someone else to purchase from you at a higher price.. the very definition of a Ponzi Scheme.
  • C
    Charlie Brown
    Bitcoin has a few hurdles in front of it:
    - The Federal Reserve Bank of the United States will begin reducing its balance sheet in June/2022. What does this mean for investors? Rising interest rates, a rising US dollar, and therefore a reduction of the value in speculative assets.
    - Competing technologies. Major publicly-traded financial institutions such as Bank of America have their own patented blockchain technologies. Sovereign nations are developing their own coins. Bitcoin will get left behind because it has zero customer support.
    - Sticky inflation, rising short term interest rates, and the failed narrative of Bitcoin has a store of value or inflation hedge have already taken their toll. Bitcoin is an under-performing asset this year.
  • A
    Fundamentals analysis for BITCOINs

    Zero + Zero = Zero
    Zero - Zero = Zero
    Zero x Zero = Zero

    Now, let’s do complex calculations.

    Zero + zero + zero x zero- Zero = Zero

    What people paying: Zero / Zero = ♾
  • I
    Every time this dips, a few billion dollars shows up and the prices increase toward 30K? In the last 24 hours the price fell to around 28K and magically over 2 billion dollars in purchasing shows up to push prices up? What is going on here?
  • N
    stocks pay asset that returns capital to you AS YOU HOLD IT
    wow what an idea LMAO
  • D
    Digital Ponzi
    Ether has significant technical difficulties with moving to proof of stake.. suffers significant security risk for the network. Ether could dissolve overnight like LUNA and Terra. Run away Fast!
  • Z
    Zeds Dead
    Investors are waking up to the fact that Bitcoin has no tangible value. It doesn’t offer a service, produce, sell or make goods. How do you go about determining the value of this? I have no idea just throw darts
  • A
    The good news is Bitcoin will be at 60k by this summer. The bad news is that amount will be its value in Pesos. 😳😳😥
  • A
    Investing in Binary Options Now Is Very Good, Especially
    With The Current, Rise In The Market.
  • a
    Technically, Bitcoin could lose 50% of its value every six months, for ever.
  • R
    Investing in Binary Options Now Is Very Cool, Especially
    With The Current, Rise In The Market.
  • A
    Bitcoin is a very rare and unique tulip that's completely superior to the 20,000 others 😳😳😥
  • m
    Some people paid $750,000 in today's money for a single Dutch tulip bulb back in the 17th century. People just never learn. At least they got a tulip bulb that could be grown and multiplied.
  • J
    I sell it, BTC is over for sure....I will try to save what I can.
  • T
    The world is Changing every day invest in your future today. This was just a movie some years ago but today it has come to reality.
    Nothing is impossible, crypto investments has changed life and it is still changing life’s. And with the help of expert account manager. invest your capital in bitcoin today and watch it grows more withdrawable profit.
  • B
    Tulips used to be $350,000 a buld ( inflation adjusted) . Now $5.99 on amazon.
    Bitcoin following suit
  • C
    Here’s an interesting excerpt in the Wikipedia definition on Ponzi scheme.. sorry folks but you’ve been had.. short this junk while you still can get something out of this market

    Cryptocurrencies have been employed by scammers attempting a new generation of Ponzi schemes. For example, misuse of initial coin offerings, or "ICOs", has been one such method,[25] known as "smart Ponzis" per the Financial Times.[26] The novelty of ICOs means that there is currently a lack of regulatory clarity on the classification of these financial devices, allowing scammers wide leeway to develop Ponzi schemes using these assets. Also, the pseudonymity of cryptocurrency transactions can make it much more difficult to identify and take legal action (whether civil or criminal) against perpetrators. The May 2022 collapse of TerraUSD, a stablecoin propped up by a complex algorithmic mechanism offering 20% yields, was described as "Ponzinomics" by WIRED.[27]
  • D
    Digital Ponzi
    ETH down 10% today. Likely because the move to proof of Stake was delayed indefinitely, signaling significant problems with the transition. Chatter was the Ponzi token could break and shut down.. if you invest in a Ponzi token that could simply just go offline overnight, you will lose all of your money..
  • T
    Thomas Mccann
    My neighbor bot into BTC back when it was just over $7,000. He kept leveraging his gains by buying more on margin. He thought he was getting not only rich, but wealthy. He was even looking at Citation private jets. Now he is broke, his house is for sale, his wife has left and the broker is suing him for everything else he used to own. Be Careful.
  • D
    Its fake money get out now. The real crash will be soon and holders at @ $10,000 wont even be able to sell