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    I would have a look at ticker ILUS also. They have increased their revenues and profits and are into EVs, UAVs, Urban Mining , Drones, and hold patented firefighting / safety technology. ILUS INTERNATIONAL - ticker ILUS.
  • r
    Risk on with BBVA. Windfall taxes in Spain, Turkey closing ranks but with Russia and not NATO.

    Sweet Mexico still just boosting profits while Italy is looking to drop sanctions against Russia and save their own skins before winter. The new Italian party in power has loyalty to Italians first.

    BBVA may need to spell out where they see the digital expansion headed in 2023 and beyond.
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    I may not live long enough to see bbva pop $10 ever again.
  • J
    BBVA vs BNS? Which is the better play on Latin America's emerging consumer class?
  • E
    Is this stock gonna boom?
  • r
    -Conflict in Ukraine
    -Russian sanctions
    -strong usd
    -Spanish govt clawing at profits
    -weak euro
    -Germany tanking
    -energy costs in eu beyond imagination
    -esg a deadly bad idea-Netherlands
    -Turkey bad leadership

    The idea that armed conflict would return to Europe was not to be believed. Neither was an energy crisis along with a global food crisis.

    Germany, Britain and Poland better gun up and start looking out for number one!
  • D
    Doubled their net profit in Mexico which is their biggest market compared to a year ago. I'll take it!
  • k
    They have over 6Billion shares are you kidding me, they need to buy back half of those at these low prices.
  • r
    Wow all the humans have dropped out of this discussion. Bots and spam here.

    It is too bad. I wanted to talk about Mexico, Turkey and Colombia economic forecast for 2023.

    Mexico should roar with economic recovery at a high speed. They never spent as the US did and are currently not dealing with a self destructive inflation while price increases do exist globally.

    Who could add to this discussion?

    Turkey has increased BBVA profits with their high interest rates. What a political fiasco this country is experiencing. I saw a tv interview where the a turkish woman said they were experiencing 100% inflation.

    Colombia is set to have a commodity boom. This economy will be another positive revenue story in the BBVA portfolio.

    Agriculture and commodities have become weapons of war in this new world.

    I really wish I could talk to someone and hear their point of view.
  • r
    What is BBVA doing with the excess cash they have from the sale of the US unit? I am only aware of the 10% buy back of shares. There is 7 billion dollars sitting somewhere to my knowledge is unassigned.
  • J
    COIN going public increases the value of an asset BBVA holds. In August, BBVA will close the deal with PNC who will acquire the BBVA US banking presence across the sunbelt for a bit over $11b. Now, the bump last year from the $3/share range to $5/share range is pricing that acquisition in. An investment in BBVA now is an investment in what they will be doing with all that cash. We know there will be a nominal dividend representing 2020 and that regular dividends will start back up this year. We also know that they've announced the real possibility of 10% stock repurchase. On the downside, Garanti BBVA is operating in Turkey where finance ministers go in & out through a revolving door. But show me another bank that is more advanced than BBVA in terms of commitment to ESG and fintech. I'm in for the long haul.
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    Previous posters queried what was $BBVA going to do with the cash from the PNC sale besides a share repurchase. Well, we have one answer and that is to make an offer for the outstanding shares of Garanti ( Turkey ) that they currently do not own. The CEO of $BBVA is Turkish and a smart guy, one would think he knows what he's doing. The market has hammered the news to the tune of nearly 4%. Any thoughts?
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    $BBVA up 10% since Thursday's close. Earlier this year I had pegged $7.69 by Thanksgiving, should be close to that. Full earnings report on the news feed of the BBVA website. I'm very high on their huge numbers of new digital customer accounts including a fully digital offering in Italy. Big into digitalization/fintech, big into ESG and buying back up to 3.5b Euro worth of shares. What's not to like?
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    BBVA sells US subsidiary to PNC for $11.6b, stake in Coinbase, best in show digital platform, very strong ESG credentials, share repurchase in 2021, small dividend representing 2020 to be delivered soon, regular dividend to resume if ECB allows. I've been in since early August and am very happy with 80% return. Will hold for longer term as I really like how this bank is run.
  • L
    Alright I bought in today for the crypto-trading and custody catalysts. I hope they use that money for leveraged digital growth and not buy back shares. If they do that, I'm out.
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    C Opt
    There's not much interest in this semi-regional (southern USA), international bank. This paper was selling for $9 per share not long ago, now it can't get above $6. it pays a decent dividend, twice per year, once in the spring and once in the fall.
  • r
    I do not trust the US markets or the European markets. One domino drops and the global fiat backed equity boom evaporates. I do see equities going higher but will the currency they are denominated in continue to have the buying power of even today? Gold and minerals are currently suppressed compared to equities and fiat.

    Bbva could have been a hedge for investments in fintech, Mexico and developing countries. Turkey has not been rewarding. If Turkey would behave as a Mexico bbva shares would lift dramatically.
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    Next week my $BBVA investment becomes long-term and I've got my double. I plan on keeping these shares for the next 2-4 years as they are on the cutting-edge of fintech and they are serious with regards to their ESG priorities. $BBVA news in their website is very informative.
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    I am watching the share holder meeting. I do hope the buy backs significantly increase the share price.

    It is a bit disappointing that bbva can not raise the shareholder price in a sustained way with good news.
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    I see the shares down but not a word of bad news from the company. This last dividend was very nice.

    Profits are up and the stock buy back is in a down market. From what I have read bbva will announce further buybacks or give shareholders cash from profits.

    We are in 1 billion buy back now and a final billion by the end of October.

    I would be pleased to hear that further buybacks were coming.

    These are dangerous times for everyone. I would not claim any certainty going forward. However IF, bbva could navigate the current events I would applaud the management team.

    Colombia is set to do very well being resource rich and a strong trading partner with the US.

    I am keeping my eyes open.