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Bitcoin Gold CNY (BTG-CNY)

CCC - CoinMarketCap. Currency in CNY
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As of 03:54AM UTC. Market open.

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    What’s your favorite indicator for crypto? Ive been using stochastics to trade ultimate crypto alerts calls, but I think ill make more$ just holding. Any tips?
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    i mine and instantly transfer everything to BTG every few days, believe in both and hold BTC i purchased separately but going forward putting all mining profits here. Roughly 0.4 BTG a day
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    Hmm got to say I'm actually really impressed with UltimateCryptoAlerts. Thanks fellas
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    Bitcoin Gold will reach $10k by the end of the year...

    its like 20bucks now just buy what you can youll be sitting pretty in a few.....
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    GEGR 14 Companies UNDERVALUED
    Almost 400 % in BTG Bitcoin Gold GAINS Ahead When 52 Week HIGH Returns.?
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    Weeeee long from the buy alert from ultimatecryptoalerts chat and this things HOT! Thanks for the recommendations!
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    I live in NY and i want to buy BTG if anyone knows how please leave a comment!
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    Cheers from the switzerland! up nearly €10k this week from 'ultimate crypto alerts' alone. I'm in the chatroon, message me in there if you've joined!
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    Where can I buy Bitcoin Gold ?
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    Hmm got to say I'm actually really impressed with UltimateCryptoAlerts. Thanks fellas
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    Weeeee long from the buy alert from ultimatecryptoalerts chat and this things HOT! Thanks for the recommendations!
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    how can i be part of this?
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    Been watching BTG for a couple weeks. What is driving this up?
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    how are we feeling about bitcoin gold?
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    wow, from 400 dollars to under 20. a sign of what's coming for bitcoin